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8 Frequently Asked Questions about EFT Certification

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1. What is the next step after I have taken my first two EFT Workshops?

If you are interested in certification the very next step than must be done prior to engaging a mentor is to fill out the application form and send it in with the following required documents.

We will not accept or process an EFT Practitioner Application without a Resume, a signed Ethics Code and the upfront fee.

A. Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner Application form (see pdf icons to the right) and submit with the following -

B. Pay the upfront application fee. (We cannot accept the application without the fee)

C. A signed copy of the Ethics Code.

D. A copy of your resume or curriculum vitae.

2. What is the cost of a mentorship?

After you have taken your 4-Day Professional Workshop and have sent in your EFT practitioner certification application with required documents and fees, you will need to engage a mentor. Most mentoring consultants charge a *flat rate starting at $550.00 for evaluating your sessions and case histories. These fees are paid directly to your mentoring consultant. If you require additional services from your mentor, they will bill these to you at their hourly rate.

3. How many book reports must I do for my EFT Intermediate-1 Certification?

You must write 3 book reports for EFT practitioner certification. Remember the book reports can be brief, under a page in length. However, they should be sent to your mentor and demonstrate a grasp of the book’s content with relevance to the field of energy psychology.

4. What is the cost of the Certified EFT Practitioner and Ethics Exam?

The online exams are administered by EFT Universe and cost $99.00 each. Be sure to read these FAQs before taking an exam!

5. Do I have to wait until I'm officially certified by EFT Universe to contribute articles to the newsletter?

No. You're welcome to contribute articles both before, during and after certification. The EFT Insights Weekly Newsletter has about 200,000 opt-in subscribers, and is an excellent way to expose your talents to potential clients. Many EFT practitioner candidates turn the best of their 47 brief sessions, as well as their 3 case histories, into newsletter articles, giving their professional practice a jump start! You can submit your articles here.

6. When I have completed all the steps and requirements will I be sent a physical certificate?


7. What if I don’t have my own website set up? Can I still be listed as a practitioner on the EFT Universe practitioner directory?

Yes you can. Many of our newly certified clinical EFT practitioners are able to promote themselves by putting their profiles and specialties on the EFT Universe website before they have their own website. The EFT certified EFT practitioner directory gets thousands of website visitors a month, and a listing there plus newsletter articles makes you highly visible to the EFT community.

8. Do you have a standard Informed Consent Form that I can use with my clients?

We have collaborated with clinical psychologist, David Feinstein, on a product called the Energy Healer's Toolkit. The toolkit, published by David's company Innersource, contains all the forms required to set up a practice, including informed consent, client referral, session notes, and so on. It encompasses both Eden Energy Medicine and EFT Universe practitioners, so you can customize your forms. You can find the toolkit here.



DISCLAIMER: Please note that prices, shown on this website are subject to change without notice. While every effort is made to keep prices accurate and up-to-date, ANY price shown on this website for EFT Certification are subject to change at any time without notice at the discretion of EFT Universe. As of January 1 2017, mentoring fees will be raised to $550 for Intermediate mentoring and $750 for Expert mentoring.