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EFT Shifts Chocolate Craving to Nothing

EFT Shifts Chocolate Cravings to Nothing​

by J. Digby


I thought you would like to hear about a gem of an event that happened recently.

I run my practice from an office in a multi-use block of start-up companies and am opposite the kitchen, where I bump into most of the other occupants from time to time.  One of the ladies that I speak with runs a local Weight Watchers group and had vouchsafed to me that she had a real addiction to CHOCOLATE! 

Now there’s a surprise! Last Thursday, I met her in the kitchen and this time asked her if she could spare ten minutes to see if I could help; she said OK.

We sat down and I showed her a small packet of German chocolate that I keep for demonstration purposes when running EFT Level 1 trainings.

Her SUD level of intensity was 9.5 on a scale of 0 to 10 – I don’t know why, but there you go.

I asked her to tap the KC point while she smelled it and described it to me. We then went onto a full recipe using reminder words like, smooth, yummy, warm, comforting, dribbling, and – I really want it. We breathed deeply and sighed. I asked for her level of intensity and she said there was none, but that she felt sick.

We then did one short cut round on feeling sick in the pit of her stomach and I asked for her level of intensity again. At this point she said she no longer felt sick, but had a headache over her left eyebrow. So, another short version on “Sharp pain over my left eye” and I asked her level of intensity again.

Now she was clear and willing to throw the chocolate in the waste bin.

I found the diverse aspects to this “five minute touch-up” very interesting and was bowled over today when she looked in to say a heart-felt thanks. I asked why and she said that since the session, she was now feeling a lot more grounded and alert to the world and life in general.

She really does seem a new woman and all in five minutes. She has booked her place on my next EFT Level 1 intake and we are both looking forward to it immensely.