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How to Use EFT Tapping to Attract the Right Job

Attracting Abundance with EFT

By Carol Look, EFT-MAS

People often forget that their negative feelings‚Äďfear,anxiety, resentment‚Äďare blocking success and abundance from flowing into their lives. Using EFT to release these feelings and associated conflicts (rather than working harder, making more calls, or pounding the pavement) is the key to shifting your energy, which, in turn, allows the opportunities and abundance to flow into your life.

If you feel stuck, afraid, resentful, or pessimistic, try EFT tapping before shopping your resume around town.

Below is a brief transcript of a 5-minute “turn” with Jon on one of my attracting abundance teleclasses, and his follow-up email.

Carol:¬†So Jon, what’s in your way of getting to where you want to be?

Jon:¬†I’m having a problem right now, I’m out of work, and one of the reasons that’s really frightening me about getting a job is that I tend to not work well under a boss. I feel like a “slave” working under a boss. What I ultimately want is to do the important work that I want to do‚Äďthe artwork, music, writing‚Äďthat provide income. I’m living the sort of starving artist complex right now.

Carol: But you resent bosses, you resent when someone is in charge of you?

Jon:¬†Yes! And I need to make some money now. I’m pretty poor here, so I’m looking for the most conventional way just to start getting an income without feeling like a slave to the job, or obligated to it.

Carol: How high is the resentment, how much do you resent bosses?

Jon:¬†Extremely, “10.”

Carol:¬†And how scared are you that you don’t have a job?

Jon:¬†Very high, because I don’t know where or when I’m going to find some work.

Carol: Start on the Karate Chop spot:

Even though I don’t know how I’m going to find the right job, I choose to believe in guidance.

Even though I hate having a boss, and I don’t want to get a job, I choose to accept who I am and how I feel.

Even though I resent working for someone else, I want to work for myself, I deeply and completely accept all these complicated feelings.

Eyebrow:¬†I don’t know how I’m going to find the right job.

Side of Eye: I need a job right now!

Under Eye: I hate having a boss.

Under Nose: I resent having a boss.

Chin: I want to make money with my artwork.

Collarbone:¬†I’m quite talented.

Under Arm:¬†I wonder why they don’t see it.

Head: I have to get a job.

Eyebrow:¬†I’m awfully scared about it.

Side of Eye: What if I could get a job?

Under Eye:¬†And still do my artwork…

Nose: And get paid for both.

Chin: I might even find a good boss.

Collarbone: I might even do well.

Under Arm: I love feeling relaxed about it.

Head: I choose to feel relaxed and peaceful about work.

Carol:¬†Take a deep breath. What’s happening, a lot was happening in your voice,but what did you notice about your issues?

Jon:¬†I am definitely more relaxed about the “slave” issue, but I still feel doubtful about how much work it’s going to take. I’m not going to have any time left for me. It seems as if the only way to make money is to totally cut off from self-expression. (Please notice that Jon has now changed¬†aspects.)

Carol: Go again to the Karate Chop point:

Even though I’m convinced I can’t make money unless I’m running myself into the ground, I choose to accept who I am.

Even though I haven’t found a way to make money unless I’m cutting off my self-expression, I choose to be open to new possibilities.

Even though I doubt how I’m going to do it, I have decided to have some faith about it.

Eyebrow: I still resent having a boss.

Side of Eye: I need more time.

Under Eye: The doubts are getting in my way.

Nose: What if I found the perfect job?

Chin:¬†It’s not here now.

Collarbone: But it could show up tomorrow.

Under Arm:¬†I choose to feel there’s plenty of time.

Head: I choose to believe the right job is there for me.

Carol:¬†Take a deep breath. What’s coming up now?

Jon:¬†I feel an impending rush to get work‚Äďout of money, knowing my landlord isn’t going to give up. (Jon has changed¬†aspects¬†again.)

Eyebrow: This remaining anxiety.

Side of Eye: The truth is I need a job.

Under Eye: I can feel the urgency.

Nose: I feel the anger about it.

Chin: I feel anxious.

Collarbone: I need to pay the rent.

Under Arm: I feel anxious.

Head: The anxiety is blocking me.

Eyebrow: What if I could calm myself down?

Side of Eye:¬†And still acknowledge the anxiety…

Under Eye: I want to see clearly.

Nose: I want to feel calm about it.

Chin: I want to be clear.

Collarbone: I choose to be clear and peaceful.

Under Arm: I choose to be clear and peaceful.

Head: I love feeling so peaceful.

