Energy Psychology Certification Program
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Congratulations! You have completed your EFT tapping certification, worked with a variety of clients, and have decided to extend your abilities by becoming certified in Energy Psychology.

You will find the skills you learn in Energy Psychology certification to be a valuable complement to the 48 clinical EFT techniques you learned during EFT certification. You will find that there are many client sessions in which these new Energy Psychology techniques make you even more effective. Examples include:

Single Session Client Encounters
Sometimes, you know from the outset that you're likely to only have a single session with a client, so you need to make as much progress as quickly as possible in this limited time frame. Examples include:

brief sessions on the Tapping Place website

offering sample sessions at a health fair

volunteering at a homeless shelter

helping a emotionally triggered passenger during an airline flight

offering first aid to an accident victim

...and many more

During these brief encounters, you can’t follow the classic EFT approach of working on specific events. There might be hundreds of specific events contributing to that client’s distress. To serve such clients effectively, you need specialized Energy Psychology techniques for rapid general clearing.
Emotional Flooding and Overwhelm
Sometimes clients become so emotionally flooded that regular tapping and even the 9 Gamut aren't able to bring their distress levels down. Energy Psychology certification trains you in advanced techniques intended for these situations. They can clear massive amounts of trauma and reduce emotional flooding to a manageable level.
Clearing Preverbal and Prenatal Trauma
These psychological wounds occurred before the development of language or episodic memory. Clients often cannot remember or describe them. Energy Psychology gives you tools to address such cases.
Ancestral Trauma
Recent research in epigenetics has shown that people carry the traumas of their ancestors in their psyches. The protocols of Energy Psychology are so flexible that they allow you to clear issues that go back many generations.
Frida Kahlo, “My Grandparents, My Parents, and I (Family Tree)” 1936.
Parts of Self
Human beings have many sub-personalities. While the primary personality wants to change, hidden sub-personalities frequently obstruct these intentions. The Unfinished Conversations technique, Skill Set 2 of Energy Psychology certification, gives you the ability to reconcile parts of self, making peace between them. Once sub-personalities are integrated, the client finds congruence between all parts of self, and unity of intention. 
Completing the Past
We all have people in our pasts who injured us, ignored us, failed us, or with whom we have other unfinished business. Energy Psychology gives practitioners the tools to help clients complete the unfinished conversations of the past safely, as well as reconciling the versions of self that were hurt a long time ago.
Accessing Higher Wisdom
When people are caught up in their routines and fears in ordinary life they aren't able to access higher states of consciousness. The Invisible Counselors technique you'll learn in Skill Set 3 of Energy Psychology certification allows clients to access these elevated states of consciousness — along with the wisdom and comfort that they provide. It provides a step-by-step protocol that guides clients to the resources that lie in extraordinary states — and back to ordinary reality at the end of a session.
Structure of the Energy Psychology Certification Program
Follow the Path to The Energy Psychology Certification Program

Energy Psychology certification begins with a brief module called Advanced Energy Therapies (AET).

This consists of a series of videos illustrating various energy therapy techniques. Some of these are recent innovations, developed by energy medicine pioneers, while others are grounded in ancient traditions like qigong and chakra healing.

After Advanced Energy Therapies you go on to the Energy Psychology certification program’s Skill Set 2. Your existing EFT certification trained you in Clinical EFT (Skill Set 1), so you’re already proficient in these methods.

So after AET you begin Skill Set 2, Unfinished Conversations. In this module, you will find sample audio and video sessions as well as instructions on how to help your clients complete the unfinished conversations of the past. This resolution liberates all the old energy stuck in these wounded parts of self. This allows clients to move into their future lives unencumbered by the unhealed encounters of the past.

Skill Set 2 is based on the empty chair work of conventional Gestalt therapy. It can also be used to facilitate conversations between parts of the self, for instance, a powerless child and a resourceful adult. As you complete your case histories under the guidance of your Mentor, you will quickly find yourself making Unfinished Conversations a standard part of your toolkit.

Your final Skill Set is Skill Set 3, Invisible Counselors. We all have dimensions of self that transcend ordinary reality. We access these during elevated emotional states such as hypnosis, trance, deep meditation, dreams, and other extraordinary states of consciousness. This Skill Set allows you to bring all the wisdom and resources from this dimension into your clients’ lives for guidance and support.

During extraordinary states of consciousness, we can access information from parts of self normally inaccessible to us.
Mentoring in Energy Psychology Certification
Mentoring in Energy Psychology is similar to the expert personal mentoring that guided your progress during EFT certification. An expert practitioner will review your cases and give you feedback creating a fast path to proficiency while supporting your individual learning needs.

For each of Skill Sets 2 and 3, you’ll complete 5 short case histories and a long case history. You’ll begin by submitting two short cases, and your Mentor will give you feedback and guide your progress through the certification process from that point on.
The Sequence of 3 Skill Sets
We introduce Unfinished Conversations and Invisible Counselors into your training only after you have been certified in EFT. That’s because accessing unhealed parts of the psyche without tapping or another method of catharsis carries a high risk of retraumatization.

Before accessing transcendent states of consciousness through Invisible Counselors, it’s important to heal the Unfinished Conversations of the past. Once that’s complete, clients have access to all the wisdom and insight of the elevated states found in the Invisible Counselors process.
You will graduate from the Energy Psychology certification program in a few months with a powerful new set of tools to bring to client sessions.

I look forward to seeing your progress. I’m excited as I visualize all the people you'll help with the aid of the remarkable tools in Skill Sets 2 and 3.

So jump right into this exciting journey, with all the fulfillment it can bring to both you and your clients!

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