"EFT in Business - Doing Good and Doing Well"

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"Imagine the effect on productivity of thousands of workplaces in which workers had fast and reliable emotional tools to reduce their stress. Imagine if many employees had ways of defusing interpersonal conflicts. Imagine the competitive advantage gained by the early adopters of such methods, whether companies or nations."

Dawson Church in the introductory editorial for the first edition of the Energy Psychology Journal in 2009: "Fighting the Fire: Emotions, Evolution, and the Future of Psychology"

I think you will find reading the whole article very worthwhile. It shows that there are many potential opportunities in this new field - EFT is the key - to be exploited by business leaders providing a competitive edge to their organizations. It also shows the author as the great visionary he is, world renowned in leading EFT practice, application and research in this new field.


EFT Benefits for Business

In my still limited experience - I have mostly worked with individuals and small teams so far - these opportunities are low cost and low risk for business. Yet they do promise disproportionately large benefits from increased personal and team performance, creativity, stress resilience and health. I expect also cost reductions for healthcare, work hours lost and waste. I have seen immediate impact and continued cumulative benefits for executives, for professionals, for administrators and for workers running the plant floor.

Proof of Concept EFT Pilot Implementations

What is urgently needed now are a number of pilot projects with teams of people working together on a daily basis. These pilot teams should be not too small to assess results and not too large to monitor perhaps about 12 to 50 people in size. The team must have established systems which measure their output to permit tracking changes in productivity, quality and timing. There must be the ability to see changes in attendance and health care costs. Company management must be willing to support data collection and research while the research process must in return guarantee the confidentiality and privacy of they require.

• If you see or know of opportunities in your organization, please let us know so the EFT-Universe team may contact you!
• As Dawson said in the quote above "Imagine the competitive advantage gained by the early adopters of such methods…"

"EFT in Business - Doing Good and Doing Well"

... to our competitive edge! Fred George
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