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Requirements for Clinical EFT Trainer Certification

On completion of all the requirements for the EFT Universe Clinical EFT Certification, practitioners are eligible to to become certified as EFT Universe Trainers.
Clinical EFT Trainer Training Requirements
  1. Complete all of the Clinical EFT Practitioner requirements.
  2. Attend Trainer’s Training workshop (3 or 4 days) and/or present at workshops as outlined below.
  3. Present a selection of the 16 modules of the 4-Day Professional Training at the workshops of other certified Trainers. You will first present the modules on this page, and as your proficiency increases, eventually present all modules.
  4. Complete any webinars, books, videos, or courses specified by the EFT Universe Education Director to strengthen your training skills.
  5. Attend and assist at at least two 4-Day Professional Training workshops, two Experiential or Elective Workshops, and at at least two 2-day Practice Intensives. There is no charge to you for workshop attendance. When not actively training during these workshops, you will serve as an Emotional Assistant.
  6. Record selected modules of a 4-Day Professional Training for review by the EFT Universe Education Director. When the trainers in whose workshops you have practiced, and the Education Director, determine that your skills are at the level required to present Clinical EFT trainings, you will be certified as an EFT Universe trainer.
  7. Contract with EFT Universe for the delivery of future workshops.
  8. If you were not already a Mentor, you are eligible to become one after you’ve taught at least three 4-Day Professional Trainings, and been trained by other Mentors and the Education Director.
  9. To retain a Clinical EFT Trainer credential with EFT Universe, you are also required to have at least 4 of your students becoming certified each year, including passing the online exams. The purpose of this requirement is to ensure that trainers continue to teach the Clinical EFT curriculum. You are also required to maintain the other published requirements of being a Clinical EFT Practitioner, year-by-year.

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