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EFT Tapping for Bleeding and a Fear of Miscarriage

Communing with the Spirit of Your Unborn Child book by Dawson Church

By Rebecca Marina

This story is one of the most wonderful cases that I have had using EFT.

I received a frantic email from my client Ana wanting to know if I could work her in right away. She said, “‘I’m pregnant again and I am bleeding. I’m afraid I’m losing the baby.”

I had worked with Ana by phone a few months earlier over her anxiety about getting pregnant. She did have two healthy children but had suffered three miscarriages and was worried that she would never be able to have another healthy pregnancy.

When I first read the frantic email, my heart sank. Having had two miscarriages myself I knew that once you start bleeding, it is very difficult to keep the baby. My first impulse was to tell her I could only help her with her anxiety over the miscarriage.

I remembered the work I had done with the live blood cells and I decided it was worth a try to stop the bleeding. I squeezed her in between already scheduled clients as soon as I could that day. I told her that we would try EFT for the bleeding, but there were no guarantees.

As the session began, I could sense that she had so much anxiety in her energy field that she needed to calm down before we could work on anything else.

I asked her, “Ana, what emotion is the strongest for you right now?”

Her answer surprised me. She said, “I am angry, so angry!” I asked her who she was angry at. She replied, “God. I’m so angry at God for making me go through this again.” So I told her, “Ana, I’m giving you permission to be really angry at God, we’re going to do EFT while expressing that anger.” Ana said it felt like a 10 plus!

So our first round went like this, “Even though I’m so mad at you, God, I love and accept myself. Why are you making me go through this again? I can’t take it anymore! I want to scream at you, God!” after two rounds of this, she felt much better and was down to a 2 on anger. She felt ready to proceed with the positive choice, so we did, “Even though I’m still a little mad at you, God, I choose to allow peace, and that feels so much better.” That took her down to 0 on the anger.

At this point, Ana started to tell me about the three miscarriages she had previously. (Perhaps she needed to explain why she had felt so much anger.)

I said, Ana, if you need to talk about it, begin with the first miscarriage and tell me about it, and then the second, and the third, we will use the Tell the Story Technique.” I guided her in touching all the points as she told the stories. Ana felt even more relief, she was calmer and stated that she felt no more anger, just sad and hurt about the three previous miscarriages.

Since it was so obvious that the impending miscarriage was bringing up fresh pain over the “lost babies,” I felt guided to help her get in touch with the essence of those “lost babies”. I guided Ana in a round in EFT for “Even though I’m so sad and hurt for my lost babies, I love and accept myself.” Then we did another round for “I love you, my babies, and I wanted every one of you. I wanted to hold each one of you in my arms and I’m so sad I didn’t get to.” She and I were both in tears at this point yet felt such a sweetness as if the “lost babies” were really giving her comfort. Ana said she so felt much better, a sense of relief that she had acknowledged the babies she had lost.

At that point, I asked if she was ready to work on the physical symptoms.

We started with her breathing. She could only take a number 5 breath (on a scale of 1-10). She told me that she had congestion in her lungs from a cold and she was worried that if she took a deep breath she might start coughing and put stress on the uterus. I explained to her that the only way her baby could get oxygen and nutrients was through her blood. She knew this, of course, but when you are worried about losing your baby, you tend to lose your logic.

We did EFT for “Even though I’m worried I will cough and hurt my baby, I’m allowing the lining of my lungs to be soothed, and allowing all the little sacks to be filled with air, and that feels good.” Ana took a deep breath in and it was an 8 and it felt very smooth. She was quite astonished, as we had done EFT in a previous sessions but only for anxiety.

When we had her breathing all the way to 10, we proceeded to work on the bleeding. Ana’s concern was that if it was not a viable pregnancy, she wanted to go ahead and lose it and get it over with; she did not want to get her hopes up only to be devastated.

We did a round of “Even though I’m bleeding, I’m asking all unnatural blood flow to stop. I command it! I am asking all the little capillaries to begin to seal themselves off. I am asking all unnatural bleeding to stop now!”

Another round of “Even though I’m still a little scared, I’m allowing my red blood cells to be filled with oxygen and nourish my baby. I’m asking all the organs and fluids in my body to assist in any way they can. I’m asking the cells of my womb to become strong and hold my baby tight.”

It was just glorious, you could feel the electricity in the air. Ana felt calm, peaceful, and strong. Ana called me the next day to tell me her bleeding had stopped completely!

She had checked her blood with the doctor and her hormone levels were excellent! It has been several weeks now and she has not bled one more drop. Her pregnancy is healthy and she is ecstatic!

Can I tell you for sure with scientific proof that EFT stopped the bleeding?

No, I cannot. However, I cannot, for the life of me, think of anything other than the EFT sessions that did this. I do believe that severe anxiety along with focusing on what is wrong with your body instead of what is right with your body can aggravate and worsen any condition. I also believe that the first miscarriage could have set up a “pattern” of energy that could easily be followed over and over.

