EFT Helps Negative Reactions to Inanimate Objectseft for highly sensitive

By A. McKinley

I had a garage door opener that all of a sudden would consistently get stuck with the door only opening halfway and then sticking. This was frustrating for me, but it did not seem to bother my husband, or son, so I began to reflect on what was up with me.

Why was this bothering me so much?

My car was in the garage and the sticking garage door was making it difficult to back my car out. S T U C K as in not being able to move--not being able to move my car for me to go places.

I soon realized that this seemed to be a metaphor for everything I was experiencing in my life at that moment.

I was feeling stuck in my business, as I was not able to move out and do what I needed to do to promote myself. I was holding myself back and the garage door was not only mirroring that feeling back to me, but it was quite literally keeping me physically be stuck where I was.

This realization led me to start tapping on feeling stuck in my life. For about 8 minutes every day, I worked on anything and everything I could think of about feeling stuck.

I used tapping statements such as:

Even though I am frustrated at not moving, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though I don't want to move, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though I am not being able to move or accomplish anything, I deeply and completely accept myself, and I forgive myself for feeling this way.

I worked on each of the above statements in turn, saying the statements 3 times while tapping. Then I tapped with the reminder phrases: "frustrated at not moving", "I don't want to move", "I'm not able to move", "I can't accomplish anything."

I then did one tapping round of positive statements: "I release the past", "I allow myself to move forward", "I release the fear that is holding me back", "I can move forward."

Then I tried the garage door again and you guessed it, it worked. It continued working for the rest of the family for several days before the door became stuck once again. It was then that my husband finally jumped in to help and he tweaked the door opener and door itself to prevent sticking before I could try EFT tapping on being stuck again.

What is going on here?

Much of what happens around us and to us is a reflection of our emotional or energetic life. Our negative energy hardens and takes physical form. Often it is in the form of illness or pain, but sometimes the machinery that impacts our everyday life will seem to reflect our emotions too.

By analyzing the problems we are having, in the light of our overall life, we can often see similarities and can come up with emotional triggers that still need to be addressed.

It would seem that when tapping for an uncooperative inanimate object because you are frustrated welcomes the opportunity to recognize that there is an emotional issue that still needs our attention, just like me feeling stuck and a physical manifestation of this appearing in the form of a garage opener.

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