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Everyone has experienced a “flow” state — a feeling of deep contentment and happiness. Watching the orange and turquoise hues of a glorious sunset, hearing the ocean waves crashing on the shore, or marveling at the nighttime stars can put us in flow. So can playing a game with close friends, losing yourself in your favorite hobby, holding a baby, or being carried away by inspiring music.

During these moments of flow, our attention is in the present moment. We feel a profound sense of happiness, wellbeing, peace and awe. Our brain function changes. We go into “Bliss Brain,” a state with lots of calm alpha brainwaves. Beta waves, the signature frequency of stress, disappear.

EFT Universe has developed two programs that can help you achieve that “Bliss Brain” state and stay there!


Free 7-Step Audio EcoMeditation developed by Dr. Dawson Church that produces the brain waves of a Zen master.

The Short Path to Oneness

Experience a vast sense of stillness, deep inner peace, ecstatic joy, and a sense of oneness with the universe every day of your life.