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Q: What is the best way to learn EFT and start using it on myself?

A: I always recommend attending a live workshop or training to learn EFT so you are in the hands of highly trained and experienced practitioners and presenters as you learn this wonderful tool. EFT Universe maintains a list of trainings and workshops around the world, and all trainers listed are approved.

Because we have such an amazing technological world now, many people come across videos teaching EFT on the Internet (e.g., YouTube). There are some excellent videos out there and some that are perhaps not so great. EFT works best when we are very specific about what we are tapping on; sometimes a video online does not allow you to do that. It is the difference between tapping on “I feel anxious” versus tapping on “I feel anxious because my boss just called me for a random meeting tomorrow and I don’t know what it is about.” The second statement is a lot more specific and tapping will work more effectively on this, as it is specific to the person and to the nature of the anxiousness.

When you learn how to use EFT, I recommend you begin using it regularly for the best effect. Like any habit, EFT builds over time and can have generalizing effects. It’s easiest to establish a routine if you associate tapping with something you do every day, like brushing your teeth or having your morning coffee. If you do just five minutes of tapping at the same time each day, over time you will have addressed many issues in your life. It might be that you just tap on a feeling from the day before, a feeling in the moment (e.g., feeling rushed in the morning!), or something you are working on over time (e.g., a pattern in your life such as why you procrastinate).

EFT Universe has a range of tutorial videos that have been created for the viewer to learn the skill as a newcomer.

It also has tap-along videos on different topics.

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–Peta Stapleton, PhD, Certified EFT Practitioner, Trainer, and Mentor

Q: What are the benefits to attending an EFT workshop?

A: EFT tapping is simple, but choosing tapping language or the most effective EFT technique for a particular problem can be complex. The best way to learn what to do, when to do it, and how to do it is to learn from professionals who have achieved certification in evidence-based Clinical EFT.

Trying to learn a new skill on your own can be challenging and may produce less than optimal results. If you’re a professional who wants to use EFT tapping to help others heal, achieving mastery as quickly as possible is vital for effective work with your clients. If you’re a coach, teacher, or parent, or looking to use EFT on yourself, expert instruction ensures you get the maximum benefit from this powerful healing method.

7 Reasons to Learn Tapping at an EFT Universe Workshop

1. Build your skills systematically.
2. Be guaranteed a standardized experience.
3. Accelerate your learning.
4. Ensure that you understand the principles.
5. Get hands-on practice under careful supervision.
6. Earn continuing education (CE) credit.
7. Learn from certified leaders in the field.