EFT and the Threat Response: Tapping for Feeling Powerless

EFT and the Threat Response: Tapping for Feeling Powerless

by Virginia Voigt


Dear EFT Community,

Virginia Voigt discusses an important issue in the mechanism of trauma. Most people are familiar with the fight-or-flight response to a perceived threat, that is, the body’s involuntary mobilization to fight or flee when threatened. Not everyone is aware that there is a third option in the body’s stress response: freeze. When the brain determines that fighting or fleeing is hopeless, the last resort is to freeze, in hopes of escaping notice. Virginia points to the importance of tapping on the feelings of powerlessness and immobilization that accompany the freeze response to a threat.

– EFT Universe

I have a dental issue that, unless it heals itself, will result in an extraction. I have tapped this issue to exhaustion – the fear, the pain, the assault, and everything else I could think of – without substantial result. Today I returned to the endodontist for his evaluation.

After tapping away the remaining fear before I went, I realized that there was still a very real threat if he did not see improvement. The threat felt like powerlessness and immobilization.

Then I realized threat always feels like that to me.

Where did this begin? When I was about 8 years old, I was confined in a basement room where a steam pipe near the ceiling burst. I was terrified that I would be scalded to death (the steam stayed near the ceiling). I was unharmed, but the threat response never left me.

I have clients who have suffered similar threats. One was held at gunpoint as a young child by another child with the question, “Don’t you want to meet God?”

Both children being from religious families, that question was impossible to answer. Another client was tied to her bed as a child by her brother and sister and then left alone. Being from an abusive household, she was terrified. After several hours, she was released unharmed. Another client’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer when the client was six years old.

The mother died when my client was 17 but not before my client’s father died suddenly of a heart attack.

Many people have experienced similarly threatening events in their lives, but even those who have undergone more subtle threats, such as ongoing disapproval from parents for unacceptable behaviors or fear of failing at things like tests in schools, may suffer from this debilitating feeling.

I hope to be of greater service since I’ve seen this new “aspect” to tap on.

EFT for Pregnancy Nausea and Breast Pain

Dear EFT Community,

EFT practitioner Annie Bathgate writes about using EFT to relieve the breast pain and nausea a client was experiencing in pregnancy. The client went on to use EFT for all her pregnancy-related symptoms and also to help her prepare mentally and emotionally for the birth of her child. 

-Stephanie M 

By Annie Bathgate

A client contacted me for EFT phone sessions after discovering she was pregnant. “Beth” wished to remain anonymous but was happy for me to share her story with others. In the beginning of her pregnancy, she was having significant breast tenderness as well as nausea symptoms. She wondered if EFT would be helpful and safe for her symptoms. I encouraged her that it was worth looking into, especially if she was trying to stay away from taking pain medication during her pregnancy.

First we looked at her issue of breast pain. She described the pain as aching and at times “needle sharp.” When asked how painful it was on a scale of 0 to 10, she rated it about an 8 currently, sometimes as bad as a 10. We discussed her issues a bit more, how she felt about being a first-time mother, how her husband and she planned this pregnancy and how easy it was for her to become pregnant while other women struggle for years. We tapped on the following issues, since she had lots of feelings up. I asked her level of discomfort on the following statements, which ranged from 6 to 9. I typically do not use the ankle point that some have said has contradictions with pregnancy.

Even though my breasts hurt…

Even though my nipples are tender…

Even though I’m scared of being a mother…

Even though I’m scared I won’t be a good mother…

Even though I feel guilty that it was so easy to become pregnant…

We tapped on each of these statements until they were each down to a 1 or 0 on a scale of 0 to 10. After tapping, I asked how her breast tenderness was. She said the pain was down to a 2 out of 10. I encouraged her to continue tapping daily with the previous statements.

Next we looked at her nausea issue. She noticed that the nausea started around 11 a.m. and stopped around 2 p.m. I asked her how uncomfortable it was, on a scale of 0 to 10. She said during that time period it could get to a 7. We tapped on the following statements, even though she didn’t have any nausea during our session time:

Even though I feel nauseous between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m….

Even though I’m nervous that I’ll feel nauseous today…

Beth promised to keep me updated on her progress with her breast tenderness and nausea, but said she was feeling very relaxed and hopeful at the end of our phone session. She called me a week later, after her first visit with her doctor. The doctor was pleased with her progress and said her pregnancy was normal and she was progressing well.

She was excited. She has had minimal nausea and the breast discomfort has stayed below a 2. Everything looked great according to the doctor and she even got to see her baby’s heartbeat on the ultrasound. She set up future appointments with me as new symptoms emerged with her pregnancy, as well as to prepare mentally and emotionally for labor and delivery.

EFT Tapping Cures Chronic Burping

Dear EFT Community,

This short anecdote on curing chronic burping is a bit unusual, though not unheard of. There are times that EFT works with amazing speed, but in this case, applying persistent EFT was key. Keep this in mind: it often takes more than one or two rounds of tapping to reach the core issue of a physical ailment and bring relief to you or a client.

– EFT Universe

By Paul Bergman

My wife and I run a therapy practice in Herne Bay, Kent. Recently we heard on our local radio breakfast show about an elderly lady in Essex who had not been out of her house for two years because she suffered from chronic burping. We contacted her and offered her our services free of charge. We contacted Grace (name changed) and went to see her at her home.

