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Dr Peta Stapleton

Dr Peta Stapleton
Dr Peta Stapleton EFTUniverse trainerEFT trainer 3Dr. Peta Stapleton+61 55 952 515RobinaGold

Dr. Peta Stapleton has 20 years experience as a registered Clinical & Health Psychologist in the State of Queensland, Australia and has completed a Bachelor of Arts, Postgraduate Diploma of Professional Psychology and Doctor of Philosophy. Peta held academic positions at Griffith University for 14 years, teaching and coordinating psychological research trials into new therapies in the area of obesity and weight management and is now Associate Professor at Bond University.

Peta regularly contributes to the academic field with publications in the areas of nursing, morale, communication, psychological interventions and eating disorders. She regularly reviews for academic journals and offers supervision for new and existing Psychologists as well as students.

Peta is well known in her area of specialty within Queensland and is consulted for radio, television and print media interviews for her expert opinion. She has been awarded many honours including the Australian Psychological Society Elaine Dignan Award for research into women’s issues. Peta’s first book is now available as a free e-book; her second book DIY: Attract Money Subconsciously was released in May 2006 ( Peta recently released her third book as editor, Your Mind Power: Strategies for Behaviour Change (available through this website).

Peta has served as the President of the Eating Disorders Association of Queensland numerous times and is a certified practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Timeline Therapy and the Emotional Freedom Technique.Peta is the founder of the Gold Coast Eating Disorders Association Inc., and facilitated the support groups for 8 years.

Peta’s most significant contribution in her research life has been to lead a world-first randomized clinical trial investigating the effectiveness of a new and innovative treatment option for food cravings in overweight and obese adults (psychological acupuncture). Her results were outstanding.

The study involved a 4-week treatment program for 96 overweight and obese participants with severe food cravings, who were then followed up six- and 12-months after treatment ended. Body Mass Index, degree of food craving, individual’s perceived power of food, restraint capabilities and psychological symptoms significantly improved. Weight loss over the 12 months was significant from the start of treatment (mean difference, -5.05 kilograms or 11.1 pounds, p<.05) and the decrease in BMI was also significant (mean difference, -2.28, p<.05). Peta’s current trial is extending the 4-week program to 8-weeks and now comparing to the gold standard treatment of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

As a result of this research she has been invited to write the international book chapter, speak at conferences worldwide, and deliver master classes as webinars for an international audience.

More recent research has included: comparing EFT (psychological acupuncture) against Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for food cravings; EFT versus Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in the Treatment of Unhealthy Food Choices and Consumption for Overweight Children aged 12-18 years; and Group versus Individual Intervention Using EFT for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Depression in University Students: A Randomized Controlled Trial. She also recently won a national Australian tender to deliver Motivational Interviewing for Physical Activity and Eating Behaviours to 120 health professionals (2013).

National & State Representation

– General Practice Gold Coast. 2010. Consultant for Development of Eating Disorders Service Referral Pathways for General Practitioners.

– Eating Disorders Association — Brisbane. Immediate Past President, November 2006 to May 2008

– Griffith University representative for the Clinical Governance Committee of Headspace 2008-2009

– Griffith University Innovation Challenge. Griffith University: Industry Mentor. 2008

– The Australian Psychological Society — Psychology and Integrative Therapies Interest Group. National Convenor— November 2008 to Present

– Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors. Member of Academic Board — Brisbane, November 2003 to Present

– 15th International Mental Health Conference, 2014 — Chair, Peer Review Panel

– The Australian Psychological Society — 2015 Conference Organising Committee

– The Australian & New Zealand Eating Disorders and Obesity Conference — 2015 Conference Organising Committee 15th International Mental Health Conference, 2015 — Chair, Peer Review Panelhttps: