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EPPAdmin wrote: I’m getting very frustrated with EFT. Reading all the stories about “one minute wonders” is depressing when after many attempts of trying it on my own nothing happens. I could tap on “Even though I’m upset that my husband doesn’t want to spend this weekend with my family I completely accept myself”, “Even though I’m sad and mad because my husband doesn’t like my family I completely accept myself” and maybe I’ll feel better. I don’t know. It’s hard to tell even with the SUD because it always feels like it’s always at least a 1 or maybe a 3 or maybe I’m feeling something else. It’s hard to tell. Then when that feeling shoots up again a few hours later I feel sad because I’m back at square one wondering if I’m wasting my time.

I know that the EFT guides talk about being persistent but I feel that I’ll be dead by the time I figure out what thought or event is causing the pain in my arms. I have tried three professional EFT sessions only to feel the same afterwards. I also can’t afford to pay over one hundred dollars per hour for several weeks for something that isn’t helping. It’s frustrating because EFT is supposed to be an effective free technique but I’ve yet to experience anything in which I could say without a doubt, “Yes, EFT definitely worked on this particular issue”

Before this I was meditating regularly and when I spoke to an EFT practitioner that I eventually had an appointment with she discouraged mediation in favor of EFT stating, “meditation is like riding a bicycle to where you’re going, EFT is like driving a car.” That does me no good if the bicycle works fine and the car won’t start because unbeknownst to me it’s missing the battery. So I’m back on the meditation bicycle and still trying to figure out why my EFT car won’t start.

Does anyone else feel this way or felt this way and finally had their a-ha moment?

As long as the bicycle works and the car won't start (and can't be fixed after some serious attemps), I would choose to stick to the bicycle.

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