Understandably, Grace was quite down about her problem, as she had had all sorts of tests for all sorts of medical conditions, but everything came back negative.

Unfortunately, the belching was quite long and loud and painful and caused her embarrassment whenever she went out–something she had stopped doing, apart from hospital or doctor’s appointments. Imagine drinking two cans of Coca-Cola very quickly one after the other and then imagine the sort of noise you might make. That was what Grace had to put up with.

Anyway, we spent the best part of six hours with her on that first Saturday using EFT. By talking to her and understanding how the chronic belching started, we understood that one of her core issues was stress–the stress of being retired from full-time employment and missing the social aspect of work, stress of moving home and not liking the area she was in, and stress due to family issues. We tapped on all these issues with:

Even though I don’t like living in this area… [and the other issues] and included, “I choose to accept my situation.

As the belching was the cause of some past embarrassing experiences in public, we used the Movie Technique to remove the feeling of hurt and embarrassment of the memory of a family laughing and pointing at her at a railway station.

The first session lasted around six hours. This is unusual for us, as normally they only last about 1 to 1.5 hours. But Grace lived a fair distance from us and we wanted to get in as much work with her as we could. Although we had not entirely cleared the belching, we had managed to reduce the intensity of the belches so (a) they did not happen as frequently, and (b) they no longer caused pain.

The following week we went back to see her and again used EFT and hypnotherapy and we were with her again for around six hours. By the end of the session, she was able to walk up and down the stairs without making a sound and when she did belch again (once seated), it was no longer painful and considerably less frequent.

During this session, Grace told us how much happier she was feeling and that we had restored her faith in human nature. She was grateful for our assistance. As her son pointed out, we had spent more time with her in two weeks than all the doctors put together in the last two years.

For the first time in two years, she was actually excited to be able to plan to go out of the house and was making arrangements whilst we were there to go and visit with her son, somewhere other than the doctor or hospital. Grace loved her garden and was looking forward to a trip to the local garden centre.

She was talking to us about being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, at last, and was talking about visiting her daughter in America later this year, something that she had not done for over two years since her condition came on.

I spoke to Grace during the following week, and she was much happier than when my wife and I originally spoke to her. She had been able to have friends round and stay over, which she hadn’t previously done, and they had noticed a big difference in her: she was happier and the belching was less frequent and not causing any pain. We then arranged for a follow-up session for the next weekend.

During the week, her son called with the sad news to say that Grace had passed away suddenly after a massive heart attack. This was a big shock to everyone, especially her sons and daughters who could see the improvement in her and in the quality of her life. She had so much to live for and was looking forward to the day when she could once again go outside without fear of being embarrassed by her condition. Both Grace and ourselves could see that day was very close.

We enjoyed working with this remarkable lady and her passing was so sad, especially as she was once again well on the road to recovery. We attended her funeral and it was nice for us that so many of her friends and family came up to us and thanked us for helping her. Her daughter from America told us that she had spoken to Grace the day after our first visit. She said that she could hear the change in her voice and she was sounded so much more like her “old mum.”

How to Use EFT to Overcome Anger and Irritable Depression

By F. Samnik, LCSW, CCH

Anger is not well tolerated–socially, culturally, or spiritually–in most civilized societies. I have never had a child answer “good or neither” to the question “Is anger good or bad?” Girls are especially acculturated to suppress their anger. Adults are often heard telling children, “Don’t be mad.” Rarely are these children guided as to what to do with the energy that arises from the anger response.

It only makes intuitive sense that many people who are experiencing depression often don’t know they are angry.

They have literally been taught to lie to themselves about what they are experiencing. Of course, the anger doesn’t go away by denying its presence. It just gets stuffed (repressed). This can make getting to the root of the anger a bit challenging.

One technique I find particularly useful to uncover anger is a variation of EFT Master, Paul Lynch’s “The Colour of Pain” that I call “Paint the Picture.”

When a depressed client comes into my office not knowing why they are depressed, I guide them through the following exercise:

1. How do you know you’re depressed? How does your body signal you? Where do you feel it?

2. If you were to paint a picture to illustrate this feeling in your body, what would the painting look like? Close your eyes and see this painting in your mind’s eye. Does it take up the full canvas or is it very compact? What shape(s) or symbol does it take on?  What colors are used? Can you see through the brush strokes, or are they thick with paint?

3. What emotion does this painting represent? Just take a guess, the first thing that comes into your mind.

Anger may not be the emotion that is first identified. The depressed client will more than likely identify sadness. Sadness is often more safe to feel than anger. Whatever emotion the client is accessing, I go with it.

For example:

Even though I feel this thick, red, sharp sadness, I deeply and completely accept myself.

After a few rounds of tapping, I have the client get in tune with their body again and ask if anything has changed. If so, I ask them to paint a new picture of what the feeling looks like and repeat the process. This is reminiscent of “chasing the pain.” It may take a while, but it usually takes us where we need to go.

