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EFT for Smoke Reactions & Allergies

Dear Readers,

Cyndee Pack writes us with some suggestions on how to alleviate allergic reactions.

-Will M.

By Cyndee Pack


I am writing because I have been using EFT for years to help with reactions to environmental factors.  The most interesting one that always impresses me is its ability to discontinue the physical reactions to environmental substances.

Example:  I live in Florida.  We have to be subjected to intense smoke from intentional burning of vegetation or fires started by lightning or planned burning.  You pretty much just have to stay inside on those days.  It burns your eyes, makes you wheeze… you can even taste the smoke!

I have a family history of allergies… so, I have studied ways to relieve my suffering using methods other than drugs.  EFT has been #1 for me to clear food and environmental toxin sensitivities.  It sure helps with the emotional issues which cause breathing difficulties too.   I have helped a cousin in the middle of an asthma attack return to normal breathing within minutes (he did not have his inhaler on him and panicked).

Here is an example of a session for reactions to smoke in the air

Problem:  Smoke causing throat and eyes to itch and burn, wheezing in lungs.

Correction:  I tap about the physical symptoms:

“Even though this smoke is burning my eyes and throat, I deeply & completely love and appreciate myself… and I choose to be free from any physical reactions to this toxic smoke…” (Something like that).

Then I do a second round on the wheezing.

“Even though this smoke is causing me to wheeze and have a hard time breathing… I am safe and I choose to breathe easily and be free from any negative physical reaction to the smoke.”

Meridian Tap:  Itchy, burning eyes & Throat

I usually do another round if it was an intentional burn for the emotional frustration:  Something like:

“Even though I feel that these people just start these fires with no concern of the health issues it causes others… I know that they are just doing their job and it makes the area safer during lightning season.”

Meridian Tap:  “They are just doing their job.”  “They are making it safe for others.” Things like that….

It is pretty impressive because I just do 2, maybe 3 rounds… then forget about it.  Before I know it, my physical symptoms are gone… It’s always amazing to me that you can tap out a physical reaction to an environmental toxin… but, it works!  (I am usually driving in a car when I am tapping for smoke… I am not too sure how effective it would be if you were standing near the fire… it is worth trying for sure.)

I want to say that if anyone wants to learn about working with sensitivities…I highly recommend taking one of Sandi Radomski’s classes…she is amazing!  (www.allergyantidotes.com)   I have taken numerous classes

from her & will keep taking them…she is constantly coming with new techniques to work with sensitivities.

Try it!  It is fast and efficient.  (Fun too)

Cyndee Pack, North Port, FL