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Vitiligo Erased After Finding and Overcoming the Emotional Cause

Dear EFT Community,

Maria-Elisa Graciet Hurtado relates this surprising case of relief from vitiligo, a skin condition considered chronic, and shows the importance of reviewing events with emotional impact that happened when this condition started.

– EFT Universe

By Maria-Elisa Graciet-Hurtado

Pascale asked me for a phone consultation, because she lives 1,000 kilometers from where I live.

She got some white spots on her face three months before, and after many visits for control, she was diagnosed with vitiligo and with little hope of healing.

She was a young woman and to see herself with these spots on her face was a real trauma. Because she didn’t know EFT, I proposed to send her a chart with the tapping points and give her an appointment for the following week.

Session 1 (by phone)

We began with the emotions she felt when she saw her face full of spots. She couldn’t show herself to people, at work, with her parents, in the street, etc. When the emotion came down a little bit, I asked her what had happened three or four months before. At the beginning she didn’t know, she couldn’t imagine anything. I insisted, and asked her if there had been any important changes in her life. (Sometimes it’s necessary to insist, because even though it is conscious, it appears as if we can’t see our own problem).

And here, the core issue came out. Four months earlier, her husband had been incarcerated. The news caught her by surprise, because she didn’t know what her husband was doing, and she felt so embarrassed that she couldn’t even think of talking about it with anybody. She was hiding it at work, from her family, and from her 3-year-old daughter.

We began doing several rounds on all the emotions she had felt at the moment she got the news. We looked for the moment where the emotion was more intense and did the Movie Technique.

When we verified that this was clear of emotions, we continued with the possibility of talking about it to the people closest to her. Here she needed to re-focus and understand that everybody can make a mistake in life and that her husband was repairing his shortcomings.  This helped her to de-dramatize the situation.

And this was the end of the first session.

Session 2 (by phone)

When I asked her how she was doing, with a lot of joy she told me that her spots were disappearing little by little. She had managed to talk about it with her father and with a coworker, but it was still very difficult to accept it completely. In some way she was feeling tainted.

And it was that sensation of feeling dirty that her skin was counteracting and cleansing, and where precisely? On the face.

To be conscious of this helped her a lot and she understood that her body was on her side and that it only wanted to help her in its own way. We continued cleaning all these emotions, but the one thing that was impossible for her to do was to tell her little daughter.

When they went to visit the father in jail, she would tell her that they were going to his job, and that her dad had too much work and he couldn’t leave. The girl didn’t say anything. She felt that it wasn’t the moment to talk about this topic and she decided to leave it for the next time.

We ended the session insisting over the fear that “it won’t totally heal—my skin won’t be as it was before” (even though the spots were disappearing, the skin was dry and different: it was scarring).

Session 3 (in person)

Coincidently, I traveled to the city where she lives and this time we met in person.

I then discovered that Pascale was a young and pretty woman. There was only one little spot left on her cheek, and another even smaller by her eyebrow that could barely be seen. I asked her about the spot on her cheek, and she replied that her daughter likes to kiss her spot.

We looked at each other and I understood that she knew what she had to do.

We continued freeing the emotions and the fear of talking about it. She understood that perhaps her daughter would prefer to hear the truth directly from her mother. But it was still difficult to bring it up.

After many rounds, in which she imagined telling her, she decided to tell her 15 days later, as they were going on vacation. And that’s the way it happens. It appeared that the child was not surprised at all. What do you think? Did she already know?

Session 4 (by phone, 3 months after the first session)

The spot on the cheek had completely disappeared by now and only a little spot remained at the side of the eyebrow. It was so small that nobody could see it except her. We worked on this obsession and all the fears that were hidden in the background.

“Fear that it might return.”

“Fear that it has not healed completely and that it would spread out.”

“Fear that the whole world could see her spots.”

As if by coincidence, she crossed paths with a young man that also had a large spot at the side of the eyebrow. We worked over all the emotions she felt when she saw him. He was her reflection…

She could not look at him. “Everybody could see him.” “These spots attracted a lot of attention.” And also the doubt: “How is it possible that something so simple as EFT could have healed me?”

I helped her to understand that she had done it by herself, thanks to this problem and to EFT, and she recognized that, after all, she has had a life-fulfilling experience.

I know that her husband has been released from jail, and that she is expecting a second baby.

She says that she still has that little spot on her face, as if it were a souvenir of that story, but it seems that it doesn’t bother her anymore.

Today I would like to give thanks for the lesson in integrity and courage.