Another option that I use more frequently now is to just go with my intuition. I find that if I’m receiving a message, the client is ready to “go there.” I might say, “I’m sensing this picture has a lot of angry content. If you were angry about something or somebody, at what or with who are you angry?” If they say they don’t know, I say, “Pretend like you did know.” Giving them time to process this question is critical. Becoming comfortable with silent pauses is an essential skill to develop.

If there was no change in the original picture, I ask them the first time they remember having this feeling of “thick, red, sharp sadness” in their body. Now we have a “tappable” event. The Tearless Trauma Technique is a great option at this point. Depressed people already feel vulnerable; I find it best to reduce as much intensity as possible before having them vividly remember specific events.

Once the sadness of the event has been reduced, I will ask, “How angry are you that this happened to you?” Bingo! The intensity, more times than not, rises quickly back up.

I start with:

Even though I’m really angry that [_____] did [_____], I deeply and completely accept myself.

I then take a SUD level. But even if the intensity is now at a 0, I ask, “If there were no consequences to telling this person now how angry you are/were, what would you say to them?” I then take their words and introduce forgiveness.

For example:

Even though I’m really angry that you [____] me, and you had no right to do this, I choose to forgive you for this because you don’t deserve my energy anymore.

The usual response to this is, “Forgive him/her! I can never forgive him/her.” Of course, this is the perfect segue to have a discussion about forgiveness.

The next round of tapping goes something like this:

Even though I refuse to release this anger because I want [____] to have this control over me forever, I deeply and completely accept who I am.

I always smile while saying this.

If the client doesn’t smile back, I continue with a complete round:


Even though I refuse to release this anger because I want [____] to have this control over me forever, I deeply and completely love myself and accept how I feel.


I refuse to release this anger!

Side of Eye:

No one can make me let it go!

Under Eye:

I can feel whatever I want to feel and no one can stop me!

Under Nose:

How I feel is one thing I have complete control over.


As long as I’m angry I am still in control.

Collar bone:

Anger keeps me attached to this person and this event.

Under Arm:

Why would I want to let him/her go?

Top of Head:

But I don’t want to be attached to him/her anymore.


Yes I do.

Side of Eye:

No I don’t.

Under Eye:

I don’t want to be controlled by this anger.

Under Nose:

As long as I’m angry they’re still hurting me.


Maybe I can open myself to the possibility of letting this go.

Collar bone:

Why should I give this person the satisfaction of holding on?

Under Arm:

They don’t deserve my energy.

Top of Head:

I deserve to be free of this anger and pain.

If the client smiles back, they get it!

The next round of tapping uses EFT Master, Dr. Pat Carrington’s Choices Method.

Here is an example:


Even though I still feel some anger that [___]did [____], I choose to forgive them and release this anger.

Round One:

This [____] anger

Round Two:

Alternate — 

This [____] anger;

I choose forgiveness

Round Three:

I choose forgiveness

It’s now time to check in with the body again. If the original feeling of depression is still there, I ask them to remember another time they experienced this same feeling. If a specific event does not emerge, I get them to paint a new picture and start the process again.

Depression can have multiple layers, and many aspects. Physical pain, shame, trauma, abuse, and loss can contribute to the symptoms of depression and these conditions should be explored and assessed. Treating depression with EFT is not going to be a “one-minute wonder,” but with tenacity and skill, relief can be relatively quick and significant.

EFT Tapping in Couples Therapy

EFT Tapping in Couples Therapy

by David Lake, MD

Dear EFT Community,

David Lake, MD, shares how he uses EFT in couples therapy, providing examples of how he engages couples with the help of EFT tapping on specific statements.

– EFT Universe

How do you help couples to use EFT together? Well, it’s like teaching them to have sex “properly.”

First, they must develop trust and faith in you. Then there are the detailed instructions. Last, a little demonstration. Then they might abandon the teaching while keeping the essentials and doing it their own way! Most of the good work occurs in private and I often wonder what is going on.

In couple therapy I like to have a teaching session to demonstrate EFT on something “light” (e.g. minor fears, aches and pains) as a prelude to entering the dark regions of the disturbance in the Force. (Sometimes I see each partner separately for assessment and teaching).

This is fun, and serves to engage the partner who often did not want initially to come to therapy.

Soon you have the pre-requisites for a solid session of treatment: a committed couple who have goodwill, a basic understanding of their problems and knowledge of EFT (with reassuring feedback for them on the relaxation and desensitising aspects).

A couple without this goodwill is in for a bumpy ride, with or without EFT.

It is vital that the relational aspects of therapy, or getting along with people, come first when teaching EFT, otherwise it is just a technique. Techniques can be like a “trick”, unless therapists integrate EFT naturalistically into their style of couple therapy.

The key feature of EFT is that it must be used by the couple, or, despite good intentions, they might only use it to get relief of one problem–then forget all about it.

When I have very good rapport, either partner can do intense work. I basically want the couple to tap for an hour on everything relevant!

