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EFT and Tapping, Hundreds of Case Studies

I invite you to delve deep into the world of EFT. In my 40 years of experience in the world of energy medicine, I have never found a technique that is as effective as EFT, or that works for as many different issues. EFT is “evidence-based,” which means it has a body of scientific studies that support its effectiveness. What EFT does is that it calms the stress that underlies many of our other problems, whether they’re physical or psychological. Once that stress disappears, the problem tends to diminish in severity. To get the most out of EFT, enroll for an EFT workshop. Make an appointment with one of our certified practitioners, or get an instant virtual session at Stress Solution. Take one of our excellent online courses. And you can start for free with the EFT Mini-Manual.

Your Host,
Dawson Church, PhD
Best-Selling Author of the Award-Winning Book The Genie in Your Genes

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