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EFT Resolves Lifelong Seafood Allergy

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Dear EFT Community,While cooking a celebration dinner for her granddaughter and friends, Linda Compton learns that her guests are allergic to what she is preparing. After dinner, Linda resolves a lifelong allergy to seafood very quickly with EFT.

-David MacKay

By Linda Compton

Last night, my granddaughter and her two male friends, two identical twins, were over for dinner. I was almost finished preparing the dinner, which was fettuccine in a white sauce with seafood (crab that I took out of the shell, shrimp, and prawns). I was stirring in the fettuccine when one of the twins looked in the pot and said, “Oh, wow.”

He did not have a good look on his face.

When my granddaughter asked him what was wrong, he said, “Remember, I told you I’m allergic to seafood.”

Now I’m a really good cook and everybody who knows me knows that. I said, “Wow, what are we going to do? Are you both allergic?” “Yes, we are!” they said. They were allergic to all seafood, even fish, and had been since they first tasted it. They said, “The minute we put it in our mouth, we start to feel stuff.” His face gets swollen and he said he burns.

I had also purchased some ground turkey, so I just took it out and made fettuccine with a tomato-based cream sauce with ground turkey. It is great to know how to cook well and quickly! We had a great dinner with salad, fettuccine, hot buttery Italian bread, and champagne.

We were celebrating my granddaughter’ s return home from her first semester at Clark University in Atlanta.

After dinner, I was answering some questions from one of the twins about my work and I told him about the Energy Psychology techniques that some of us do. I told him about EFT and how it could possibly help him to let go of the allergies.

He was also allergic to grass.

I did EFT, honestly only one round and he went from 7 to 0. I muscle tested him to see if that was really true, starting at 8 and going down to 0.

He muscle tested “yes” that EFT had worked. I tested him on several other statements regarding the allergy to seafood, any of it and all of it. He tested “yes” that he had released it and was okay about it. He tested “yes” to now being able to eat it.

I must truly believe in EFT because he was willing to eat some crab and said he had some Benadryl if it hadn’t worked. I had shelled it myself and he ate an entire crab leg. He said that before his face would swell, his eyes would go watery, and he would feel just bad all over. He said he felt nothing! Nothing showed on his face.

We then went for another round, choosing to replace the allergy with:

I can eat any seafood I want and I am completely fine. My body accepts seafood and I am perfectly fine.

We did a number of statements going through all the points, choosing to be healthy when he ate seafood. Twenty minutes later, I checked with him and he was still fine. Another twenty minutes passed and everything was still fine. Throughout the evening, I questioned him about how he felt and he said he was fine.

He got ready to leave and he promised that if he felt anything at all he would call me. He only lives around the corner from me. I called him about an hour later and he was fine.

As another EFT note: Just after Thanksgiving, I did EFT for myself to stop eating sweets. I have not had any ice cream (which I was eating every day), candy, cookies, pie, or cake since.

I replaced it with tapping saying:

I choose fruits and vegetables.

I have been eating persimmons, oranges, mangoes, and apples. No candy, pecan pie, or anything. This wasn’t an allergy, just an incredible craving.