14 Steps Using EFT to Stop Obsessive Worry

14 Steps Using EFT to Stop Obsessive Worry

By J. Hainsworth

I’ve been trying to break my worry-pattern for years and while it has improved a lot, I knew that I still had more work to do.

I started thinking about recent events that resulted in “writing on my walls” (key messages we took on in our past that dictate how we behave now) triggers around extreme worrying. I came up with the following list. (Note: The items on the list are of course based on my own perception as I grew up, and may bear little resemblance to reality in some cases. When we are working with healing, it’s our perceptions that matter, not what was in actual fact the case):

– My mother was worried that some medication she took while pregnant with me would affect me.

– My mother was quite isolated during the pregnancy and my early years, and had a lot of worries.

– As a first time Mum, my mother was probably worried about the birth.

– I was born two weeks late and there may have been a link with that and being worried about the birth.

– I was born very stressed and malnourished with the umbilical cord wrapped three times around my neck.

– I was taught by my mother’s actions that the natural first response to anything upsetting was to worry.

I also made a list of conclusions I had drawn about worry as a result of my upbringing and came up with:

– I considered my parents to be very responsible people.

– My parents first response to any uncertainty was to worry.

– Therefore “Responsible people worry, that’s what they do.”

I then used another method I sometimes use to flush out additional writing on the walls–thinking about how a person without your writing on the walls handles a similar situation. This led to me thinking about how my partner was handling the same situation, and flushed out the writing on the walls that:

It’s irresponsible not to worry!

While intellectually I was appalled at my conclusion, emotionally I was convinced that I was in the right and my partner was indeed being completely irresponsible trusting that it would all work out in the end!

I decided to combine the tapping and the setup phrases with the 9 Gamut Procedure very slowly for each trauma, something else I have been experimenting with and finding very powerful. Sometimes I type up the starting statements that I am going to tap on, in order to allow myself to just “follow along” instead of having to think up the words as I’m tapping.

These are my steps:

1. Start by tapping on the top of the head and talking to the baby and young child inside of me to let them know what I would be doing, and thanking the parts of me who have been keeping me worrying to ensure that I’m a responsible person. (To start with acceptance and make sure all parts of me realised this was a team thing, rather than something I was trying to “get rid of.”)

2. Use the tapping statement: Even though this baby was bathed in worry while in the womb, from when her Mom was worried about the effect on her of the medication she was taking for a short time, from all the things her Mom worried about while pregnant with her, I now deeply and profoundly love and accept and heal this baby.

3. Use the 9 Gamut process for worry going on while I was in the womb.

4. Tap through all points with the phrase: I now deeply and completely HEAL this baby of all effects of worry sustained while in the womb.

5. Then I tap: Even though this baby was affected by all her Mum’s worries leading up to, during and after the birth, and was so worried about being born that she was two weeks late, I now deeply and profoundly love and accept and heal this baby. (Rambling through the tapping points including statements like “born into worry and stress”).

6. Use the 9 Gamut Procedure for worry about being born and associating life with worry because I was born into worry and stress.

7. Tap through all the points with the phrase: I now deeply and completely HEAL this baby of all the effects of worry sustained leading up to, during and after her birth.

8. Tap on: Even though this child was taught to worry and not to trust, I now deeply and profoundly love and encourage this child to trust (+ rambling through points).

9. Use the 9 Gamut process for being taught to worry as first response.

10. Tap through all the points with: I now deeply and completely HEAL this baby of all effects of being taught to worry as the first response to anything upsetting and let her know that it’s safe to trust.

11. Tap on:  Even though this child was taught that it is responsible to worry, I now deeply and profoundly love and encourage this child to know that trusting in the responsible choice. (+ Rambling through points).

12. Tap through all the points with: I now deeply and completely HEAL this baby and this little girl of all the effects of being taught to worry as the first response to anything upsetting and let her know that the responsible choice is to trust.

13. Tap on: Even though as a baby and a child I was taught that responsible people worry, I now choose to know that the responsible choice is to trust. (Tapped this with three rounds: 1 – Taught that responsible people worry, 2 – The responsible choice is to trust, 3 – Alternating the two).

14. Use the 9 Gamut process for all remaining effects of being taught to worry.

As I tapped the following additional things came to mind which I addressed as they came up:

– My mother was my protector and her response to anything upsetting was to worry, so I associated worry with protection. There was writing on my wall that said that the best way to protect myself from something was to worry.

– There was a part of me that felt it was not safe to stop worrying – I had pain all up the back of my neck that I needed to tap on before I could continue. I was born into worry and had a belief that you are only really alive if you are worrying about something.

