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Learn EFT Tapping — Become a Practitioner!

There’s nothing more satisfying than a life of service, where you help others shed the burden of suffering and unlock their potential. You can also make a great living!

Science and research are a cornerstone of every EFT Universe course. Our Clinical EFT standard has been validated in over 100 clinical trials. You can feel confident that you’re learning evidence-based methods that really work!

If you want to learn the basics, start with our free EFT Seminar below. If you’re ready to build a business, enroll in one of our clinical certifications. Each course you take counts toward your certification. The energy healing tools below can transform your life — start today!

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The EFT Tapping Seminar - Free!

The EFT seminar is a seven-module introduction to the core concepts and techniques of Clinical EFT tapping. Start with EFTs Basic Recipe, then learn the Movie Technique and 3 Gentle Techniques for dealing with psychological trauma. Each module contains a 10 to 30 minute video based on a chapter from The EFT Manual. You learn through both video and text, so whether you’re a visual or verbal learner this course will work for you. It’s free! So enroll today.

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Self Transformative Energy Tools

Self Transformative Energy Tools teaches you the fundamentals of energy healing. In Module 1, “The Genetics of Personal Transformation,” you will learn the science behind 12 practices proven to regulate your genes and boost your mood. In Module 2, “The EFT Tapping Course” enjoy an immersive multimedia experience as Dawson Church guides you through all 48 Clinical EFT techniques. To heal the stuck places in your life with Energy Psychology and EFT tapping, start with these first two modules. No prerequisites.

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Transforming Lives with Energy Coaching

Transforming Lives with Energy Coaching is the next step in training after Self Transformative Energy Tools. It has 2 modules. “The Psychology of Coaching” is a state-of-the-art course that covers the neuroscience of deep transformation. It draws on the best practices of current psychology, using evidence-based methods that result in lasting change. It then builds your skills in advanced coaching techniques that take clients to “flow” states of peak performance. Module 2, “Professional Ethics,” trains you in setting healthy boundaries, practicing self-care, and cultivating effective relationships with clients and healthcare professionals. To start using EFT and Energy Psychology with others, complete these certification modules. Prerequisite : Self Transformative Energy Tools.

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The Ultimate EFT Certification Program

After completing the Self Transformative Energy Tools and Transforming Lives with Energy Coaching online courses, you’re ready for mentorship and live training! You’ll meet other future practitioners at a 4 day Professional Skills Training. You’ll practice EFT with a certified trainer and begin working with practice clients under the guidance of an expert mentor. Your mentor will give you dedicated and personalized feedback to refine your skills. As you near the end of your training you’ll interact with others at a 2 day Practice Intensive. You’ll graduate as a certified practitioner, trained in all 48 Clinical EFT techniques. No Prerequisites

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The Energy Psychology Career Program

After completing Clinical EFT certification, you’re eligible for certification in Energy Psychology. You learn a set of methods called Advanced Energy Therapies. You work with a certified mentor giving you detailed feedback on your sessions. You’ll learn two powerful skill sets. The first is “Unfinished Conversations,” which guides clients through the resolution of childhood trauma and relationship wounding. The other is “Invisible Counselors,” which brings people to peak states of consciousness in which they unlock extraordinary wisdom to solve life’s greatest dilemmas. Prerequisite : EFT Certification.

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