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Blood Pressure Case Histories


By Robin Bilazarian, LCSW

I saw a client Saturday at 9AM. We took her blood pressure at 9:00AM and it was 149/95. We talked for awhile and took it again at 9:15AM (144/98). Even though this reading was high, it was actually good for her because, during the previous week, it had reached 196/116.

Then she vented excitedly about her continuing difficulties at work and harassment there and we took it again after this venting, as she appeared calm at 9:35 AM. It was 131/89. Then we did five rounds of "mechanical" EFT using her Setup Phrase of "I deeply accept myself even though I am sick of this."

I stopped at five rounds because she began to yawn (often a signal that things have changed.) Her blood pressure at 9:50AM was 119/84!!!!! Absolute normal is 120/80!!! We used a blood pressure device she purchased for about $80.00. Specifically it was a OMR010 automatic blood pressure model Hem 712C.

Her physician also checked her blood pressure and her automatic monitor and verified their accuracy. Needless to say, I am thrilled and plan to buy one of these monitors as there are two people I work with who have asked me if EFT works with blood pressure.


I signed up to be part of a study but my blood pressure was so low that I could have been dropped from the study. This morning, when I was laying on the table, and while the ECG was going on, I did EFT: "Even though my blood pressure is low....." and did the tapping mentally as I could not move myself. After I did it for 3 times, it was time to take the blood pressure and what a surprise! The upper reading was 125 and I was always below 100 the whole day yesterday, maybe a couple of times (out of at least 20) it read 104.

I keep teaching the procedure to as many people as I can.