– I realised that the writing on the walls was more specific than I had first thought, and it was that the natural response to uncertainty was to worry.

I cleared a lot of writing from my walls that I didn’t even know existed. Since then I have had an number of occasions where I would normally have worried, which haven’t resulted in any worrying by me at all. I was also totally at peace with the situation that had caused so much worry that my chest had been tight, and surprise, surprise, with tapping, it resolved itself the following day.

How to Rebuild a Happy Childhood with Matrix Reimprinting and EFT

By Rob Nelson, Expert EFT Practitioner

“Sandy” had become financially dependent on her boyfriend, and after months of looking for work, had become stuck in procrastination. She was feeling terrible and in despair about getting a job.

Sandy also suffered from chronic sadness and sensitivity her whole life, but her low self esteem from being out of work was making it unbearable. She found herself crying every day, and was becoming afraid to go out.

Sandy blamed all of this on her mother.

As far back as she remembered she’d felt unloved and unwanted. Her needs always came last, and her mother would threaten to leave the family any time Sandy was upset or cried.& Sandy was quite bitter about this. She wanted to scream at her mom: “Look at what you did to me!”

After some initial tapping to bring her intensity down, I helped Sandy successfully work through several specific memories using Matrix Reimprinting. At that point we hit the jackpot and, as you’ll see, were escorted right to the original source of her troubles.

In the first memory Sandy was about 10-years-old. A friend invited her to go swimming at the YMCA and they had to take a bus across town to get there. Sandy’s mom was supposed to pick them up and was very late. It was getting dark and Sandy was scared and began crying in front of her friend.

She felt mortified.

I had Sandy step into the picture as her adult self and begin tapping on the 10-year-old girl she was. In Matrix Reimprinting we contact the parts of ourselves (echos) that split off at the time of a trauma. We do EFT directly on them and help them change the scene they’ve been stuck in.

Sandy’s “echo” told us she felt scared, and then as we tapped, embarrassed, unimportant, and abandoned. Once these feelings cleared we asked her how she would like to change the situation.

The ten year old echo wanted a cop to come and give her mom a stern lecture for being irresponsible. After this we tapped on Sandy’s mom in the picture, asking why she was so neglectful. Mom took us back to a time when she herself was around 9 or 10 years old. Mom had been a latchkey kid, somewhat unusual for that time.

She felt very sad and neglected herself.

So we tapped on Sandy’s mom’s younger self and helped her change that latchkey picture. Her dad got a big raise and her mom (Sandy’s grandmother) got to be home with her again. They went to Macy’s and had lunch together and were very happy.

We reimprinted that scene for Sandy’s mom’s younger self. Returning to the original memory outside the YMCA, we found Sandy’s mother much more relaxed and caring.

Sandy’s echo then wanted Mom to take her and her friend out for ice cream and they had a marvelous time together.

We reimprinted this scene.

In the next memory, Sandy was about 4 years old, lost and alone in a supermarket isle. Sandy tapped on the little girl who was feeling intense fear and confusion. When the feelings cleared, the echo wanted mom to find her, swoop her up in her arms and say, “There you are! I was so worried!”

Her mom put her in a shopping cart seat and gave her a big lollipop!

When we reimprinted this scene, Sandy had tears of joy streaming down her cheeks and said, “I feel like my heart is exploding with happiness!”

This was beyond anything I’d hoped to achieve, but we still had time left in the session, so we went back into the new picture with her little 4 year old (enjoying that lollipop) and asked her if there was another younger Sandy who needed some help.

Instantly Sandy saw herself as a newborn baby, isolated in an incubator, alone in a hospital room. She was astonished to “remember” that her mother had had some sort of rash on her thighs.

The doctors had worried the baby might have caught this rash during the delivery, so they’d whisked her away from mom, and then isolated her so that she wouldn’t infect other newborns in the nursery.

Sandy was able to communicate with her newborn echo, who was feeling extreme confusion, distress, isolation and sadness. We tapped for her and also for her young mother, who was feeling anguish at having her baby taken away.

We changed the picture by reuniting baby with mom, so they could nurse and cuddle skin to skin, developing that vital biological bond that had never happened. This felt incredibly profound. This was the new picture we reimprinted.

After so many years of feeling “I just want to be taken care of”, Sandy finally had that feeling deep in every cell of her body.

Checking in with Sandy about a month later, her relationship with her mom has really improved. She feels that her mom actually changed somehow, as a result of our tapping on her in the Matrix!

