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Inherited Trauma and Shadow Work (EFT, Surrogate & Unfinished Conversation)

December 9 @ 8:00 am - December 10 @ 4:30 pm PST

Instructor: Jackie Viramontez, EFT Expert 2

Cost: $400

Start and End Times
December 9th & 10th
Start Time: 8 am Pacific Time / 11 am EST
End Time: 4:30 pm Pacific Time / 7:30 pm EST
75-minute Lunch Break
15-minute AM & PM Break
Extended Bonuses Included
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PART 1: Inherited Intergenerational Trauma Dec 9th (Unfinished Conversations & Surrogate EFT)
It didn’t start with you.
Many of the patterns we think started in childhood actually started before we were born.
Our mom carried emotional trauma. She carried scarcity: “I’m not worthy of respect.” “People like me can’t be financially free.” “It’s not safe to use my voice.”
As a woman in 1950, her fears were contextually true. Every time she faced these realities, her blood surged with cortisol and that blood tan our infant self absorbed her stress levels too!
When we were born, our caregivers no longer passed anxiety through their bloodstream, but through modeling and direct teaching.
Research in epigenetic studies, the study of how inherited genes express themselves, proves that we not only carry the eye color and appearance of our ancestors, but the beliefs, fears, and even ways of coping with fear!
Whether observed, absorbed, or inherited, we are carrying the stories of generations past: generations that didn’t have the tools or resources we have today! The studies have detected inherited patterns as far back as four generations, but new data suggests even further.
That pattern of anxiety.
That fear of disappointing others.
The desperate desire to be perfect.
The chronic illness.
What if it didn’t start with you?
How can you begin to break the chains using Advanced EFT and Energy Psychology?
That’s exactly what you’ll learn during the Inherited Trauma virtual workshop.
You’ll watch demos and then practice:
  • Empty Chair Work with an ancestor who experienced trauma
  • Surrogate EFT on a caregiver who passed down their fears and scarcity
  • EFT blended with Parts Work to clear enmeshment and detach from the limiting beliefs of your family of origin

The tools you will learn will equip you to:

  1. Break free from intergenerational trauma
  2. Set energetic boundaries between you and caregivers
  3. Release the fears and anxieties that never belonged to you
  4. Guide clients to do the same!


  • Proactive Healing Roadmap: A digital journal that helps you identify your inherited trauma and the stories you may be carrying on behalf of ancestors (whether you met them or not)
  • Printable EFT Scripts for setting boundaries with ancestors and family
  • Exercise Cheat Sheets for Empty Chair Work and Surrogate EFT
If you want to break the cycle of fear and scarcity that was passed down to you, reserve your seat by clicking Get Tickets.
PART 2: Shadow Work Dec 10th (Empty Chair Technique and Parts Work)
When my only Energy Psychology tool was EFT and Eye Movements, my goal was to release my client’s issues and limiting beliefs. By the end of a tapping session, their levels of anxiety and resistance would dissolve and we would celebrate until a week later they would walk into a session saying:
  • I was doing well, but I feel like the problem’s come back.
  • I felt really confident, but then that voice came back even louder than before.
When a client is trying to “get rid” of an issue the subtext is, “My anxiety is bad. Can we get rid of it?”
A client says: “Let’s tap on my belief, ‘I’m not enough.’” Subtext: This “not enough” part of me is bad and I want it to disappear from my life forever.
Another client says: “I need to work on my anger.” Subtext: Anger is shameful and I should never feel angry again. Let’s get rid of it.
According to Jung, the traits that we judge as bad, and desperately want to “tap away” are Shadow traits: The part of you where you store all the “undesirable” or “socially unacceptable” parts of you.
We all have a shadow based on the traits that were instilled, judged, or glorified by our culture and family.
Shadow Work Boosts Confidence: If your family taught you that talking about yourself makes you look arrogant, you will unintentionally stay small and feel yucky marketing your career.
Shadow Work Grows Your Business: If your parents conditioned you to think that you have to work for someone else to be financially stable, you might second guess every business step that could actually make you build a thriving private practice.
Shadow Work Heals Money Blocks: If you grew up next to wealthy people who happened to be greedy, you might unconsciously push wealth away in an attempt to not be like them.
The qualities of wealth, confidence, entrepreneurship, anger, or insecurity might be in your shadow.
Carl Jung said that “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” Until you bring your shadow parts to the surface and learn why they keep showing up, these issues will keep showing up and sabotaging your goals.
When I started Blending EFT with Shadow Work, the life-changing art of embracing our weakness until we find its strength, I could embody a healing truth with my clients.
The “issues” we are desperately trying to fix will never resolve until we find out why they are here.
Your anxiety, anger, weight, people pleasing, illness, and core “issue,” all serve a purpose.
Whether people-pleasing helps you survive a narcissistic parent or weight-gain helps you feel safe around unsafe people…
When you shine a light on the protective function, your weaknesses and shadows become strengths.
This is where the magic happens.
I designed this Training as a full day deep dive into Shadow Work & Empty Chair Work.
By blending EFT with Advanced Energy Psychologies like Empty Chair Work and Unfinished Conversations, you can talk to your shadow sides and find out the magic they are waiting to bring to your personal and professional life.
  • Learn to lead artful Empty Chair Work sessions with your Shadow
  • Learn to use Surrogate tapping on the shadow parts of yourself (the financially abundant, confident, unapologetic parts of you!)
  • Learn scripts and prompts to discover the gifts waiting in your shadow.
  • Engage with real-life demos and practice sessions
  • Proactive Healing Roadmap: A digital journal that helps you identify your conditioned shadows that might be blocking you from your goals
  • Printable Charts on the main types of Shadows, Archetypes & Gifts
  • Exercise Cheat Sheets for Empty Chair Work and Unfinished Conversations with your Shadow
If you want to change your life and the lives of others by blending EFT, Empty Chair Work, Parts Work, and Shadow Work to release inherited limitation and shame, Click Get Tickets.
This workshop counts toward EFTUniverse’s Renewal Requirement. Please pay for your renewal here and then head back to this page and use your free code to sign up.


December 9 @ 8:00 am PST
December 10 @ 4:30 pm PST
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Shadow Work & Parts
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