Renewing Your EFT Certification as an EFT Universe Certified Practitioner

By Dawson Church

EFT Universe EFT Practitioner Certification is renewed every 2 years. The requirements for certified EFT pracitioner renewals are designed to bring you up to date with the current standards used in research, training and certification.

If You Are up for EFT Practitioner Renewal ...

In 2019:

To retain your Certified EFT Practitioner or Expert EFT Practitioner:

1. Pay your renewal fee:


2. Complete the Psychological Trauma course, by completing the required reading from the two books listed here and pass the online exam.

A. Psychological Trauma: Healing Its Roots in Brain, Body and Memory book - Read the complete 83-pages.
B. Clinical EFT Handbook Volume 1 - Read chapters 8-17 (the section on psychological trauma).

3. Take and pass the Psychological Trauma Exam, Your exam needs to be complete before or during the month of your renewal. Even though, this is an open book test - be sure you have read the books before taking the exam.

You can purchase the Psychological Trauma Exam below: