EFT for a Numb Face and Tongue

By Stephen Grist

I would like to tell you about an incident that happened a short while ago that illustrates the rapid effects of EFT. We had some of the family at our house for a meal. After the meal we were all chatting amiably and I was sitting on the floor as there is always a shortage of seats on these occasions. All of a sudden my sister-in-law got up and sat down in front of me and said with a rather pronounced lisp, "the side of my face had gone numb and my voice has gone funny, can you help me."

I could see that she was becoming more distressed by the moment. I was concerned for her as she has been diagnosed as epileptic and is on medication. There was really no choice but to help as best I could. As she was so focused on what was happening, I dispensed with the set up statement and started tapping straight away. She was finding it hard to speak so that she could not repeat any affirmations. I just picked up on the numb face and just spoke out for her saying this numb face at each of the points on the head, face, collar bone, under arm and fingers. Each point was used just once.

I asked if there was any change. She was able to speak more clearly and said, "I have a numb tongue but my cheek is much better". I carried on tapping on each of the points again with me saying numb tongue. We had a little joke about this as I was having trouble saying numb tongue, numb tongue, numb tongue, repeatedly. After this she was able to talk quite normally, the numbness in the face and tongue had gone completely. There was no anxiety or fear. It was as if it had never happened. Each of the normal tapping points was used just twice in less than two minutes.

I was surprised at how fast it had worked. There were no Setup Statements, no affirmations spoken by her, no eye rolls and definitely no humming. Even though I have used EFT many times on client friends and myself I have never had quite such a rapid response. I find it a real privilege to be able to use this remarkable technique.

My wife and I are both practitioners and some of our family find the idea of EFT hard to accept and we are sometimes regarded as a bit cranky. This was a remarkable demonstration for them to witness. I talked with my sister in law later and she admitted that there might be something in this EFT thing after all. She also said that she was compelled to ask me to help. Was this a case of her body demanding action and knowing the best solution?

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