The following are some examples of how I would engage such a couple strategically:

1. Both are tapping on what is stated or thought regardless of the person in focus.

2. This can be virtually continual if necessary (with occasional repeat “setups”)

3. Either can tap for the hurt and negative feelings that rise up with the situation.

4. One partner can tap on the other! (I feed the words…they create the words).

5. Partners can tap on each other simultaneously.

The Words:

I accept myself deeply and completely although:

General statements (SETUP):

You’re my friend (but not at present)…

I love you (but I don’t like you)…

You hurt me (and you shouldn’t)…

Confessions (BOTH TAPPING)

I still love you in spite of what I did / you did / we did

Ventilations (BOTH TAPPING)

I can’t stand it when…

You hurt me when…

Specific Focus on a Family of Origin issue

You’re treating me just like…

Exaggerating the Negative (WITH GOOD RAPPORT)

You’re the worst partner

Your problems are bigger than mine

Polarities and paradoxes (SPOKEN TOGETHER)

I love you / I hate you

It’s your fault /my fault / our fault

I blame you / I don’t blame you

You hurt me / I hurt you / we hurt each other

You’re not perfect / I am perfect / But I’m not perfect

Effects can be dramatic, with a lot less bickering about right and wrong. During this process there is also a feeling for each of being heard and understood. This is especially so if the partner can speak about the mutual problem while both are tapping (with far less “explaining” by me).

Although both do experience the problem from opposite sides, both feel settled by the EFT experience rather than struggling for justification, or a verdict from the therapist. The habitual game/theme/struggle of the couple can change.

The healing effect of using polarities with couples in conflict is wonderfully intense; I’m not sure exactly why, but using the negatives overtly is highly effective in practice.

I regard the sight of a couple (who were in conflict), tapping carefully on each other’s faces while they reconnect, as very moving.

So far in my practice, “complete” couple therapy like this is relatively rare, because I still see more individuals than couples. Also, the assessment and training take some 2-3 sessions, and many couples don’t commit to the time overall–but I am not changing the basic framework, because there is no quick fix for such complex problems.

If you are interested in EFT for relationships, check out EFT Universe’s Loving Relationships Now course.

EFT for Clearing Food Sensitivities

EFT for Clearing Food Sensitivities

By Sherrie Rice Smith, RN (Ret.), EFT-EXP

Husbands are nice practice subjects, aren’t they? I’m always telling stories about Brad.

Brad doesn’t like sweets, he never did, but he surely does like his veggies. Other than okra, which he ate every single day while serving aboard U.S. Navy submarines, and beets, he eats them all.

For the past 3 years, I have avoided serving him cucumbers because he had all kinds of gastric reactions, none of which you truly want to know about here. Cucumbers simply disappeared from our diet. We both missed them.

Now, you would think I would have thought of this before, but, I admit, I didn’t. A couple weeks ago, I bought a delicious-looking cucumber and told Brad it was time for a “Valerie experiment.”

I peeled the thing, handing him a couple of the gooey peelings, and told him to go tap Valerie Lis’ food reaction protocol. Sadly, he couldn’t remember how (I need to tap on my reaction to his not remembering!), so I dutifully led him through the process, as I always do.

Valerie’s protocol for most food or environmental sensitivities takes four rounds of tapping, and then another 20-30 minutes of exposure to the offending item, meaning a grand total of a 22-32 minute commitment.

I’m thrilled to be here typing and telling you, after many more cucumber-eating experiments, and we eat them almost every supper lately, that Valerie’s protocol is a total 100% success! I no longer have to endure the unmentionable gastric effects!

As always, I am amazed.

EFT for a Pregnant Woman and Her Unborn Baby

EFT for a Pregnant Woman and Her Unborn Baby

Dear Readers,

Baerbel Froehlin allows her intuition to find a core issue in this case study of a woman who felt physically ill from the very start of her pregnancy. She taps with her client until the issue appears – this is an excellent example of how to effectively utilize EFT.

-Will M.

By Baerbel Froehlin, CHt

The client I worked with in this case is a young woman who became pregnant “by accident” as they say in Germany. She had been living with the father of her unborn child for a while without having the intention to get married. This is very common in Germany, and more often the case as is getting married before moving in with each other.

Gina (not her real name) started to feel physically ill right from the start of her pregnancy. Then in her third month her days were filled with vomiting, sleeping, vomiting again and falling back into bed, completely exhausted. She was unable to keep any food down; she had given up eating and lost weight rapidly. Whenever she tried anything at all it would come up right away, leaving her in a very uncomfortable state. She was extremely weak physically. Her doctor was very concerned and talked about having her stay in the hospital where they would feed her through an IV. She already was put on medication that was supposed to stop the vomiting – which it didn’t. This had gone on for weeks when she contacted me for a phone session.

When I asked her how she felt about having this tiny little baby inside her she said: “I think the baby must feel like being on a terrible rollercoaster, moving all around so violently while I am sick and throwing up.” Gina also mentioned that “the baby is too much of a responsibility and I don’t really want it. It is going to change my life completely and I am not ready for that.” She told me that she had always wanted to be independent; being pregnant for her meant that she was “tied down”, totally dependent on what it would do to her, not able to do the things she wanted to do whenever she felt like it.