How EFT Relieves Depression

Dear EFT Community,

In this detailed article, EFT trainer, Jenny Johnson leads us through a session in which she helped her client find the root cause of his symptoms and release the emotional charge. This is a fine example of a case study used for EFT certification and Jenny has inserted comments throughout highlighting the different techniques used.

-EFT Universe

By Jenny Johnston, EFT TRN-3

“Mike” (not his real name) is a Paramedic in his late 40’s.  He has worked as a paramedic for 20 years and is currently on stress leave.  He intends to quit as a Paramedic and is sourcing other work first.  

He came to me with symptoms of headaches, stress, fatigue, nightmares, flashbacks and depression.  Mike had read extensively about EFT and had watched EFT in videos and tried EFT on himself with minimal success so he decided it was time to try an EFT Professional and contacted me.  

Upon talking to him about his family history, I discovered that he was the youngest of 4 and that his mother committed suicide when he was 17-years-old. He has 3 children, (22, 21 &20), was divorced 5 years ago and remarried 2 years ago.

I asked Mike, what was most prevalent for him right now and he said that he has flashbacks (sometimes triggered by news reports), headaches and neck stiffness and pain and panic attacks where he goes all hot and sweaty.  He said that he has nightmares and wakes all sweaty but doesn’t remember them.

I asked when and what had triggered these symptoms and Mike said that just after his divorce, a specific job ‘set him off.’

I asked him to tell me about it while we began tapping (Tell the Story) but to first give it a SUD Level of Intensity rating as he thought about it right now.  He said that Fear was coming up as 8/10 and I asked if there were any other emotions.  He replied that there was also Sadness (8/10).

I asked if it was okay for him to tell me about it while we tapped or if it was too difficult, that we could just tap on the fear and sadness first while he focussed on the ‘job that set him off’ (Tearless Trauma Technique). He wanted to just begin tapping and talking.

So we began tapping on all of the points while he told me the story, which went a little like this — Just after the divorce, when his youngest son was about 17, Mike was called to a job where a 17 year old had run into a wire while riding his motor bike and severely severed his throat.  

As Mike and his partner were laying the boy down on the stretcher, ‘all hell broke loose’, as his throat began spurting blood and he became unconscious with blood everywhere.  At the same time, the boy’s mother had arrived and saw them lay him down and all the blood and she was screaming abuse at them.  

Mike felt fear that they were going to lose him, (because of what had they done — laying him down); the mother thought that they had killed him and it was real ‘touch and go’ there for a while.  I asked Mike, “What stood out the most in that memory.”  He replied that it was all the blood when we laid him down.

So I then asked Mike to begin tapping on the KC point and repeat:

“Even though there was blood everywhere when we laid the boy down and we thought we were going to lose him, we did a great job under pressure and followed protocol and he did survive.

Even though I was afraid we were going to lose him, we didn’t and we did a great job.

Even though there was blood everywhere and it was unexpected, we did a great job under pressure and I am a great Paramedic.”

Then we tapped on reminder phrases —

“All this blood, blood spurting from his neck and throat,

seeing all that red blood,

I didn’t expect it,

thought we were going to lose him,

feeling panicked,

all this fear,

we did a great job,

all that pressure,

blood everywhere laying him down,

we followed our training so well,

it was touch and go for a while, we did a great job, he did pull through”.

(Mike had told me that he had visited the boy in hospital 2 weeks later and he was sitting up in bed, smiling and talking to his girlfriend and was fine).

I asked Mike to again focus on the event and tell me what was there.  He said that the fear had definitely gone down, SUDS — 5/10.  I asked him to focus on the worst part of that memory and he said when we were laying him down (getting specific).

I asked him where he felt that fear in his body and he said that he felt it in his neck, shoulders and head.  I asked him to describe the fear and he said that it was a heaviness and a stiffness.  

So I asked him to again focus on this part of the memory as we began tapping again.

“Even though I still have some of this fear, laying down memory, I love and accept myself deeply and completely.

Even though I have this stiff, heavy fear in my neck, shoulders and head, I did a great job and I accept myself deeply and completely.

Even though this boy was about the same age as my son and I was scared at the thought of what might have happened as I lay that boy down, it all turned out okay and my son and I are okay.”

Then we tapped rounds on reminder phrases such as —

This stiff, heavy fear,

this laying down fear,

all this fear in my neck and shoulders,

all this responsibility,

he was my son’s age,

no wonder I have all this fear in my neck and shoulders,

this remaining fear of losing my loved ones,

just like when I lost my Mum,

this 17 year old fear,

this fear of losing my son,

he was just having fun riding his bike like my son does,

this unexpected fear,

it’s time to release this 17 year old fear,

it was appropriate at the time to hold this fear in my neck and shoulders,

it’s protected me for years,

it’s safe to let it go now,

I choose to let it go.”

