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Recommended EFT Universe Affiliates and JVs

Recommended EFT Universe Affiliates and JVsEFTUniverse affiliate recommend page

There are many affiliate and JV partnering programs to which you might link. Here at EFT Universe, we are extremely selective about who we work with. To recommend a product or service, we must believe that it’s effective, good value, and a close match for our personal growth community.

If you include affiliate links on your website, we recommend you consider the following possible affiliate partners:

 Carol Look  | Attracting Abundance

 Donna Eden & David Feinstein | Eden Energy Medicine

 EFT Radio Online

 Learning Strategies  | MeditationFest

 Margaret M Lynch | EFT Transformational Coach

 Mind Movies


 Nick Ortner  | The Tapping Solution

 Norm Shealy | Self-Health Systems

 Pamela Bruner | Make Your Success Easy

Here’s a link where you can set yourself up as an EFT Universe affiliate and earn up to 50% commissions on qualifying products. Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive an email with instructions.

If you’re already an affiliate, you can sign in here.

If you would like us to consider promoting your launch, product or service to our subscriber base, you can find our policies below. We promote for 2 to 3 affiliates per month, and our calendar fills up 6 to 12 months in advance. We promote primarily through our email lists. We have 7 targeted lists: Health, Money, Relationships, Work & Career, Weight Loss, Sports, and Spirituality.

Here are our affiliate partnership guidelines:

1. Subscribe to the EFT Universe Weekly Health Report and Weekly Insights Newsletter email list. Take a look at several newsletters to get a feel for the tone of our communications with our community. We highly respect our community and only offer them products and services we believe are a good fit.

2. If you have a physical version of your product, please mail it to us first, at: 3340 Fulton Rd, #442, Santa Rosa, CA 95439. Contact us 4 to 6 weeks later via email to support(at)eftuniverse(dot)com.

3. If you have a virtual-only product, email support(at)eftuniverse(dot)com and tell us why you believe your product or launch would be helpful to our community. Send us a link where we can log in and review the product, and a link to the sales page. 

4. In your introduction to us, let us know –

– Your list size.

– What % of your list are buyers vs subscribers.

– Your opt in conversion rate.

– Your earnings per click.

– Your historical return rate, and

– The number of clicks you expect to send to us when you do a reciprocal mailing. Let us know if you offer a guarantee of a certain $/click.

– Tell us about your organization and your values.

Thank you.

We look forward to e-meeting you!