EFT for Easing Grief over the Death of a Dog

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Dave Oreshack used EFT to help a friend through her overwhelming grief after the death of her beloved dog. EFT does not eliminate grief, of course, but enables the mourner to be able to cope while grieving.  

Stephanie M

By Dave Oreshack

I work with a friend who recently had to put her dog to sleep. The dog, Higgins, had been her companion for over 15 years and she was very attached to him. Understandably, she was very saddened and emotionally upset by this, even several days later. At work, she would burst into tears at the mere thought of Higgins.

I suggested to her that EFT might help her regain her composure and she agreed to try it.

We sat facing each other in a quiet room and just talked about her dog for a few minutes. She was teary and very emotional as she talked. Finally, I asked her how distressed she was on a scale from 1 to 10. She said "12."

I asked her to rub the Sore Spot and say, "Even though I really miss Higgins as a friend and companion, I truly and deeply accept myself." We repeated a variation of this three times and then did a complete round of tapping, including the 9 Gamut Procedure. She went from a 12 to an 8. After two more rounds, she was completely calm and said she was at 0.

She was amazed that she could think about and even talk about Higgins now without breaking down. She went back to work and was calm for the rest of the day.

Five days later, she told me she still was amazed at how EFT worked for her. She was able to think about and talk about Higgins without the negative emotional reaction she had before our session. She was even more amazed because three months earlier, she had had to put one of her horses to sleep and was an emotional wreck for at least two months after that. She was very glad not to have to experience that same emotional torment with the loss of Higgins.

She is now a true believer in EFT and is telling all her friends about this amazing tool.

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