I asked Mike to give a SUDS on his fear and his neck and shoulders. He said that the fear had gone down to about a 2 and so had the pain/stiffness in his shoulders and neck.

I then asked him to re-tell the story of the event from the start to the finish (Movie Technique) and to stop when the SUDS level went up or if something new came up (a new aspect). He did so and said that now he could really hear the mother of the boy screaming abuse at him when he lay the boy down.

I asked him what she was screaming and he said that she was screaming abuse and things like, “What are you doing? You’re killing him!”

He said that the SUDS had gone up to 6/10.  I asked him how close she was standing to him and on what side of him and to close his eyes and imagine hearing her screaming while we tapped on the KC point –

“Even though I have this mother screaming abuse at me, I was doing what I’d been trained to do and I did a great job.

Even though I would have been just as scared if it was my son and screamed too, I know this woman wasn’t abusing me, she was just really scared for her son and shocked at all the blood and I did a great job under pressure.

Even though the mother was screaming out her distress and I felt her fear, I love and accept myself deeply and completely”.

Then we tapped rounds on reminder phrases such as —

“This screaming mother standing on my left,

this mother frightened for her son’s life,

there was a lot of blood,

no wonder she was afraid and screaming,

this scared, screaming mother,

this fear of mine as a parent,

fear for a 17 year old,

this screaming fear,

I did a great job even though I was scared too,

everyone was okay in the end,

I saw the boy in hospital 2 weeks later,

he was fine,

I did a great job,

that boy is alive because of me,

that mother is so thankful to me,

I choose to hear her thanking me,

standing on my left side,

thanking me for what I am doing,

she is thanking me ,

I did a great job.

I then asked Mike what the SUDS was for the screaming mother and he said 0.  I asked about the fear in his neck and shoulders and it was still a 2/10.  I asked him to tune into that 2 and to see what comes up.  He then said that there was another strong incident that keeps recurring for him.  

I asked him to tell me what emotions come up and to rate it as he thought about it.  It was helplessness – 5/10 and sadness – 2/10.  I asked him if he was okay to tell me about it (if it wasn’t we would use ‘Tearless Trauma’ technique). He said he was okay to tell me about it and I asked him to tap continuously while he told me (‘Tell the Story’ with continuous tapping).  

He said that about 6 years ago, he was called to a garage where a 17 year old boy had hung himself.  He found out later that it was a boy in his son’s class.  The boy was in his school uniform.

 He remembered feeling that the boy must have felt such helplessness to have done this and he remembered feeling that this could have been him.  Mike was 17 when his Mum committed suicide, Mike had felt helplessness and lack of support.

I asked Mike to focus on that feeling of helplessness and lack of support and feel it in his body and describe it.  He said that it was a dark purple colour and felt sharp, like the end of a spear in his heart.

 So we began tapping on the KC point —

“Even though I have this dark purple, sharp feeling in my heart, like the end of a spear, I love and accept myself deeply and completely.

Even though I have this helpless, lack of support feeling in my heart, I’m okay and I love and accept myself deeply and completely.

Even though I can still see this boy hanging in the garage in his school uniform, I’m okay and I love and accept myself deeply and completely.”

We then tapped full rounds on reminder phrases such as —

This helpless feeling in my heart,

this dark purple feeling in my heart,

this stabbing feeling,

like the end of a spear,

this lack of support feeling,

it could have been me,

this feeling when my Mum died,

no wonder I have this dark purple stabbing feeling in my heart,

this boy in his school uniform feeling in my heart,

it’s time to heal this feeling,

I choose to heal this feeling,

I choose to get to the source of this heart feeling and release it.

I then asked Mike how he was feeling in his heart when he saw the boy hanging there in his school uniform in the garage.  He said that it was fine but it was the feeling that he had after his Mum died that was now 6/10 and he said it was a helpless feeling in his heart, throat, shoulders and back of his skull and gave him headaches.  (The core issue of his symptoms).

I then asked Mike to begin tapping on his KC point using the Tearless Trauma Technique and to focus on that time when his mother committed suicide when he was 17.  

We tapped,

“Even though I have this 17 year old helpless feeling when Mum died, I love and accept myself deeply and completely.”

