Top Ten Challenges for Couples

7 years 7 months ago #6042 by dawson
I found this article on the Top 10 Challenges for Couples in Forming and Sustaining Healthy Relationships to be very interesting:

As we look at our relationship histories, you'll see yourself in many of the items on this list!

Number one is a lack of role models. Most of us never saw healthy relationships modeled by the adults around us growing up. That's one you can't fix with EFT, but there are many others you can.

Number 2 is the stress of multiple obligations. EFT can reduce stress wherever in your life it is found.

Number 3 is a lack of communication skills. I'm a strong advocate of combining EFT with skills like Active Listening and Nonviolent Communication. EFT releases emotional triggering, enabling you to be a better listener.

EFT also helps with #4, by dispelling the emotional tug of old relationships, and the behaviors we use in those.

What's your experience with EFT in relationships? Please share!

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