RCT for Neck and Back Pain with ACE scales?

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Excited to share a recent comment on an article that I wrote the EFTU published and here is a post that reveals the possibility of a much needed study that would explore the use of EFT for chronic musculoskeletal pain and the inclusion of ACE scores...though it is not yet funded, it would be associated with the famous Karolenska Inst in Sweden and is a much needed exploration.

Hopefully there are further studies along this line. Together with Susann Forsberg (EFT practitioner and EmoTrance trainer) I am preparing a research proposal for Karolinska Institute, Sweden, on the topic of EFT use for pain in back, neck and shoulders. The study we are proposing is a randomized, controlled study, mirroring a similar long term pain study on CBT by Steven J. Linton PhD. Susann has suggested using ACE measurements in the analysis of the results. This in order to evaluate which type of EFT intervention is more effective for those with a high ACE score. It may be that they need more, or more individual EFT support. We are however open for the possibility that the opposite may be true. They may even get better and faster pain relief from group EFT. We will see. If we get the funding applied for, the Swedish study will start this summer or in the early autumn." -
Sara Bern

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