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The Joys of Combining EFT and the Law of Attraction

The Secret Book Cover

By Dr. Carol Look, EFT Master

Part 1 of 2

You’ve written down your wish list, you know what you want and what date you want it by, and you’ve patiently been waiting for the “stuff” to fall into your lap. So where is it? What’s the missing piece, and why hasn’t it come to you yet? 

According to the popular philosophy of the Law of Attraction, you haven’t yet allowed it into your life. How do you allow it into your life? You relax, feel more joy, appreciate what you have, and choose positive thoughts instead of dwelling on fear or scarcity.  

This raises your vibration. Your job is to raise your vibration.

How can you possibly focus on joy and appreciation when your life is full of pain, strife, angst or past memories that scare you? You use EFT!

We’ve all done plenty of asking, plenty of telling the universe who and what we want in our lives. The missing piece is that we don’t know how to get out of our own way and open the door.

Enter EFT.

Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is ALWAYS working for us.  For those of you who’ve seen the movies The Secret or What the Bleep Do We Know? or been following the Abraham-Hicks work (just to name a few) ,you know what the Law of Attraction is: the popular term to describe why we have what we have or experience in our lives. 

It means “like attracts like,” no matter what. If you vibrate in fear, you will be delivered more experiences that cause fear. If you vibrate in a joyful place, you will bump into more experiences that bring you joy.   

Pretend your thoughts and vibrations are like slow-moving boomerangs; they always come back to you.

Raising Your Vibration

The theory of this metaphysical “Law” of the Universe states that whatever we are feeling or vibrating (not what we are saying) is what is communicating our energetic “position” or posture to the Universe. The Universe then “hears” this vibration we are emitting, and then matches it by returning to us similar experiences to produce more of the same feeling and vibration.  

Many people misinterpret the principles behind the Law of Attraction and think they can “fool” the Universe by pretending that they are joyful. This is not possible, as the Universe reads your vibration, not what you say or do.

The key points of this article are:

1.  The Law of Attraction is always operating.

2.  The Universe “hears” your vibration/energy, not your words.

3.  Knowing about this Law allows you to have more power in your life and feel/be less of a victim.

4.  You DO have control over your vibration if you make choices about your thoughts and focus.

5.  EFT is one of the fastest and easiest ways to change your vibration.

So when you use EFT to release any negativity and conflict in your energy system, you will naturally be vibrating in a more positive, uplifting space. Then the Law of Attraction, which is always working, will bring you more of the positive things that you have been asking for. 

It’s a perfect match.

Think about all the pieces of EFT:

  1. Choosing a specific problem
  2. Affirming that you deeply and completely love and accept yourself no matter what
  3. Tapping on the points in your energy system and relieving the stress, tension, and conflict that has been stored there. 

What a wonderful way to raise your vibration!

What do you want to attract in your life?  Professional success, money, love, friendships, joy, peace, spiritual depth, happiness? It’s all available, but you need to know how to control your vibration, which is in direct communication with the Universe.  We need to use the Law of Attraction to our advantage since it’s working 24 hours a day for us anyway.

In many of the stories about EFT, practitioners describe how the hurtful or traumatic events in our lives drain and reduce the effectiveness of our immune system over time. This makes perfect common sense. When we have negative feelings and don’t find ways to relieve or express them, we eventually run our immune systems down and we end up in a compromised physiological place. 

Then we are a favorable host for the flu bug or cold virus circulating in our environment. The same is true for our vibration. When we run ourselves down by focusing on negative thoughts, painful experiences, or upsetting “what if’s,” we lower our vibration, which the Universe then answers. 


Using the theory behind the Law of Attraction is NOT a system of blame! It is an explanation of responsibility and an opportunity to take back control of your life and stop being a victim. We have all attracted negative things into our lives from time to time, some more than others. 

When people argue, “But I didn’t want that bad thing to happen…” you can bet that at some point, and definitely over time, they were inadvertently focusing on negativity, resentment, and probably fear. We all do it, we all attract negative things into our lives, and we are all afraid much of the time–it comes with being human. 

However, we have many more tools at our disposal now to reduce the fear, transform the powerlessness, and increase our genuine joy.

It’s an individual decision whether we want to pick up and practice using these tools or not.


