Migraines Linked to Feelings of Inadequacy

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Lena Chen guides a client towards a massive cognitive shift with EFT, releasing the client's chronic migraines simultaneously!

-Will M.

By Lena Chen

Mary (not her real name) came to me because she wanted to heal her chronic migraines. However, during the session, she wasn't experiencing the migraines - so we didn't have any physical pain to work on. I decided to chat with Mary about other issues that she was facing and she told me that she had some fear in her life presently, with regards to not having a job. I asked her to tune into the fear and she described it as a "grayish lump in my solar plexus". We tapped on the following statements:
Even though I have this grayish lump in my solar plexus, and it feels tight and tense, I deeply and completely accept myself and I am willing to allow this lump to be here, and trust that it will help me heal.
Even though I have this grayish lump in my solar plexus and I don't understand what it's all about, I forgive myself and I am willing to understand the meaning of this grayish lump so that I can heal on a deeper level.
As we tapped around the points, I prompted her with questions like "what is this greyish lump doing here?", "where is it from?", "how long has it been here?", etc. At the last question, I asked Mary to check within for the answer, and she said it felt like it has been there for years. I prompted with more questions and she uncovered a memory of her at age 12, being told by her dance teachers that she was not good enough.
As she talked about this memory, she began to experience intense feelings of sadness, anger, disappointment and frustration and her migraine appeared with a vengeance. We tapped on the emotions and she quickly felt better, and within minutes the migraine disappeared. She also reported to me that she was feeling energy shifting all over her body, and it felt like she released a huge amount of stuff.
At this point, Mary told me that she frequently had this feeling of not being good enough in her life. Although she would often receive positive comments from people about her work, she would tend to focus on the negative comments that she get from others. She would also indulge in negative self-talk and while she was consciously trying to cut down on this bad habit, she would still do it from time to time.
I wasn't sure if the memory we cleared was sufficient in healing her "I'm not good enough" issue so I asked her to say the words "I'm not good enough". The instant she said that, she immediately responded with a firm "that's bullshit!". She was so taken aback by her own response that she burst into tears, as she told me that she had been carrying this issue for such a long time that it was a relief for her to be finally freed from this belief.
This case is one of the many examples showing how unresolved emotional issues can have a direct impact on our physical body. It was clear to Mary that her migraine was linked to an childhood incident that happened decades ago, and she was very thankful that with EFT, not only was her migraine healed, she was also able to release a long-held belief of being not good enough. And all this within less than an hour!
-Lena Chen

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