Extraordinary Straightening of an Arthritic Finger

By Judy Whitcraft

My 76 year old friend Mary had a left index finger that had been bent over in a "C" position with arthritis for over a year. She couldn't even straighten it by using her other hand to move it. I had just learned EFT from the manual, and I did 3 rounds of basic EFT for Mary's finger. Even though my index finger won't go straight...

Each round got the finger a little straighter. By the third round she could extend it completely (with no help from the other hand.) She went running into the kitchen to her son exclaiming "Look at my finger, look at my finger!" Mary is now 80 years old. Four years later, her finger is still mobile. The crook in the finger never returned. Using EFT for myself and others, has been a daily occurrence ever since.

Thank you for making it easy,

Judy Whitcraft

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