Then we tapped rounds —

this helpless feeling,

I was only 17,

I felt so helpless,

I couldn’t do anything about it,

I felt so alone,

I feel this stabbing feeling in my heart,

no wonder I have this helpless feeling in my heart, throat, shoulders and head,

no wonder I have headaches,

all this helplessness and lack of support,

all this sadness,

all this responsibility I was left with,

I was only 17.

Mike then wanted to tell me all about his mother’s suicide and how he felt afterwards and I asked him to keep tapping as he spoke – (Tell the Story).  Issues that came up were, “What am I going to do now? Where am I going to live? (His parents were already separated and he had lived with his Mum).

 Mike was doing an apprenticeship and lived at his Mum’s house with his brother who was at University and who he didn’t get on with.  He was closer to his sister.  However, she lost her 18 month old child in a freak accident 6 weeks after their mother’s death.

 It was then that he felt all alone, that he had no-one to talk to and that he was losing people he loved.

I asked Mike what stood out as the most emotionally charged parts of his memory.  He said that he remembered walking to the hospital thinking, “What can I do?” (She had overdosed and it took several days for her to die).  I asked him to tune into that feeling in his body (which was in his throat and shoulders).  

We tapped on the CC point —

“Even though I have this ‘what can I do feeling’ in my throat and shoulders, I love and accept myself deeply and completely (x3).”

Then rounds —

this feeling in my throat and shoulders,

what can I do,

I felt so helpless,

this helpless feeling in my throat and shoulders,

I was only 17,

what was I going to do?

this uncertain feeling,

this helpless feeling,

I didn’t see it coming,

I should have seen it coming,

all this self-blame,

all this responsibility,

all this blame,

I have to blame someone,

this anger that I can’t speak,

this helplessness and responsibility,

I was only 17,

I don’t know what Mum was thinking,

this ‘what can I do’ helpless feeling,

I was only 17,

it was Mum’s choice,

no wonder I have all this helplessness in my throat and shoulders,

It’s time to let it all go,

it’s safe to let it go,

I choose to let it all go,

I choose to feel peace and forgiveness in my throat and shoulders,

I choose to be at peace now.

Mike began lots of yawning (signs of shift and release) throughout these rounds of tapping.  I asked him to close his eyes and tune into ‘walking to the hospital’ and how did he feel.  He said that he felt good and his neck and shoulders were much less stiff.  

He said he had a much different understanding of it now (signs of a cognitive shift), that it wasn’t his fault or anyone else’s, it was his Mum’s choice and he forgave her.  His feelings of helplessness were gone from this part of the memory.  

I asked Mike to continue tuning in to other memories — not knowing where he was going to live, not being able to talk to his brother, his niece’s death and no longer being able to talk with his sister, the feeling that he was all alone, the sadness, the uncertainty of life.

Mike said that they had all come down in emotional intensity but he still felt sadness — 3/10, feeling alone 3/10 and losing loved ones (uncertainty of life) — 4/10. He felt all 3 mixed together in his heart (stabbing feeling), throat, neck and shoulders (stiffness).

So we tapped on the KC point —

“Even though I still have some sadness, aloneness and feeling uncertain in my heart like a stabbing feeling, I love and accept myself deeply and completely. Even though this stiffness is still in my throat, neck and shoulders, I love and accept myself, my Mum, Dad, brother, sister and myself, deeply and completely. Even though I still have some remaining sadness, aloneness and feelings of uncertainty, I’m okay and it’s safe to let it all go now”.

Then we tapped rounds on —

this uncertain feeling,

this remaining stabbing feeling in my heart,

I’m okay now,

this remaining stiffness in my neck and shoulders,

it’s safe to let it all go now,

I choose to be at peace in my heart,

I choose to have peace and acceptance in my shoulders, neck and throat,

I choose this peace covering my whole body,

I am peaceful.

(Mike had been yawning lots during this tapping, signalling lots of release of emotional charges and cognitive shifts).

I asked Mike to tune into his heart, neck throat and shoulders and he found the stiffness and stabbing pain had virtually gone. I asked him to tune into feelings of being sad, alone, uncertain and to tell me what had happened (Tell the story) after his Mum had died.

 He did so with no emotional charge and felt really tired (a sign that we had had some big shifts and clearings).

We both felt that the core issue had been addressed and I let Mike know that he was welcome to return for further sessions if any other issues or aspects surfaced in the future and that he also had the tools to work on them himself if he chose to.  He looked very peaceful and relaxed as he left.  

It had been a very deep, productive 2 hour session.

Anxiety & Stress

40-year Nervous Tic Gone with EFT

Dear EFT Community,

In this article, certified EFT practitioner Shannon McDonald shares how EFT helped her client resolve a nervous tic she had suffered from for nearly 40 years relating back to a militant teacher she had in first grade.

