Why Can't I Find My Practitioner Listing in Search

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Here are the reasons you may not be finding yourself in the Practitioner Search on EFTUniverse.com:

1. You are not an EFTUniverse certified Practitioner.

2. Your EFTUniverse 3 year certification has expired and you have not renewed your certification with EFTUniverse.

3. Your yearly profile invoice was not paid.

4. You have not completed your profile.

Your profile information is part of a database and in order for search to find you on EFTUniverse, you have to have the fields filled out correctly in your profile. For example, many of you will search for yourself by State, but then you won't have a State chosen in the address section of your profile.

Search cannot return what you do not complete on your profile. Some of you search for State and Country and in your profile you will have your State chosen, but left your Country blank, and once again search will not find you because it will be looking for State with a Country. You have to complete your Country to be found this way in search.

The more complete information you provide, the easier it is to find you in search.

5. You have more than one user login on EFTUniverse and this is creating a conflict with your profile on the site.

You should have only one login, one name, and one email address with EFTUniverse for ALL OF YOUR INTERACTIONS with us--this is especially true on the site itself. DO NOT create a new login for yourself if you have forgotten your login information.

Contact support(at)EFTUniverse(dot)com and we will send you login information.
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