It is also important to note that the Law of Attraction mechanism is carried out by the Universe in a “big picture way.” You don’t have a resentful or fearful thought at 10:00 in the morning and get a flat tire at noon. 

It’s about your overall vibration on particular subjects, your accumulated vibration, and this is something you can change and influence in a very short period of time. So consider being patient, believing that what you want is on its way to you, and work on raising your overall vibration.

Everyone oversimplifies the issue and manages to turn it around again into victimhood. Why did the universe send this to me??? they ask. Because they were pulsing, vibrating, communicating that same level of vibration that was returned to them, on some subtle level in their energy system by focusing on resentment, pain, hurt, anger or feeling powerless. We all do it, we all have done it, and we all will continue to do it in our lives. 

But now we can choose to do it less, relieve the feelings, take back our power, and harness the incredible power of the Law of Attraction. Remember, this “law” works as often and as predictably as gravity, so it’s up to you what targets you want to offer it. 

The Law of Attraction has perfect aim.

“I wouldn’t have asked for the flu,” you protest. No, you wouldn’t have and neither did I last winter, but I did communicate resistance, tension, fear, and irritation for a long time before I weakened my immune system enough to allow myself to react to the flu bug. In other words, I had to be ready, or a favorable host for it. 

Remember, WE ALL DO IT. If any of you are hearing blame, you are not hearing me and what I am saying in this article. We all use the Law of Attraction in our daily life, why not use it for our benefit, rather than to hurt us or slow our progress?


If you want more in your life to be grateful for, focus on the appreciation you already feel for what and who you have in your life. Try the gratitude list or gratitude walk I talk about in my newsletters, or my gratitude tapping sequences from other articles. 

This all you need to attract outrageous success and abundance into your life:

1. Law of Attraction

2. EFT

3. An Attitude of Gratitude

Try a marathon of gratitude tapping and measure how you feel afterward and what tail-enders surface.  Start by addressing the genuine mood or feeling state you feel right now, then move into appreciation and gratitude.

Side of the Hand point:

Even though I feel a little down right now, I choose to focus on positive emotions, as I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though I don’t feel very positive right now, I accept who I am and how I feel, as I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though I’m wallowing in self-pity right now, I accept all of me and how I feel because I deeply and completely accept myself.

EYEBROW: I’m always afraid of what might happen

SIDE OF EYE: What if something bad happens to me?

UNDER EYE: I feel the fear in my vibration every day

NOSE: I can feel the fear no matter what I do

CHIN: I don’t feel safe unless I’m feeling worried

COLLARBONE: I’m afraid to let go of my fear

UNDER ARM: I don’t know how to feel any other way

TOP OF THE HEAD: What if I can’t let go of my fear?

EYEBROW: I’m always afraid of what might happen

SIDE OF EYE: What if something bad happens to me?

UNDER EYE: I feel the fear in my vibration every day

NOSE: I can feel the fear no matter what I do

CHIN: I don’t feel safe unless I’m feeling worried

COLLARBONE: I’m afraid to let go of my fear

UNDER ARM: I don’t know how to feel any other way

TOP OF THE HEAD: What if I can’t let go of my fear?

After you have relieved the sensation of chronic fear in you mind and body with EFT, move towards more positive and appreciative thoughts and statements:

EYEBROW: I love feeling grateful

SIDE OF EYE: I choose to feel good no matter what

UNDER EYE: I feel appreciation for being alive

NOSE: I love who I am and how I feel

CHIN: I’m grateful for my life

COLLARBONE: I appreciate so much in my life

UNDER ARM: I’m grateful for the clarity in my life

HEAD: I love feeling so joyful

EYEBROW: I love feeling good

SIDE OF EYE: I appreciate feeling so grateful

UNDER EYE: I appreciate who I am

NOSE: I love who I am becoming

CHIN: I’m grateful for all my feelings

COLLARBONE: I appreciate the guidance I am getting

UNDER ARM: I’m grateful for who I am

HEAD: I love feeling such joy

Part 2 of 2

The Law of AttractionUsing EFT and the Law of Attraction Together

So the million dollar question I answer a dozen times a week through emails and hundreds of times in my Law of Attraction workshops is: But EFT makes you focus on the negative, won’t that make you attract more negativity into your life and make things worse?

