EFT for Frequent Nighttime Urination

By Philippa Crawford

With so many incredible results with animals, family and clients, I wanted to share my result about having to go to the bathroom at night and the urgency first thing in the morning. I was having to get up in the night to use the bathroom for many months and I was finally tired of having to walk down a ladder stairway (I live in a log cabin) and I didn't like my sleep being disrupted. You say Try it on Anything, so I tapped:

Even though I have to pee in the night, and I really want to sleep through the night...

Even though I trust my bladder to take necessary care of itself, I really would like to sleep through the night and I still love and accept myself and appreciate my bladder.

Even though I wake up having to pee in the night, I ask my bladder to let me sleep through the night and I still love and accept myself.

Then I used the reminder phrase of 'bladder', 'having to pee at night' on the EFT points. You guessed it, I now sleep through the night AND I don't have the urgency I did in the morning, so I can lie in bed a few minutes and feel grateful! "It's been many months now and, except for times when I drink excess liquids before bed, I still am not needing to pee at night."

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

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