Steps to Becoming a Certified Expert EFT PractitionerEFT expert 2

1. Fill out the EFT Expert Application form (see below) and submit the required documents.


EFT Expert Application forms:

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 Downloadable Expert PDF Application
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 Editable Online Expert PDF Application


You must already be certified as an Certified EFT Practitioner with EFTUniverse to apply to become an EFTUniverse Certifed Expert Practitioner.  


2. Enroll in and complete Expert EFT Workshop.

3. Engage with a mentoring consultant on this list.

There are several ways to connect with a mentoring consultant. Your Level 3 trainer may be a consultant, and you may choose to work with that person.

4. Practice your advanced EFT skills for an additional 50 sessions, and fill out this form (PDF) for those sessions.

(With the exception of those clients you document with full case histories, see #5 below).

Multiple sessions with the same client count toward the total of 50 (e.g., 10 single session clients + 10 two-session clients (10x2=20) + 4 five-session clients (4x5=20) = 50 sessions).

5. Write up detailed multi-session case histories for 5 clients, using this criteria (PDF).

6. Pass the online EFT Expert Practitioner Exam.

7. Submit your book reports from Required Reading for EFT Practitioner Certifications to your mentoring consultant.

8. Spend an additional 15 hours working on your own personal issues with EFT.

Keep a journal of your progress. Work with an experienced therapist, supervisor, or life coach. Use EFT in addition to the modality offered by the therapist, eg CBT or Family Therapy.

9. Complete a second EFT Expert workshop with a different trainer. Attend two (2) specialty workshops with a different trainer.



After you have been recommended by your mentor, THEN please follow these remaining 4 steps listed below.


10. Submit a copy of your current liability insurance.

Please make sure that EFTUniverse is listed as a secondary insured on your liability insurance coverage letter.

11. Sign and date a NEW EFT Practitioner Certification Agreement.

12. Pay your final fees.**

** Note: A link to pay your final fees will be provided by the EFTUniverse Certification Facilitator once the above steps have been satisfactory completed.

13. Receive your paper EFT Expert practitioner certificate.



Certification Time Frame

The steps to certification can be done in rapid sequence, or over a long period of time. Typical time frames for completing INT and EXP Practitioner requirements range from 10 months to 2 years.


Costs of Becoming an EFT EXP Practitioner

1. Upfront Application and Assessment Fee: $225.

This non-refundable fee covers the cost of processing your application and review previous documentation to assess whether you are ready to become an EFT Expert Practitioner, and maintaining the EFT Certification and Training Database. You can fill out the application form using the pdf versions above (see pdf image icons) and make your payment here

2. EFT Expert and Specialty Workshops.

Most of these cost between $350 and $400; you can see the costs and workshop schedule here.

3. Online EFT-Expert Exam.

The Expert Practitioner Exam is administered by EFTUniverse and costs $99. 

4. 15 hours of your personal psychological and spiritual growth work with EFT.

You can complete this requirement by trading hours with another EFT practitioner or candidate, or by booking paid sessions with an EFT practitioner. If you trade sessions, the only cost is your time.

5. Having your cases reviewed by a mentoring consultant.

Most mentoring consultants charge a flat fee of $400 to review the case histories of an Practitioner candidate and $750 to review those of an Expert Practitioner candidate. These fees are paid directly to your mentoring consultant. If you require additional services from your mentor, they will bill these to you at their hourly rate.

6. Purchasing the required reading books, about $150.

7. Final fee: $215.00.


The total of the above costs is about $3,000.00 - $3,500.00.

If you're charging $100/hour for your services as a Certified EFT Practitioner, it will take you 20 client hours to break even.

If you write articles for and they are featured in the EFT Peak Insights weekly newsletter, you become more visible and you will find more clients coming to you through the EFTU website or to your own professional website through your EFTUniverse practitioner profile page.  

EFTUniverse also has a popular and vibrant Facebook Page where EFT articles by EFT practitioners are shared with the public.


For steps to becoming an EFTUniverse EFT Certified Practitioner practitioner, click here.


Please note that prices, shown on this website are subject to change without notice. While every effort is made to keep prices accurate and up-to-date, ANY price shown on this website for EFT Certification are subject to change at any time without notice at the discretion of EFTUniverse.