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EFT for Severe MSG Reaction

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Dear Readers,

Angela Treat Lyon applied EFT quickly in this allergy case, alleviating a break-out response to ingesting MSG, then calming and collapsing a related emotional issue.

-Will M.

By Angela Treat Lyon

I seem to be hooked on surrogate tapping. I thought people who have food reactions might be interested in it.

I went out to a Japanese restaurant last week with a friend who has experienced severe reactions to MSG. The restaurant, one of the best here in Honolulu, claims NO MSG loudly on the menu, so we figured we were safe.

Alas, halfway through our meal, she got short of breath, red in the face, puffy around the eyes, and itchy on her hands and feet–for her, a classic break-out response.

Fortunately, she knows EFT, and that I’m an EFT maniac, so she wasn’t surprised that I hopped right over to her side of the booth and started tapping on her. We knew it had to be MSG, as there was nothing else she reacted to on her plate.

We tapped on:

I’m so freaked that they said there was no MSG and it’s there anyway

How it must have been in a sauce they bought

I’m so shocked and surprised

I’m afraid I better not let my guard down anywhere

I hate not being able to eat without doubt

I’m so afraid of dying

I can’t breathe

My hands and feet itch like crazy

I’m embarrassed how I look in front of everyone

That got a lot of relief right away. But there was still more to come. I asked her if there was any emotional issue that would have contributed to this outbreak. She said the only thing that came to mind was that she had just gotten involved in a new business with her sons, and wasn’t feeling “like she could breathe” in it yet. Her sons let her know what they wanted in a powerful and forceful way, and she felt intimidated by their energy.

When we stopped tapping the first round, she started weeping, and said, “I don’t think I can do it, I can’t breathe and feel such terror when they tell me what to do like that.” So we tapped on:

I can’t breathe

I’m terrified they’ll run all over me

I feel so useless

I don’t believe in myself

Why did I ever agree to do this?

I’m the manager, why am I letting them control me?

They asked me to do this–what am I thinking?

They’re just testing me to see if I can cut it

As soon as she said that last phrase, she started laughing, and said, “This is silly! Of course I can do this! I’m the one who taught them how to be intense!”

I asked her how she felt, and she shook herself a little, like a dog when it gets wet–kind of funny in a classy restaurant! She took a big deep breath and said, “I’m fine! Wow!” I could hardly believe it as it’s always taken a few days for her to get back to normal again after an outbreak. But her body really was back to normal again.

Word to the wise: When we asked about the MSG afterward, they insisted that they didn’t use it in their prep. But they said you have to know that most restaurants use pre-made sauces, in which it is entirely possible that the culprit might lurk. Makes it hard to eat out, but it’s good to know to stay away from any food that has sauces.