EFT Expert Practitioner Certification Application and Online Fee Payments

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Thank you for your interest in becoming a certified EFT Expert practitioner with EFT Universe!

To apply for EFT Universe's Expert EFT practitioner certification, please complete the EFT Expert Certification Application Form (see pdf icons below for forms) and contact a member of our certification and training team through cert(at)EFTUniverse(dot)com or fax to 1-800-330-9798 and submit the $200 application fee (to cover administrative review costs) by clicking on the following ADD TO CART button.


1. Upfront EFT Expert Practitioner Certification Application Fee:



Add Upfront Expert Application Proccessing Fee to Cart

Payment types accepted by EFT Universe


EFT Expert Application forms:

 pdf download icon
 Downloadable Expert PDF Application
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 Editable Online Expert PDF Application



Once your certification process is complete, please remit your EFT Universe Expert EFT practitioner final fee of $215 through the ADD TO CART button below.


2. Final EFT Expert Practitioner Certification Fee:



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Payment types accepted by EFTUniverse


Once this final fee is paid and all necessary requirements have been met for Expert practitioner approval with EFT Universe, your paper cert will be ordered and snail-mailed to you.



Please contact a member of our certification and training team by emailing support(at)EFTUniverse(dot)com.


We look forward to hearing from you!


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If you've stumbled upon this page by accident and would like to find out more about becoming an EFT Universe certified EFT practitioner, please visit our Becoming Certified as an EFT Practitioner page for more information!