Even though I don’t like to be dependent …..
Even though that freaks me out ……
Even though all my life I have avoided to be tied down in any way ……..
I do accept myself and my tiny baby inside….

Even though I am scared out of my mind ….. I don’t want to be responsible for another person ….I am concerned enough with myself …. and this other person would be a tiny baby … so completely dependent on me … scares the hell out of me ….. makes me vomit all the time ….

every single thought of it makes me go again …. vomiting over and over ….. trying to get my inside out …. trying to make this whole thing go away ….

trying so hard to get over it ….. trying so hard to let go of it ….. trying so hard to disconnect …. but it doesn’t work ……

I asked her to imagine the tiny baby inside; to picture the forces inside her when she had to throw up. I pointed out to her what a fighter this little one seemed to be; no food and all this holding on! We had a giggle about that.

Even though I can’t get out of my responsibility ….. no matter how much I vomit … this tiny little being is holding on to me …. having one wild ride after the other … holding on for life …. holding on to me … it’s mother …. holding on to stay with me … holding on to life….. so small and so determined …. with no food to grow on ….. almost starving ….

I now choose to acknowledge …. that my baby is a fighter …. this baby demands my respect …. and my admiration ….. most of all … I feel I need to support it … to give it a chance …. to feed it …. as well as I can …. and I will …..

Then Gina told me: “When I was growing up my Mom always took away my key so I could not come and go the way I wanted to. When I was home late she hit me with a wooden spoon. I felt so at her mercy and so very helpless! I was not allowed to make any decisions at all. My parents decided for me. They had no clue who I was as a person. I even told my Mom: Hit me until I’m dead; that’s okay with me. Why don’t you just kill me? I don’t want to live with all these restrictions. At that time I promised myself I would never again be dependent on anyone!

There it was.

Gina reported that her esophagus hurt a lot as she talked. I asked her to imagine what it would look like inside the esophagus. She described it like this: “It feels very restricted, narrow and most of all violated. I have a hard time breathing. Each time I have to vomit it gets worse. My esophagus feels the same way I feel. It has no influence on what happens to it; just has to suffer and accept everything that happens! “

Here is some of what we tapped on:

Even though my esophagus feels violated …. just like me …. has no saying in what happens ….. just like me…
I choose to accept the fact that because I’m pregnant my body is changing…. hormones are soaring ….Mother Nature does all that to me without asking … just like Mom did then … and I feel violated again …. I do understand that now!

Even though I feel have no control …. hormones are doing what they want … I now choose to open up my heart for my baby … my baby waits for my help …. just like I waited for help when Mom hit me …. but nobody came to rescue me

my baby needs me …. real bad …. to feed it …. to protect it …. to make it feel safe …. no matter what …. so it can start growing … and living …. in the best possible way … and only I can provide that …. all of it

Even though my baby had to suffer so much until now …. all those wild rollercoaster rides …. I feel ready now … to take over control …. to stop vomiting … I’m sick and tired of it any way …. I want my life back ….

that’s why I now choose to do whatever possible …. to calm down …. to make my body calm down …. so the baby will be stabilized ….

I now choose to let this feeling in …. that’s been waiting for a while …. deep down inside of me …. a sweet loving feeling for my baby …. that precious brave little baby ….. waiting for me to make it feel safe …. and happy

Even though I need to control this throwing-up ….. too much for the baby ….. too many wild rides …. and no food ….
I now choose to take over …. for both of us …. that feels very good!
I now choose …. to spare the baby any more convulsions ….. I am going to stop vomiting ….. very soon now ….
and I choose to look forward to the time when I feel better ….. no vomiting …. baby safe and growing ….. starting to eat again …. with a good appetite …. my baby will love that!

During our next session a few days later Gina told me she had seen the baby on ultrasound and was stunned by how tiny it was. She had reduced her vomiting to about twice a day and was eating fully and with a good appetite. She told me she imagined the baby catching the food that came down through her now improved esophagus. Gina had even started to go outside for walks, feeling much better each time. She told me that she wished the baby were born already; she was looking forward to having it.

Gina is now late in her seventh month of pregnancy. She just got married to the man who is the father of her unborn baby. The baby obviously is growing at a healthy rate and Mom and Baby are feeling great – thanks to EFT!


The unborn baby girl had shown quite some strong will to survive. No matter how much and how long its mom had starved it by not eating or keeping food down at all during many months of her pregnancy, this baby made it into 9 pounds and some when it was born!

This strong survivor also had the umbilical cord twice around its neck and was saved just about in the last moment from being strangled. As soon as the baby girl was born she started drinking and has not stopped ever since. Her mom breast feeds her around the clock, she is very busy doing that almost constantly. Mom has no life at all now besides feeding her daughter CONSTANTLY! So much about being independent…

Should there be a moment when this baby girl does not get enough food or fed fast enough, she will scream so deafening loud that everybody around drops everything to just get any food into her mouth. Red like a tomato, screaming from the top of her lungs she always makes sure that she’ll never again be without food.

I am looking forward to watching her as she grows up. This now 6-months old super baby was “saved by EFT” and has already shown enormous abilities to survive the odds, to thrive and to hold on to anything that is possible to get, no matter what.