Good question. I have studied, experimented, pondered, and come to the conclusion that the answer is a resounding NO. After 10 years of doing EFT, I can safely say that my personal and professional experiments have determined that EFT and the Law of Attraction are a perfect match.

We need to stop trying to resist our real feelings. EFT allows us to name them, feel them, and release them. Once this step is done, you are in a vibrational position to allow into your life (or magnetize) what you want.

When we use EFT and target an emotion (what I call the truth), you have pinpointed the feeling that is causing your vibration anyway–you are  already feeling that way, so why not call it what it is? EFT is effective in direct proportion to the “truth” you are able to tell and the bull’s-eyes you are able to hit. 

So instead of saying “I’m upset with her,” I recommend you say words that more deeply resonate with the truth: I feel enraged at what she did and it wasn’t fair.

This allows you get more of a “hit” and more of a positive result with EFT, as you have nailed it on the head. EFT is the fastest tool I have ever come across to identify, address, and clear an issue and find immediate relief. The event itself doesn’t change, but your experience, memory, and perception of it and emotions about it change. 

What more could we ask for?

And when you feel relief, the Law of Attraction is “listening” and allows into your life (by sending you) more of what you were asking for, whether it is relationships, money, opportunities, or clients.

Feeling vs. Pretending

When the real feeling (the one you’ve been trying to hide in your daily life) is finally addressed with EFT and soothed in your thoughts, mind, and body, you free yourself to vibrate in a more grateful, peaceful, joyful place, to which the Law of Attraction then responds and adds more joy and more reasons for gratitude.

Consider this:

  1. People think that just because they’re pretending they don’t hate their boss, that they’re not exuding anger or vibrating negativity and resistance. Humans are very transparent, so our feelings “show.”
  2. People think a few seconds of EFT where they focus on a “negative” feeling is an eternity. They ignore the fact that they have spent 23 hours pushing hard against a feeling of fear, then worry about a few seconds of EFT. When they are asked to focus on the negative feelings, there is a direct connection to their vibration. This allows the deep feeling to finally be relieved. It’s very quick–there is no wallowing in EFT.
  3. EFT allows you to clear the decks, which makes space for peace and joy in your life.

Once again, it’s all about relief. Even saying well-formed Setup phrases allows people to feel more joyful and relaxed.

When you feel relieved, the “stuff” you have “asked for” receives an invitation to show up for you, through many unusual channels. When you use EFT to get relief, you instantly vibrate in a better place, and voila, the manifestations start to appear. What stuff? Relationships, money, career opportunities, love, peace, coincidences, guidance, serendipity etc., you name it. 

I have actually had to stop some of my own “experiments,” as I haven’t quite caught up yet with what I am receiving.

So stop pretending you aren’t hurt by what happened. Stop pretending that you’ve forgiven everyone when the truth is you’re seething mad inside. The Universe hears your vibration, not your words. Use EFT to target the feelings and release them once and for all, and allow peace into your life.

Once you have cleared the negativity with EFT, you can be assured you have opened the door a little more to let into your life whatever you have been asking for, writing about, and visualizing.

Side of the Hand point:

Even though I have been too embarrassed to admit my hurt, I accept who I am and how hurt I really was by him, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though I didn’t want to admit I was hurt, so I pretended I wasn’t, I choose to express it now, as I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though I felt devastated, I accept who I am and how I feel about it.

EYEBROW: I was so hurt by what happened

SIDE OF EYE: I’ve been pretending I wasn’t hurt

UNDER EYE:I ’ve been so hurt all along

NOSE: I thought I was supposed to forgive him

CHIN: But I wasn’t ready

COLLARBONE: I still feel hurt

UNDER ARM: I feel hurt by what happened

HEAD: I need to admit my hurt

EYEBROW: I was deeply hurt and couldn’t get over it

SIDE OF EYE: I kept trying not to be hurt

UNDER EYE: It feels so good to say it out loud

NOSE: The truth is I’ve never gotten over it

CHIN: It feels so good to admit the truth

COLLARBONE: I can finally say it out loud

UNDER ARM: I’m ready to release it

HEAD: It’s time to release the hurt after all these years.

