EFT for Your Separation Anxiety When Leaving Your Animals

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Many people seek the help of EFT for animals who suffer from separation anxiety when their human companions leave them. Not as many think to use EFT for their own separation anxiety when parted from their animals. Here Annie Bathgate tells how she helped a client who couldn't stop worrying about her dogs when she was traveling. 

-Stephanie M

By Annie Bathgate, EFT-CC

A client was referred to me specifically for her anxiety over her dogs.  As we sat down, "Sara" started to tell me how she never traveled with her husband because she could not stand to leave her precious dogs behind. She worried about them the entire trip and was unable to sleep or relax while on vacation. Her face was tense as she described how she hated dropping her dogs, Jack and Floppy, at the kennel before a vacation. She was especially worried about Jack, since he was recently adopted and she didn't want him to think she was abandoning him.  

I was familiar with these feelings for I, too, worry about my beloved animals while traveling. However, I have overcome my anxiety with the help of EFT and I was hopeful EFT would do the same for Sara as well. We discussed many of her worries and fears and came up with the following statements to tap on, each at about a level of intensity of 7 out of 10:

Even though I am worried about leaving Jack and Floppy…

Even though I am worried Jack thinks I am abandoning him…

Even though I won't be able to enjoy my vacation…

After two rounds, many of her anxieties had lifted and her level of intensity was at a 1 or 2 out of 10. Her face was calmer and her body was visibly more relaxed. At this point, she was comfortable with ending the session, planning on tapping at home with the homework sheet I provided for her.

Recently, I saw a very happy and relaxed Sara. I asked how her trip was. She replied that the trip had been canceled, due to bad weather. "However," she admitted, "I handled the cancellation well, even though we were stuck waiting at the airport for eight hours!" Because of the weather, the dogs had to stay one night in the kennel, and I wondered how Sara dealt with her separation anxiety. She shrugged her shoulders with a smile. "I was fine," she said. "They seemed to be very happy when I dropped them off, getting to know all their neighbors in the kennel. When I went to pick them up the next day, they were exhausted from all the fun they had."  I asked how she felt about traveling in the future and leaving the dogs behind. "I have no worries!" Sara happily replied.

About a week later, I happened to meet Sara's daughter, who also frequents our offices. She realized I was the one who taught her mother that "tapping thing" and said she had been astonished by the change in her mother. She said her mother rarely traveled with her stepfather, but now she was open and willing to try it. Her daughter was in awe to see the shift in her mother's thinking and relieved to see the anxiety lifted. It was such validation for me to hear from both the client and her daughter, how they could both see the changes in Sara.


0 #1 MaryAnn 2013-09-06 20:27
We have a 1 year old gorgeous mini Australian Shepherd who is extremely intelligent and loves to learn. He gets plenty of physical exercise and
we train him daily with short fun sessions and he loves to do his tricks.....we use the clicker and/ or voice and hand commands and he responds well to each.....Howeve r....he will nip someone who makes quick movements...or he does not know. It is as though he needs to feel safe around them or something....as though he does not trust them...I continue to socialize him with people and dogs..different locations etc.....But have not allowed him around small children since we have had him at 9 weeks old..due to his nipping issues.....all though he was around children from birth til the time we got him at 9 weeks..... How can I use tappig to help our little fellow? If anyone has any input to our challenge and/or suggestions they would be gratefully welcomed. Thanks! MaryAnn

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