Clinical EFT Certification Renewal

We are so privileged to have a wonderful technique like tapping available to us and our clients. As we tap with them, we see the trauma that has limited their bodies and minds drop away. Serving in this way is one of the most satisfying things we can do with our lives. All of us at EFT Universe are so glad you’re renewing your certification as a Clinical EFT practitioner. This clear, efficient and standardized way of delivering EFT has enabled tapping to become a legitimate part of conventional healthcare. By completing your renewal requirements below, you are reaffirming your commitment to serving others in the most effective and ethical manner possible.


Benefits of Renewal

  • No extra fees for certification renewal workshops.

  • Exclusive monthly practitioner development call with special guests.

    Such as Deborah Miller, Peta Stapleton, and Damon Silas.

  • Retain access to Ultimate EFT Certification course content

    Including monthly skills practice calls and recordings.

  • Practitioner Listing on the EFT Universe website.

    Attracts over 400,000 visitors per year.

  • Private Facebook page where you can connect with your peers.

Here are the steps you you need to take to renew your certification for the next two years:

Step 1: Renewal fee

Pay your renewal fee. We now offer two payment options:

$400 One-time Payment

Your one-time payment of $400 includes a 2-year Certification renewal and Renewal Workshop(s) registration fee(s).

$20 per Month

Your $20 monthly payment includes a 2-year Certification renewal and renewal workshop registration fee(s). Payments will be ongoing, so after 2 years, you will need to take Certification Renewal workshop(s) but no additional fees will be charged.

Step 2: Workshop(s)
Your renewal fee above includes enrollment in either:
  • a 2-Day Workshop
  • Two 1-Day Workshops
Workshops that count toward Certification Renewal include:

2 Day Practice Intensive Workshop

This virtual 2-day class is the culmination of EFT Universe practitioner training. In it, you’ll work live with experienced practitioners and an expert mentor-trainer to role-play challenging situations. For currently available dates, see the Practice Intensive Workshop schedule.

2 Day Experiential Workshop

These pre-recorded workshops are available to you on-demand, so can be taken at a time that is convenient to you. Select a 2-day workshop on the subject of your choice. Topics include: Immunity, Tapping Money Miracles, and more. For currently available workshop topics and dates, see the 2 Day Experiential Workshop schedule.

1 Day Experiential Workshop

The pre-recorded 1-day workshops are offered on a variety of topics, including: Holiday Stress, Ancestral Healing, Anxiety, Insomnia, Pain, and other subjects. Because they are on-demand, you may take them at a time that is convenient for you. You must register for two 1-day workshops in order for them to be eligible for Certification renewal. For currently available topics and dates, see the 1 Day Experiential Workshop schedule.

EFT Practitioner Advanced Trainings

These advanced trainings are designed for experienced practitioners who want to continue their education. Click here to see the current offerings of Advanced Trainings. 

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