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How Energy Therapies Accelerate HappinessӬ

How Energy Therapies Accelerate HappinessӬMatt Gallant

Matt Gallant in conversation with host Dawson Church on High Energy Health Radio

Recorded March 2, 2017

Matt Gallant is a former personal trainer whose marketing methods were so effective he became the number-one trainer in his field. He then turned to marketing and founded two million-dollar companies. He has used neurofeedback to accelerate his personal-growth process. Without neurofeedback, he likens meditation to looking for a destination in a city in the dark, with no flashlight and no street signs. He’s tried several systems and found that some are more effective than others. He wrote the marketing module for the Energy Psychology certification program. In this detailed interview, Dawson and Matt discuss:

  • You know you’re healing when you feel it in your body
  • Mind training can double alpha brain waves in a week
  • Mind training makes you happier in business and marriage
  • Without neurofeedback, meditation is like finding your destination blindfold in the dark
  • Delta, theta, and alpha brain waves each feel very different
  • Hiring a neurofeedback practitioner is a shortcut
  • Some of the best tools today are Emotiv, NeuroMore, and Mind Mirror
  • The four levels of forgiveness
  • When you’ve truly forgiven, you flood your brain with alpha waves
  • How to make peace with early childhood abuse

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