-EFT Universe 

By Shannon McDonald

A client of mine asked if I could help her with a nervous tic that she had had for almost 40 years. Whenever she got nervous or extremely stressed/overwhelmed, she would have the following symptoms: excessive  blinking, a “jerking” motion in her stomach, tensing up, and clearing her throat repeatedly.

Her mother had told her that this nervous tic started when she was in the first grade. She had had a “militant” teacher, who was very mean. My client would often tell her mother that she did not want to go to school (apparently, several kids in that class developed nervous tics that year).

We did a few rounds of Basic EFT, both on her first-grade experience and on work-related things that were causing her stress.

Two weeks later my client reported that the symptoms were about 70% gone. I told her I wasn’t satisfied with 70%, so we did another session.

This time, we did the Full Recipe, using the Gamut Procedure. We used the keywords  “militant teacher.”  I decided to incorporate the Gamut as this issue had started when the client was only 6-years-old.

We also did Basic EFT on the physical symptoms of the nervous tic.

Two weeks later the client called, very pleased that the symptoms were at least 80% gone. 80% is pretty good, but I knew we could do better.

We did one more session.  We did the Full Recipe with Gamut on the physical symptoms of “blinking and jerking.” 

We also did the Basic Recipe on a new situation at work that was causing her stress.

It’s been 1 month since our last session, and I am thrilled to report that the nervous tic symptoms are 100% gone!

EFT and Induction of Labor

Dear Readers,

Ilia Blandina taps with a client experiencing high anxiety about induction of labor, bringing her from a high SUD to feelings of relaxation and laughter over her prior anxious feelings.

-Will M.

 By Ilia Blandina

Induction of labor is the process of introducing different hormones into the mother’s body in order to start regular uterine contractions that will help the cervix dilate to 10 cm at which point she can start pushing.

In this particular case my client needed to be induced due to medical reasons. It was her first baby and after the first round on medication overnight her cervix had remained unchanged. It was 1 cm dilated, 30% effaced (its length, we want to get to 100%) and 2 cm above the bones of the internal pelvis.

I was visiting with her during daily rounds and explained that in her case she should expect the induction process would take 2 to 3 days depending on her body’s and baby’s response to the contractions. At the time she was having mild regular contractions that she described as feeling like “period cramps”. Her husband was with her being very supportive.

I advised her to keep herself occupied by watching funny and lighthearted movies and to avoid scary or action adventure movies. I explained that by watching scary movies it might artificially elevate her stress hormones which would counteract our trying to convince her body that it is time to be in labor. Chemically her body will think that she is not in a safe environment to give birth.

By the same token, when watching funny movies while being in labor or labor induction, your body is relaxed and many studies have shown that laughter releases endorphins from the brain. The endorphins are chemicals released by the brain that are natural morphine-like compounds that raise the pain threshold and thereby produce pain relief and a feeling of well-being.

After listening to my advice she asked me if there was a possibility that by producing her own stress she was causing the induction process to not progress. I answered that it is possible and asked her if she was feeling stressed about being induced. She said yes. I then asked what the primary emotion she was feeling. She told me that she had anxiety and had not been able to sleep during the previous night because she was very nervous about the induction. She also said she had been crying this morning because she was tired of lying in bed and when she tried to adjust the bed it had broken. Since then the bed had been fixed and has been able to adjust it as needed for comfort.

At this point I decided to introduce EFT to her as a way of coping with her fear and anxiety about labor. She had never heard of EFT before, but after a brief explanation was open to trying it.

I asked her to rate her anxiety at the present time about her labor induction on a scale of 0 to 10 Subjective Units of Distress (SUDS). She reported it was a 6. I explained to her about how EFT would help release her anxiety about being induced. I asked her if she wanted to try it and she agreed. We then went through the following tapping sequence.

Set up statement: Even though I feel all this anxiety about having my labor being induced, I completely love and accept myself. (This was repeated 3 times). We then proceeded to tap on all the points stating the reminder phrases. Her SUDS level reduced to 4 and she stated that she was now afraid that the induction would not work and was fearful about the pain she would be feeling.

We did another round of tapping with the set up statement of: Even though I am afraid of being induced and that it may not work, I completely love and accept myself; Even though I am afraid of the pain of labor, I completely love and accept myself; Even though I am afraid of the coming pain and that the induction may not work, I completely love and accept myself. We proceeded to tap on all the points stating the reminder phrases. Her SUDS level dropped to 1-2 and she reported being just a little anxious instead of being fearful.

