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EFT Tapping for Relationships: A Couple’s Discussion Guide

Dawson Church, PhD describes how to use EFT tapping for relationship discussions that may bring up negative feelings and anxiety.

Dawson advises: “Tap first, talk second!”

EFTUniverse.com is one of the largest EFT tapping alternative medicine sites on the web. It contains around 10,000 pages in 15 languages, and hosts millions of visitors per year. EFTU is the leader in EFT (emotional freedom techniques) research and training, offering an excellent certification in Clinical EFT, a vibrant EFT practitioner community, a strong affiliate program, and many free health resources. You can learn EFT tapping for free, subscribe to the EFT free weekly health report, join an affiliate program, and find an EFT tapping workshop or practitioner near you.

EFT Universe is owned and maintained by Energy Psychology Group, Inc., which include Energy Psychology Press. Since 2008, Energy Psychology Press has published the standard guide to EFT, The EFT Manual, as well as many other books on Energy Psychology and EFT.

EFT Universe certifications and trainings are based on EFT tapping as described in The EFT Manual, ensuring a consistent application of the techniques. We define this as “Clinical EFT” since it is validated by research as an “evidence-based” practice.


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