EFT for Crohn’s Disease: Betrayal Was the Core Issue

EFT for Crohn’s Disease: Betrayal Was the Core Issue

Dear EFT Community,

Therese Baumgart shows how using good questioning helps in finding the core issues connected to Crohn’s disease and produces significant relief in just one session.

-EFT Universe

By Therese Baumgart, Certified EFT Practitioner

I recently did an EFT session for “Hal,” who contacted me because of what he termed a flare-up of his Crohn’s disease. His symptoms in the two weeks prior to our session included hemorrhage, cramping, diarrhea, nightmares, sweats, and a loss of 14 pounds. He said he was unable to leave his house and was hardly eating because nothing agreed with him. He was using various medical and alternative remedies, but had not gotten relief. He had seen some EFT videos and wanted one session with me to get some direction, and then he planned to continue EFT on his own. Here’s the essence of our 1-hour session.

I started by asking some pre-tapping questions.

1. What about medical treatment? Nothing the doctors tried or suggested had helped.

2. Had he been tested for allergies? No, because he believed that blood tests and scratch tests would just contradict each other.

3. Any cramping now? No. Symptoms come and go.

4. What makes symptoms better or worse? Don’t know.

5. What feelings were connected with Crohn’s disease? Hal was initially unable to respond about feelings or express emotions. (But after some tapping rounds, he was able to tune in to his feelings and recognize the connection between emotions and physical symptoms.)

6. If there was an emotional contributor or reason for this illness, what would it be? Don’t know.

7. When did the problem start, and what was going on in your life around that time? In the past, Hal and his girlfriend, “Eve,” who he had intended to marry, started a pattern of dating and breaking up, which was very stressful for him. He now realized he felt tender, fragile, sad, rejected, and hopeless.

During our session, I asked Hal to drink water and take a deep breath after each round, which I have found supports the EFT clearing process. I also included the optional wrist tapping points.

Here are some of the Setups we used based on Hal’s words:

Setups:  Even though she broke up with me (4 in intensity) and I feel tender and fragile, sad, hopeless, and rejected…

Even though she left me, it was a rocky stressful relationship, all my dreams were smashed, and now I have this debilitating Crohn’s disease problem in my intestines…

Reminder Phrases: In addition to the phrases from the Setups, we added this frustration, so stressful, she broke my heart, smashed all my dreams, don’t want to admit how upset I am, feeling rejected, carrying all this upset around in my intestines, this hopeless feeling, worst thing that ever happened. When I checked Hal’s level of intensity, he reported it was still a 4. He also still seemed detached and unemotional.

Now it was definitely time for me to receive intuitive guidance and it  “occurred” to me to ask if Hal felt betrayed by Eve, and he said yes. (It became clear in the work that followed that betrayal was the core issue.) I asked him about other instances of betrayal. He remembered a specific event of feeling betrayed by coworkers. He felt an intensity of 10 on the work betrayal and an intensity of 8 on the girlfriend betrayal. I asked him if he also felt angry, and he said yes.

We tapped on the girlfriend betrayal first. Setups:

Even though I’ve been betrayed, and more than once…

She betrayed me; smashed all my dreams; in a way, she ruined my life…

Reminder Phrases: She betrayed me, smashed my dreams, this anger, carrying this anger and betrayal in my intestines and it’s exploding out, time to release this anger in a safe way, it’s time to get well.

His intensity rating on betrayal by Eve had gone down from an 8 to 1 or 2. Subsequent rounds about Eve included the following:

Remaining betrayal, worst thing that ever happened to me, smashed all my dreams, I choose healing, I send healing to my heart, I send healing to my intestines.

Then I asked if Hal might forgive Eve. He said yes.

I forgive Eve, I forgive them, I forgive myself.  Carrying this around a long time in my intestines.  Given the whole picture, she was doing the best she could, and so was I.

She betrayed me in love, they betrayed me at work, I’m not going to let it show, I’m just going to keep going and nobody will know about this betrayal (I asked if it were true, and he said it was). I don’t like to show my emotions (I asked if it were true, and he said it was). Carrying anger and betrayal in my intestines, I keep it all inside in my intestines, and now it’s exploding out. It’s time to release this upset in a safe way, it’s time to get well. I’m releasing it now, and I feel gratitude to myself for doing it. I appreciate myself, I’m ready for healing.

At this point, his intensity on betrayal by Eve was 0 (from 8 to 2 to 0). To test our results so far, I asked him to try to tune in to his betrayal feelings and he simply said, “I’m fine.”

Although we had not yet tapped any complete rounds on workplace betrayal, it had come down in intensity from a 10 to a 4 (thanks to the Generalization Effect), so we worked on that next.

I asked Hal if the people at his job deliberately intended to betray him and if they would see the situation as a betrayal. He said they probably would not see it that way, although he did.

They were doing the best they could, and so was I. I forgive them, forgive myself, and anybody who had anything to do with this situation.

I asked Hal if the work betrayal had taken him by surprise. (Yes).

Even though I was taken by surprise, shocked by this work betrayal, it was completely unexpected. I didn’t see it coming, then everything went down the tubes, they betrayed me.