Using EFT in this way allows you to release the real pain instead of spending all that energy trying not to feel hurt! Now you will be in an emotional and energetic position to feel more grateful and allow yourself to feel relief and joy. 


Fear definitely keeps you in a lower vibration and delays the magnetization of what you want. I find that EFT is the easiest way to relieve this feeling and change your focus. Remember, when you change your focus, you vibrate in a different place, and attract different (more positive) things into your life.

A client of mine was very afraid of her negative thoughts, but she spent most of her waking hours using tricks and affirmations to try and help her push away the fear and push away these thoughts. This always backfires, as she spent all her energy actually focused on the negativity rather than on something positive by trying so hard NOT to think about these feelings.  

This of course means she was ultimately focused on her fears anyway, as all her waking hours were spent trying not to be fearful!

Side of the Hand point

Even though I’m deeply afraid of what might happen, I accept who I am and how I feel, as I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though I live with these fears every day, I am willing to consider relieving them now, as I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though I’m afraid not to feel fear, I accept who I am and how I feel.

EYEBROW: I’m always afraid of what might happen

SIDE OF EYE: What if something bad happens to me?

UNDER EYE: I feel the fear in my vibration every day

NOSE: I can feel the fear no matter what I do

CHIN: I don’t feel safe unless I’m feeling worried

COLLARBONE: I’m afraid to let go of my fear

UNDER ARM: I don’t know how to feel any other way

HEAD: What if I can’t let go of my fear?

Now that you have voiced the real feelings, you are able to gently guide the client and can make the easy transition into more positive statements and vibrations. If the client objects to “positive” statements, they will hear “tail-enders” surface such as “No I’m not” or “That’s not true” or something that counters the positive statements. 

This is good news!

You now have more information and targets for tapping.  When their tail-enders surface, be happy you are getting to the core issues! But try a positive round first to see where it lands.

EYEBROW: I will consider letting go if my fear

SIDE OF EYE: I’m afraid to let go of my fear

UNDER EYE: I intend to be freer and lighter

NOSE: I love feeling peaceful more often

CHIN: I’m ready to let go of my fear

COLLARBONE: I love feeling grateful about my life

UNDER ARM: There is so much to feel grateful for

HEAD: I appreciate who I am and how I am living


Of course the feeling of powerlessness is overwhelming and lowers our vibration immediately. Usually, it is perceived powerlessness, rather than actual powerlessness, but it doesn’t matter, it’s the feeling that counts, not the reality of the situation! 

For those of us who suffer from feelings of  powerlessness, we need to find ways to feel more powerful, and using EFT is a wonderful tool.

Side of the Hand point

Even though I have no control in this situation and it makes me anxious, I deeply and completely accept myself anyway.

Even though I feel powerless, AGAIN, I choose to feel calm and peaceful, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though I feel out of control and powerless, I love and accept all of me anyway.

EYEBROW: I feel powerless

SIDE OF EYE: I feel out of control

UNDER EYE: I hate feeling powerless

NOSE: I want more control

CHIN: I’m afraid of what might happen

COLLARBONE:I’m afraid of not having control

UNDER ARM: I want to feel more power in my life

HEAD: I don’t want to feel so weak

EYEBROW: I still feel powerless

SIDE OF EYE: I want to feel strong

UNDER EYE: I hate feeling weak and powerless

NOSE: I hate feeling so down about it all

CHIN: I want to feel better

COLLARBONE: I still feel powerless

UNDER ARM: I want to feel better

HEAD: I will consider feeling better

Now you and your clients are in a position to take in the gratitude tapping:

EYEBROW: I love appreciating who I am

SIDE OF EYE: I love receiving what I want

UNDER EYE: I am so grateful for my life

NOSE: I appreciate all my feelings

CHIN: I feel better already

COLLARBONE: I love feeling so confident and strong

UNDER ARM: I love the clarity in my life

HEAD: I appreciate the guidance I am receiving

Ask yourself how quickly you want to manifest more of your desires, small and large. If you are eager to manifest them sooner rather than later, I highly recommend using EFT to clear the blocks and neutralize the limiting beliefs. 

This will allow all that you have been asking for to come in your front door. 

Remember, the Law of Attraction is always working, but with EFT, we help it work for us and not against us.