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Bonding with Sugar: Releasing the Fear of Diabetes with EFT

Dear Readers,

EFT has been shown to help relieve phobias of various types – more on this on our research page. This submission from Sonal Pandey depicts how she used EFT effectively to relieve her fear of developing diabetes, a dehabilitating disease that she watched both her mother and grandmother struggle with.

-Will M.

by Sonal Pandey

Ever since I saw my grandmother struggle with Diabetes, and then my Mom do the same, I have lived under the fear of developing Diabetes myself. This has been such a debilitating fear that I took it for granted that my older years would be marred by the deadly disease.

As a child, I helplessly watched my grandmother go through mood swings, never-ending hunger pangs, perennial bruises that refused to heal, and depression, as her blood sugar levels rose and fell.

When my Mom was diagnosed with Diabetes a few months ago, my fear sky rocketed. From looking like a remote possibility, Diabetes became a sword hanging over my head. Without my realizing it, this fear crept into my eating habits.

It became so that every time I reached for a sugary item, I was filled with dread. The dread that consuming sugar was pushing me closer to the disease.

I believe there are many factors that can lead to the onset of Diabetes in people. But sugar had become my Achilles heel. It just seemed to me like sugar was the enemy. It even started to feel like I was getting irritable each time I consumed anything sugary.

Below is the exact tapping sequence I used to release this fear and establish a healthy relationship with sugar.

EFT set up statements:

Even though I’m afraid I will be developing Diabetes because it runs in the family, I accept and forgive myself.

Even though my relationship with sugar has been marred by the fear of “catching” Diabetes, I still want to be able to enjoy life’s sweet pleasures safely and without fear.

Even though I’m really really afraid that Diabetes will reduce me to a vegetable at the mercy of others, I want to find my strength now, and keep it.

Even though it is so unfair that I have to be predisposed to Diabetes, part of me is ready to reclaim all the power I have already given away to Diabetes.

EFT tapping rounds with reminder phrases

  • 1. This hereditary Diabetes thing is so unfair!
  • 2. I hate my genes for carrying this horrible disease.
  • 3. I am noticing that I can’t handle sugar anymore.
  •  4. Sugar makes me angry.
  • 5. It is probably the Diabetes setting in.
  • 6. I’m so disappointed that soon I won’t be able to enjoy sugar.
  • 7. I don’t even eat much sugar, why me?
  • 8. So many people handle their sugar so well, why not me?
  • 9. I’m a poster child for deficiencies and bad luck.
  • 10. I’m so afraid because Diabetes is a debilitating disease.
  • 11. I’m so afraid of becoming like Grandma, dependent and miserable.
  • 12. I’m so afraid of becoming like Mom, uncontrollable and miserable.
  • 13. I don’t understand the how and why of Diabetes.
  • 14. But that is no reason to get Diabetes.
  • 15. Diabetes is so dangerous, it can cause Gangrene, warrant amputations.
  • 16. I don’t want to give myself Insulin injections.
  • 17. Part of me has probably already accepted Diabetes into my existence.
  • 18. What hope do I have of circumventing Diabetes?
  • 19. It is all my body’s fault for not handling sugar well.
  • 20. And my mind is so weak, it would have caught Diabetes
  • 21. even if it were just in the air, let alone hereditary.
  • 22. I’m not strong enough mentally to resist this disease.
  • 23. But what if I have taken after my father’s side of the family?
  • 24. And Diabetes is not even in my genes?
  • 25. What if I don’t have to toe the Diabetes line?
  • 26. What if I can choose what I become, myself, instead of my heredity?
  • 27. What if I’m not really a puppet in the hands of my genes?
  • 28. Maybe I have some say in what I do and do not
  • 29. allow into my life, including Diabetes.
  • 30. I want to give myself a fighting chance
  • 31. to be healthy and well and free of Diabetes.
  • 32. I am allowing my body to keep itself healthy.
  • 33. I am allowing my body to do the necessary repairs
  • 34. to be able to handle sugar normally.
  • 35. I am choosing to be wholly detached
  • 36. from the Diabetic plane of existence,
  • 37. and dwell in the plane of perfect health.
  • 38. I am a very poor candidate for developing Diabetes.
  • 39. I’m just normal and healthy.
  • 40. And I’m calm and confident.

Recently, I got my blood sugar level checked for the first time. It is as normal as a perfectly healthy person can have. I do not have Diabetes.

After the tapping, I have not thrown caution to the winds or given in to an unhealthy lifestyle. But I no longer live under a constant fear of developing Diabetes. I’m not sending out a fearful vibration into the Universe anymore.

I feel neutral about Diabetes.

These few rounds of tapping helped me more than reading any number of self-help books might have. This tapping shrunk the image of Diabetes in my mind from a lifelong prison sentence to something much more manageable.

My relationship with sugar is the best it has ever been. I enjoy my cakes and cupcakes, but with no more caution than the healthy person next door.

This case study was submitted by Sonal Pandey.