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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can anyone take the training or is it only for professionals?
Anyone can enroll whether they are a professional or not. There are no prerequisites. EFT Universe also offers a professional training and certification program, which you can find here.

2. Can I take the workshop online or via live streaming?
This is intended to be live experience rather than an online one. Two decades of experience has shown that online presentations can’t take the place of hands-on experience in a live workshop.

3. How are the 1 day and 2 day Experiential Workshops different?
The core information in both workshops is identical, and they use the same curriculum. Both focus on providing participants with an experience of healing using EFT. The extra day in the 2 day workshop provides twice as much time for participants to tap along with the trainer on their own issues, as well as doing interactive exercises with other participants.

4. I work in a stressful setting and I’m close to burnout. Can you apply these methods in this type of setting and can they help me on a personal level?
Very definitely. In the workshop, you’ll learn EFT techniques you can use during your work day and to de-stress yourself after work.

5. Does this workshop count toward EFT certification?
No. This course is designed to give you an experience of EFT rather than for certification. To enroll for a professional training and certification course, click here.

6. After taking the course, can I offer EFT to other people?
This course is designed to give you a personal introductory experience of EFT. If you plan to offer EFT to others, please enroll in our professional training and certification program, which you can find here.

7. Do you have special discounts or scholarships available?
Because we believe these tools are so powerful and we’d like to see them in the hands of everyone, we’ve made the workshops as affordable as possible. We are not able to offer further discounts or scholarships.

8. Can children come to the trainings?
Due to the nature of emotional memories, the youngest age at which children are admitted to the trainings is 15. There are several excellent books for younger children, such as Alex Ortner’s Gorilla Thumps and Bear Hugs, and Brad Yates’s The Wizard’s Wish.

9. What are your terms of service and privacy policy?
You can find our full terms of service and privacy policy here.

10. Can I obtain CE / CME credit for this workshop?
No. CE / CME credit is available for our professional training, but not for this experiential workshop.

11. Will there be active participation demonstrations where I will see how EFT works for me?
Yes. We will take you through a series of fun EFT exercises where you will be able to measure positive results for yourself. You will then be able to practice these skills at home and see improvements in your daily life.