Even though that was another worst thing that ever happened to me, being betrayed is the worst thing that can happen to somebody, I choose to release this workplace betrayal from my intestines. Hal now said the workplace betrayal had an intensity of 0.

Once both betrayal events had cleared to 0, we did a final round on: I send love and healing to my heart, love and healing to my intestines. I ask my intestines to cooperate with me in this healing. I reassure my intestines and send them love and healing.

One week later I checked in with Hal, who had experienced much relief since our EFT session. Although he had not done any additional EFT after our session, he reported feeling much better, eating normally, going out, and feeling more optimistic. Obviously, good progress had been made in 1 hour with EFT.

EFT Improves Vision After Clearing Emotional Issues

EFT Improves Vision after Clearing Emotional IssuesThe EFT Manual by Dawson Church 124x173

By Eros Biasiolo

The following is a case study on vision improvement with brief commentary by me and a letter of thanks from the subject of the case study.

As in any seminar, upon commencing I ask people to introduce themselves and to tell what they know about EFT, how they heard about the seminar, and what they expect from the seminar. People respond to the latter question in a variety of ways, such as “I expect to meet other people” or “I don’t know what to expect.”

But one woman said, “From this seminar, I expect miracles.” I wish I could have seen my surprised smile as I replied, “Well, I guess that is the only way to see one happen.”

That same night, people attending could decide whether to attend some extra free EFT demonstrations or to take a beautiful walk along the Italian seaside. Only two chose the walk by the sea. Edda (my client and attendee) had EFT demonstrated on her as she told me she had been losing vision over the past 10 years, and she was waiting for the miracle.

I asked her, “Can you see the poster over there?” She could barely see the colors. She was both farsighted and nearsighted and she was also bothered by sunlight. I asked her what happened before she started losing her vision. It was when she went back to secondary school and was reading a lot of books.

That took her back to a traumatic event in her childhood, in which she was punished by some nuns who forced her to kneel on chickpeas and stay there for 6 hours. The nuns kept watching her all the time and she was threatened with further punishment if she moved. She was being punished because she stole the Bible from the school library and was reading it under her blankets!

So we tapped on Even though they forced me on my knees on the chickpeas, and I couldn’t move, otherwise they would have punished me, and I was not guilty… She ended up crying for a while and then I asked her, “Take a look at the poster over there, any better?” She said, “Wow, I can see the bigger words.” I gave her advice on how to follow on that, tapping by herself.

Three days later, I was back to Ireland, where I currently reside. I called her, announcing that I would like to take her vision improvement as a case study to enlarge my knowledge of EFT. All the subsequent sessions were telephone sessions.

During the first telephone session, she remembered why she went back to school. It was because someone told her that her daughter was taking drugs and she didn’t want to SEE it. We tapped on many specific events connected with (in chronological order over the phone sessions):

Feeling impotent

I would ask her also to use the physical approach such as: Even though I can’t see… or Even though I am really bothered by the fact that I can’t see… and to test her progress using a Snellen table (eye chart) at fixed distances.

As we went on, events seemed to clear more easily and more quickly. We had six telephone sessions over a 6-week period, and she did a lot of tapping by herself (very important!), using simple statements on specific events. In the following letter from her, notice how she cleared other issues in the process.

I translated her letter of thanks myself (I will email the original in Italian to anyone who asks me for it, for completeness of information). Here it goes:

Very dear Eros,

I want to thank you for all you have done for me through Emotional Freedom Techniques. When I took part at your seminar in Cesenatico, I knew almost nothing of the technique. I must confess I was skeptical, but after seeing you in action during the seminar I was absolutely astonished. My biggest problem was my poor vision. As you know I was wearing two pair of glasses, a pair to see in the distance with dark lenses (shades) because I was bothered by sunlight, the other to read from close distance, books/newspapers. Immediately after our first session, I was able to stand sunlight and this was already an incredible result. When you called me to tell me that I was chosen as your case study and you were willing to continue EFT on the phone with me, you really made me happy. 

After 1 month and a half of EFT, going back to many emotionally charged events connected with fear, anger, anxiety, and guilt that happened in my life, I made the conclusion that these techniques can really do miracles. As I am speaking, I don’t need any glasses to see in the distance, and I improved from +3 to +1.5 with the glasses for farsightedness. This means I am able to read practically everything, apart from very small fonts. You tell me if this isn’t a good result! More, in the process, I also cured: chronic constipation, vertigo, and fear of not being up to something, and I enjoy a renewed self-trust and self-esteem. Don’t you call that miraculous? I do! I have nothing but this small letter to express my gratitude. THANKS! THANKS! THANKS! I will spread the word for people to use EFT to heal themselves, and to do it often, because the more you do it the better it works. I will keep up the good work with the Personal Peace Procedure till I see perfectly again. I am really happy and thanks again, Edda

I then called her on the phone to tell her I was going to translate and publish this letter both on my personal newsletter (in Italian) and possibly on EFT Insights. She revealed to me that her husband is a surgeon and he was shocked by what he had seen with her and he wants to meet me!