EFT Assists Young Boy in Taking His Medicine

Dear EFT Community,

Many children resist taking medicine, even when they know that it will help them feel better. This brief story by Lynda Poole reminds us to use EFT whenever we are faced with something where we are not sure how to handle it.


By Lynda Poole

Since learning of EFT, I have been using it on myself and my family on anything that it occurs to me to tap on.

As most children, my 7-year-old son despised taking medicine, so when we found out that he had contracted ringworm from a friend who had taken in a stray cat, I was horrified at the thought of giving him 6 weeks of medicine twice a day.

It only occurred to me to use EFT after a few weeks of begging, demanding, and negotiating for him to swallow his medicine.

We tapped on:

Annoyed, angry at his friend

Embarrassed (it was scalp ringworm and he now had a small bald spot on his head)

Disgusted, hate taking this yucky medicine, and

Anything else that he had said or that came to my mind.

I made all of the statements very pronounced and animated because I could tell he had a lot of emotion regarding this ... and he felt good expressing himself this way while tapping.

That particular night it didn't seem to do anything, but the next day he walked up, took his medicine and walked away.

He went on to do this twice a day until his medicine was finished weeks later.

Amazing!  Now I'll have to try it with getting him to eat mroe vegetables!

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