10 Questions for Beginning the EFT Certification Process

1.  How do I begin the process for certification?

Simply by enrolling in and completing a 4 or 5 Day Professional Workshop.After taking this workshop you can Apply to the Program.

2.  What are the requirements regarding client sessions?

We make this easy by providing you with session notes forms, and a detailed outline of how to complete a case history. You need to document 47 sessions using the session notes form, plus 3 case histories, to complete a total of 50 sessions.

3.  Can I get any credit for the sessions that I do during the EFT 4-Day Professional Workshop?

Yes, you can get credit immediately for tapping sessions with classmates by filling out the session notes form provided at the workshop.

4.  I have clients that I work with repeatedly, is there a limit per individual? What is the maximum number of sessions I can do with one person?

Multiple sessions with the same client count toward the total of 50 (e.g., 30 single session clients + 10 two-session clients (10x2=20) = 50 sessions). Seeing only 5 clients for 10 sessions each, for example, is not recommended. We want you to get as much experience with as many different clients as possible, though you might work with certain clients over the course of several sessions. If you're planning to do more than 5 sessions with a particular client, check with your mentoring consultant to determine if your plan is acceptable.

5.  What is the cost of certification?

We've worked hard to keep the cost of certification as affordable as possible. You pay for this in several stages; for instance you'll have paid about 1/3 of the total after you've taken a 4-Day Professional Workshop. With the average mentoring cost of $700* the two $99 exams plus approximately $100 for additional required reading we recommend that you check out the costs for certification outlined on this page to get a more complete idea of the costs involved.

6.  How many workshops do I have to take for the basic certification?

To become an Certified EFT Practitioner you need to take a 4-Day Professional Workshop. Once you've gained some experience with EFT, you'll hone your skills by taking a 2-Day Practice Intensive Workshop.

7. Do I have to take the 2-Day Practice Intensive with a different trainer?

No. You do not have to take the Practice Intensive workshop with a different Trainer than you did the 4-Day Professional workshop. However, you can take it with a different Trainer if you want to and your mentor agrees.

8. I am a (writer/teacher/full-time therapist/mother). Is there a deadline to meet any of these requirements?

We do expect people to complete this program within 18 months to 2 years. Additional requirements may be incurred after 2 years.

9.  Do I have to submit my online application, fee and other signed paperwork before I take the exams?

Yes. After taking your 4-Day Professional Workshop the first step to certification is to send in your complete online Practitioner Application, with the online paperwork and fees. Only after you have become a Practitioner Candidate by sending in the complete Application and fees will you be able to proceed to the exam.

10. Sometimes this feels a little overwhelming. How does one choose a mentor and what is involved in that process?

Frequently your 4-Day Professional Workshop trainer is a mentor. If you feel you have a good connection, you may mutually agree to work together. Otherwise, you can contact a mentoring consultant on this list. You must keep in mind that the mentorship is an ongoing process in which you submit a few of your sessions and cases for evaluation and receive feedback. You will then submit your next cases and sessions based on that feedback.

Here at EFT Universe, we want this experience to be of benefit to you and bring your EFT skills to a whole new level.

To find out the steps involved in becoming certified in EFT by EFT Universe, click here.


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