Carol:¬†Take a deep breath…what happened?

Jon:¬†A lot of movement this time, my anxiety is down to a “2.”

Carol:¬†I would keep tapping on the anxiety, and on the conviction you’ve got about the trap you’re in‚Äďthat if you do your art, you can’t make money, and that if you get a real job, you can’t do your art‚Äďand keep tapping for the rest of the call and when you get the recording of the class. (All teleclass participants receive a link to a downloadable version of the taped teleclass. This allows them to “borrow benefits” weeks and months after the call.)

Five weeks later, I received this letter:

Subject: Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Dear Carol:

Since taking your¬†“Attracting Abundance Teleclass”¬†in December, my life has completely turned around! 180 degrees! I am so excited to report this to you.¬†My name is Jon and I was one of the callers you worked personally with on the evening of December 12th. My problem, briefly, was stated as “feeling enslaved to every job (no time for myself for recognition of my talents), not wanting to work, resistance to authority (bosses), and anxiety about extant debts and bills.”

A real “snorl” of issues that has plagued me for many years. Until now!¬†I just kept tapping, tapping, tapping (3x/day on average)¬†on the negative, the exaggerated negatives, positive affirmations, and treating every issue to employment, blocks to abundance, etc., that I could possibly conceive of in the moment or through other resources (your attracting abundance lessons from your book, an ongoing journal of issues that I was recording, etc.).¬†

One very positive affirmation that I was utilizing was:

“Jon attracts the right situations and/or occupations for his highest good to joyfully generate financial independence and abundance.”¬†

I went to interviews completely confident and relaxed.¬†At first, I was disheartened when many jobs turned me down for employment.¬†But this last week I was hired (after over a year of not working) at a fabulous nonprofit organization¬†who works with the developmentally disabled to connect them to job opportunities. Our motto is: “Turning disabilities into abilities.”

My supervisor is a warm, authentic, and ad-hoc counselor and friend to most of the staff¬†(it was delightful to hear my coworkers’ praises for her as she wandered around our offices chatting with each individual and keeping us laughing all day long). What a difference!

These people were fond of their jobs and their boss‚Äďa rare combination in my experience.¬†I was immediately recognized by the corporate president as a valuable addition to their staff.¬†He said, “Jon, some people graduate college with a degree in literature and don’t know a thing about writing. But after looking at your cover letter and resume, it’s obvious that you know how to write. You can go very far with this company.”

I will be authoring a $500,000 proposal¬†to create homes for autistic children in February.¬†And I’m going to head their new ART GALLERY¬†project in April.¬†This work calls for a fusion of my talents and abilities like no prior position I have taken.¬†So, I now look at the jobs that “passed me over” as a blessing; the universe was holding out for something really juicy, which has landed in my lap.¬†I have never been so excited about working in my life!

The debts and bills will be paid down after only a few pay periods (this job pays more hourly than any prior position I have taken).¬†Just having a job¬†under my belt has alleviated the anxieties about financial destitution and has¬†freed me from my self-made “debtor’s prison.” What a relief.¬†Also, as you stated, abundance doesn’t always just mean MONEY.¬†I was also caught in the midst of a very controlling, needy, and personally demeaning long-term relationship.

¬†These issues have been COMPLETELY CLEARED from my life as well!¬†I believe that we’re both just doing the best we can. Even though there is grief that the relationship had to end in order to FREE US both, sometimes parting ways is simply the most compassionate and correct path for a relationship to follow. We are still connected in this universe, I know that. Believe me, I am still TAPPING like crazy.

But, as they say, “this too shall pass.” Again, being freed from the prison of this relationship has freed up a HUGE chunk of my energies.¬†New ideas, possibilities, and collaborations have begun to flow in from completely tangential sources!¬†I see this as a positive affirmation from the universe; now that I am unbound from that draining load of relationship issues, I am being offered exciting new outlets for my energies and efforts.¬†This is truly ABUNDANT living!¬†For anyone who is still doubting: EFT WORKS, ATTRACTING ABUNDANCE WORKS, and I WORK!!!

Hooray! These therapies will work if you are willing to stick with them and trust that the universe has your “highest good” in store for you. We might always flinch and doubt, but nothing changes unless you are ready to make the effort, set the intention to grow, and allow it to happen for you.¬†EFT is an indispensable gift to our planet¬†and I thank you for distributing and facilitating the spread of this exciting technology.¬†Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Carol. My life has completely transformed for the better.¬†Yours Truly,¬†Jon, EFT-JUST-ME