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EFT Helps Students to Pass Difficult Compulsory Exam

Dear EFT Community,

Joy Vogel, a teacher in the language department of Monterrey Tec. in Mexico, offers EFT to her students to help them with a difficult exam. The results are astounding! 

-Will M.

By Joy Vogel

This is the story of how my students began to have success using EFT.

After seeing some of my very earnest students struggle to pass the TOEFL test for English, which is a requirement for graduation at our school, I finally decided to see if the claims for performance success were true.   I knew it might look crazy, and seem a bit unprofessional for me as a teacher to recommend such a strange process. 

But I finally got up my courage, and after a special afternoon tutoring session for TOEFL decided this was the time.

 I was hearing again the same complaints from a number of students who felt they had some kind of mental block, and I decided I had to try it with them even if I looked silly or unprofessional.

The bell rang, and the majority scooted out immediately, but several stayed behind, and I spoke to a couple of girls who were nearby still.

“You know, ladies, I have been thinking there may be another way to help you with this test.”

The others present circled round immediately and I grinned and said, “Now this is unofficial, because you can feel really strange doing this, but if you’re interested, I’ll show you what I’ve been doing lately that has helped me in a lot of ways.”  They immediately said, “Yes, Teacher, anything to help us pass!  We really need something that will help.”

So I sat them back down, told them the introductory video would seem a little strange, and maybe not focused exactly on their problems, but they would see that what I was going to show them could help their performance on the exam as well as give them a tool to help in a lot of other ways in their lives, if they wanted to try it.

And I opened the laptop, got them up close, and showed them an EFT Introductory video on YouTube, and then showed them how to tap.  

I kind of giggled as I showed them the process, and I even did little monkey noises as I did the underarm tap and then the top of my head, as I wanted them to see it as fun and a happy experience.  And of course they got all giggly too, but I could see from their bright eyes that they loved it. And they promised to go home and watch the video again and then check out several others I recommended.

I wrote out several YouTube addresses and names of the ones which had helped me the most up to that time, and they all took notes and left after giving me big hugs, and heartfelt thanks.  I could see they were excited and interested.

I didn’t have that class the rest of the week, and as they were not my regular students, I had no contact with them until in the following week, they came to take the exam for graduation.

As they came into the testing room, the ones who had heard the video with me made signs of tapping, and I could see on their faces a very different attitude to what I had been observing before.  And several others came up to tell me they knew about the tapping and had been practicing it also, as their friends has passed on the word!

I was pleased, particularly at the change in attitude I was seeing, as they came in excited and confident. And they took the test.  I even saw a couple of them tap shyly during the test. As they passed in their tests, they said bye, and told me that they felt they had been more successful than before, and we left it at that.

The test is checked in Mexico City and results returned several weeks later, so I didn’t really know anything for a while.  In fact, I was not really thinking about it, when I received the test scores by Internet.  But as I scanned down the list, I saw a number of very high scores, and checking names, saw that indeed, those students had all passed.

Success beyond my wildest expectations!  They had all raised their scores greatly, several even getting over 600, after non-passing scores of 490, 520, etc.  I was thrilled, and at the same time, I was very pleased.

As a special precaution, I had made sure they were not sitting together, and I checked to see if the people around them had gotten high scores, and there was no correspondence.  So I was sure it was indeed the result of the tapping.  It was a very big relief for me too, as I had seen these kids giving me the right answers time after time in the tutoring sessions, and then missing easy questions on the practice versions of the test, so I was sure it was a blockage of some sort. 

My belief is that the tapping had removed those blocks, and given them a chance to show what they really knew.

Now, anyone I see struggling with this exam gets a special tutoring session from “Teacher Joy” in EFT.  If they really know English, the results are almost immediate.  I start,

“Even though I hate this long old boring test, I totally love and accept myself.  Even though I can’t seem to pass this darned test…”

and they giggle and grin, and are on their way.  It works time after time.