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Clinical EFTâ„¢ Certification Information Articles

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EFT Universe offers two levels of Clinical EFTâ„¢ practitioner certification. They are EFT Practitioner-1 (Certified EFT Practitioner) and EFT Expert Practitioner-2 (Expert EFT Practitioner).

The Clinical EFTâ„¢ Practitioner-1 credential requires 4-Day Professional Training and a 2 Day Practice Intensive training, plus the completion of additional requirements, such as online exams, client sessions, and the completion of supervised sessions with clients.

A Clinical EFTâ„¢ Expert Practitioner-2 credential requires the above, plus EFT Level 3 training, plus the completion of additional requirements, such as working with an additional clients, and online exams.

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions about EFT Certification and EFT Workshops page and the links below for additional information on Clinical EFT Certification.

19 Clinical EFTâ„¢ Certification Articles

1. 10 Questions for Beginning the Clinical EFTâ„¢ Certification Process

2. 8 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Clinical EFTâ„¢ Certification

3. The 48 Essential Core Clinical EFTâ„¢ Techniques

4. Clinical EFTâ„¢ Certifications

5. Clinical EFTâ„¢ Certification and Training Center

6. How to Become Certified as a Clinical EFTâ„¢ Certified EFT Practitioner – THE 16 STEPS

7. Professional Training and Certification in Clinical EFTâ„¢

8. Clinical EFTâ„¢ Workshop Information

9. Clinical EFTâ„¢ Practitioner Certification (Certified EFT Practitioner) Application and Fee Payment

10. The Clinical EFTâ„¢ Workshop Learning Objectives

11. Frequently Asked Questions About Certified Clinical EFTâ„¢ Practitioner Exams

12. Certified EFT Practitioner Clinical EFT Certificationâ„¢ Exam

13. Clinical EFTâ„¢ Certification Ethics Exam Page

14. How to Become Certified as a Clinical EFTâ„¢ Expert EFT Practitioner

15. Clinical EFTâ„¢ Expert EFT Practitioner Certification Application and Online Payment

16. EFT Universe Accreditation Information

16. American Psychological Association Standards and EFT

17. EFT Universe Clinical EFTâ„¢ Mentoring Consultants

18. Certified Clinical EFTâ„¢ Liability Insurance Carriers

19. EFT Universe Certified Clinical EFTâ„¢ Practitioner Ethics Code


3 Clinical EFTâ„¢ Certification RENEWAL Articles

1. Clinical EFTâ„¢ Practitioner Certification Renewal Requirements

2. Renewing Your Clinical EFTâ„¢ Certification as an EFT Universe Certified Practitioner

3. EFT Universe EFT Practitioner Yearly Membership Fee