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EFT Tapping and Entity Release for Porn Addiction

By Michael White, EFT Practitioner and CPH

I occasionally work with men who have struggled with pornography addiction.  Usually EFT can dissolve the cravings they experience, but I was working with a client, “Ron” who wasn’t getting any lasting changes from EFT.  Over a year we met on many occasions and worked on issues related to his parents and family members.  A lot of powerful feelings of guilt and emotion cleared.  We cleared a lot of feelings of conflict regarding his former religion, his first sexual experiences and so on.  We got very specific with each and he did feel an overall sense of improvement in the quality of his life.  Here is a specific list of improvements:

1. He no longer felt an intense anger and guilt toward his mother.  They now chat frequently on the phone, which he enjoys immensely.

2. His business is thriving.

3. His sense of humor has returned (hooray).

4. He felt no discomfort anymore in large groups of people and ENJOYS meeting new people now!

5. He has active hobbies and great friends!

We tapped so much I swear we formed calluses.  Anyway, we lost touch for a while, but recently he came back to see me.  His color was drained from his face and I knew something was wrong as soon as he came in.  He sat down on my couch and instantly burst in tears and was experiencing a barely containable rage! 

I tapped with him until he was calm enough, and he told me that he was experiencing an unbeatable addiction to pornography.  He was doing a lot of the things he loved, but there were times when he would spend days alone at his computer looking at movies and pictures.  He would go into an unbreakable trance and then would feel sick and ashamed of himself for days after.  He was in a real war with himself.

I am a hypnotherapist as well as an EFT practitioner and a  very cursory part of my hypnosis training was, “Entity Release.”  For those who don’t know, Entity Release involves the releasing of earth bound spirits into the light of heaven (or the Universe).  These beings are in a confused and weakened state and may have attached themselves to our auras.  I have to admit that part of me thought it was a bunch of hooey and up until meeting with “Ron” I hadn’t thought of using it with EFT.  As I was listening to him talk and tap, a little voice in my head said, “This will work!  Try it!”

I took a deep breath, asked the Universe to assist me through my own prejudices and suggested trying out EFT and Entity Release.  He practically leapt out of his seat and yelled, “The old man!”  I said, “Who?”  He said, “The old man who entered my body when I was a little boy!  He’s obsessed with sex!”

We jumped right into tapping.  While he tapped, he described what the old man looked like:  He’s wearing short sleeve shirts and brown slacks.  He’s in a dark area and facing away from me.  He won’t look at me because he is so ashamed but he wants to ruin my life!

I asked Ron to ask the light of the pure and powerful Universe to enter where the old man was.  He did it.  But said, “The old man is turning away!  He’s refusing it!”  While Ron continued tapping I said this (as much as I can remember):

I want you to know, old man that all of the sex and anything else you want is in the light.  You have forgotten that in the light you are Inherently Pure and that you can accomplish everything that you want in the light!  Feel the love and if there is anyone there who can meet you let them see you now and you see them now too!  I ask for help from the Pure Light to help all of us – me, Ron and you because we are all meant to be together right now in this moment to let go of our pain and return to LOVE!  If you’re afraid – that’s okay, if you are angry that’s okay.  We love you and forgive you and you can let go!

Ron started crying again, but this time the tears were for sorrow.  He said, “He sees it now!  He’s so sorry!”  The old man was in so much pain.  I want to be clear that Entity Release is not a kicking out or a demonic exorcism.  This is a healing process for entities that no longer have skin and bones.  Be gentle with them as we are gentle with ourselves always!

We tapped until he went into the light!  You should have seen the change in Ron; I knew we did it! He said he had never felt like it was possible not to look at porn until now!  The urges were gone!  Interestingly, something released in me as well.  Healing isn’t a one-way street.  I felt a sense of calm and freedom that I hadn’t felt before.

We aren’t done though, he says he has at least 17 more entities attached to him and he is tapping for each of them on his own and we’re going to meet again.  We talked last night and he said that he hasn’t had any urges to look (even after testing and testing) at porn and he feels like this is going to work for the rest of his life!  This is obviously a fantastic healing assisted by EFT!

Thanks, I’m going to be looking deeper at Entity Release and how it can be used with EFT on other forms of addictions, migraines and other forms of chronic pain!  Wow, I’m glad I “tried it on everything!”