We did a final round of tapping with the set up statement of: Even though I have this remaining anxiety about having my labor being induced, I completely love and accept myself. This was repeated 3 times and then we tapped on all the points stating the reminder phrases. She reported feeling quite relaxed and started laughing about having been anxious.

She was very thankful to learn the technique and I referred her to my website, www.AwakenYourLifePower.com, for more information. I told both her and her husband that if she becomes so negatively charged that she is crying to start tapping on all the points right away and that there was no need to worry about what to say due to her being completely tuned in because she is so upset. I wished them well and invited them to contact me for any further explanation.

EFT is such a great tool and easily used during stressful situations. At the start she was anxious and fearful about starting her labor. Then after using EFT for just 10 minutes she became happy and confident about starting labor. This reminds me of the quote “Life is a journey, not a destination.” By Ralph Waldo Emerson and with EFT the journey can be a whole lot gentler!

Ilia Blandina


When Regular EFT Tapping Can Help Ease Depression

By R. George

One of my problems is depression. In fact, sometimes I think I love it.

Depression can, of course, be living hell; I have experienced, off and on, that debilitating and petrifying psychological state for, evidently, a number of years. While recognizing depression to be unhealthy and perhaps even unnecessary (when I’m up), when I’m down, I’m submerged in that old familiar feeling of hopelessness.

Having recently been unable to fall asleep and instead remaining awake in bed essentially all night long, becoming ever more depressed and deeply submerged in terrifying thoughts and futile struggles with insurmountable obstacles, the idea occurred that since I was evidently destined to stay awake that night, I might as well try EFT tapping on some of those insurmountable issues.

Anything to pass time.

Not wishing to wake my wife, Loretta, I decided to just imagine, as firmly as I could, the tapping sequence. I had done this before with what I considered to be frequent success.

I began to process one problem/malady/issue after another, but there were always more and deeper issues. It sure was a good thing EFT requires one to concentrate on the problem, I thought. I was so down I only wanted to descend down further to visit my old friends, those frightening thoughts. I seemed to be getting nowhere, except that I now had more bad things to think about while I was awake.

Then, another thought occurred: why not try tapping on “Depression?”

Sure, general depression was usually the result of a complex conglomerate of unpleasant issues and stressors, but maybe depression was also a single issue. Lord knows, I loved it at times for just what it was and actually could get depressed thinking about not being depressed. So, depression was treated as a single-issue problem. Below is roughly the wordage I used. I didn’t get to sleep, as dawn broke, but I did eventually get up seemingly refreshed and not depressed.

Setup Statements:

“Even though I’m sometimes depressed, I accept myself deeply and profoundly.”

“Even though I’m depressed most of the time, I accept myself deeply and profoundly.”

“Even though it seems I’m depressed all the time, I accept myself deeply and profoundly.”


EB: “I’m depressed.”

SE: “I’m damned depressed!”

UE: “I’ve never been so depressed!”

UN: “I’m so depressed I can’t get depressed enough.”

CH: “Life’s worthless without depression.”

CB: “Depression’s the only thing worth living for.”

UA: “Why isn’t everybody depressed?”

TH: “Everybody should be depressed; I’m depressed.”

IF: “With this world, how could I not be depressed?”

MF: “Depression’s the only hope.”

LF: “This night’s been miserable because of this depression.”

KC: “Damn this depression.”

9-Gamut: (Standard, accompanying Gamut Point tapping)

#7 : Sing: “Wish I had a drink right now” to the tune of “Mary had a little lamb.”

Reframes (Repeat):

EB: “Am I depressed.”

SE: “God, depression’s fun!”

UE: “Sure feels good to feel bad.”

UU: “Depression’s delicious!

CH: “It’s really good when it’s really bad.”

CB: “Wouldn’t have it any other way.”

UA: “It’s been too long since I’ve been depressed.”

TH: “Think I’ll go down deeper into this delicious depression.”

IF: “What’s the point of anything?”

MF: “What’s the point of being depressed?”

LF: “Actually, depression’s becoming a bore.”

KC: “Depression lets everyone know I’m just thinking about myself.”

It is the case that at the start of this “imagined” tapping, as with all “real” and “imagined” tapping I do now, I started off with a multifingered tapping on the top of my skull, the Crown Chakra.

Don’t ask where I got that; I just do it. It’s a simple procedure that I like to think “wakes up” my whole brain, nervous system, and body, as in: “Wake up, me; we’re going to try to communicate with the rest of the universe now.”

It amuses me.

So there you have how I delt with my depression with the help of EFT!