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How to Use EFT for Allergy Relief

Dear EFT Community,

Here is a case by Andy Mason who successfully applies EFT taping with his wife for her allergies due to MCS. Note the various approaches he used, including tapping on the possible emotional causes.


By Andy Mason

My wife was diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) 3 years ago after suffering migraine headaches, severe balance problems and joint pains for the previous 15 years and “normal” allergic symptoms (sneezing, sinus blockage, eye tearing etc.) for the past 34 years. During those 15 years my wife had sought help from several specialists (2 neurologists, an ear, nose & throat specialist and a regular allergist) with no relief.

Through testing with an environmental specialist, 80 allergies/sensitivities were identified and stabilizing doses in the form of drops and injections were prescribed.

There were:

– 27 chemical sensitivities (e.g. diesel exhaust, acetone, ethanol)

– 21 food allergens (e.g. cottonseed oil, wheat, broccoli, sugar)

– 32 airborne allergens (e.g. ragweed, grass, molds, dust mites)

My wife and I were newly married, and, prior to meeting me and learning about my use of EFT, she had tried other methods to combat her severe allergies. These methods included herbal remedies, prescription allergy medication, over-the-counter medications, and expensive dental treatment to replace all amalgam fillings with non-metal alternatives.

Nothing had worked consistently, and even the stabilizing doses prescribed by the environmental specialist were only effective with low exposure to the allergens.

She is a schoolteacher, and would get headaches, abdominal pains and stagger around like she was drunk if one of the children came in wearing perfume or cologne, or used a permanent magic marker. It would take two days for these symptoms to subside.

How we used EFT to resolve my wife’s allergies/sensitivities

Although I had not taught her EFT for this type of problem, we decided at spring break this year to give tapping a try. We had to be quite versatile with our approach, because some of the allergies were very stubborn.  Some cleared within 30 minutes, and others took 2-3 hours, usually spread over a couple of days, to completely eliminate.

I shall outline below a typical approach we used to eliminate an allergy.

We would begin with a setup phrase such as

“Even though I have this allergy to _________ (e.g. diesel exhaust) . . .”

This would quickly evoke the allergic reactions even though she was not being exposed to the allergen. We would then deal with each of the symptoms in turn, ensuring that we got the 0-10 intensity level for that symptom down to 0, e.g.

“Even though diesel exhaust gives me a headache…”

“Even though diesel exhaust makes my knees ache…”

Often, we would have to “chase the pain”… the headache would become a backache, once the backache was resolved the headache would come back, etc. We had to be tenacious and chase down each one until no symptoms remained.

Once all of the physical symptoms had been eliminated, we would muscle test to see if she was still testing positive for the allergy. In many cases, the elimination of the physical symptoms resolved the problem.

When the allergy was still present we would work on some of the emotional issues surrounding the need for the allergy:

“Even though it is not safe for me to overcome this allergy, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though I’ve had these allergies for so long, I won’t know who I will be without them, I choose to be healthy and allergy free.”

“Even though my body is trying to protect me with this allergy, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though my allergies mean I cannot be there for everyone else, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though having these severe allergies makes me special, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

What we found (through muscle testing) when we dealt with these emotional issues was that some of the other allergies either cleared up completely, or lessened in their intensity. My wife found the EFT work very tiring, so we were only able to work on two or three allergies at a time.

As we overcame a set of allergies for which she had either drops or an injection she would stop using that particular treatment without side effects.

How things are now . . .

She has not used any allergy treatments for the past year, and has rarely had any allergic responses. When she has, it is because she has been exposed to a substance that we had not addressed with EFT.

Each time we identify one of these substances, we use the method described above to deal with it, and the allergic reaction does not return.

We have discovered that we do not need to know the specific substance in order to resolve the allergy.

For example, we went for a walk one day in the early summer and there were some blossoms on a tree that we could not identify, to which she reacted strongly.

We went home and tapped on “Even though I had an allergic reaction to those blossoms this morning….” and were able to successfully eliminate the problem. Subsequent walks did not elicit an allergic response.

I am sure there are still many layers to this particular “onion” that we have to peel away in order to clear up my wife’s propensity for allergies. However, her quality of life (and the dent in our finances from the allergy testing and resultant medication) is much improved since we used EFT to resolve these issues.

I have read that EFT can provide remarkable results for allergies. In most cases I’ve read about the allergic symptoms vanish within a few minutes of applying EFT with repeated applications of EFT often eliminating the allergies permanently so that those foods, pollens, perfumes, etc. no longer bother you.

I certainly saw this with my wife.

For those of you with severe allergies who don’t achieve instant relief, EFT is still likely to improve the symptoms. However, in these cases more sophisticated approaches are usually necessary. Sometimes the principle cause of allergies is one or more unresolved emotional issues such as anger, fear, guilt or trauma.

Allergies are sometimes physical manifestations of negative memories and EFT is ideally designed to address them. Once they are properly resolved, many physical ailments (including allergies) subside.

For us, it has been life-changing.