Dawson Church EFT Practitioner Mentoring Report - Sample #5

Dear (NAME),

Thank you for sending me your case histories. I especially appreciate the level of detail you gave me for the 47 brief cases, because they really allowed me to determine how you handled each one.

For client number 16, DD, I see you used both the Basic Recipe and the 9-Gamut Technique. This was a good call, since a recent suicide will usually bring up many past feelings of loss and abandonment, which the 9-Gamut is useful for remediating. I was intrigued that the clients SUDS also went from a 10 to a 2, even though the session was done via Skype. You also used the client’s exact words, such as “trainwreck” and “clean up this mess,” which is a good way to connect with the client’s precise neural pathways through which emotional trauma travels.

For client number 18, DM, you provided a very clear list of the presenting issues, and I appreciate you doing this in most of the cases. She winds up releasing the tightness in her neck and shoulder, afterwards she has a cognitive breakthrough. You were wise to give her daily tapping, and to follow up. 

For client number 21, LD, the young mother of two children, who was overwhelmed, you listed her issue as her conflict with her husband about their parenting roles. This may have been an adult issue, and it may have been a replay of a childhood issue. Working on the adult issue brought her SUD down to a zero, and helped the client have a cognitive shift, and schedule tapping for her children. I hope you attract more such parents, and also help get EFT into the classroom!

For client number 22, BR, the widow experiencing panic attacks, you checked SUD frequently, with good results. Since this client was elderly, I believe that your use of the 9-Gamut probably eliminated many earlier losses, as well as the current ones. You again used her exact words.

It’s okay when the session doesn’t go perfectly, such as client number 17, JH, who declined using the box technique, and client number 26, JG, who couldn’t find a target issue to tap on. Not every session produces a one-minute wonder.

For client number 15, PH, you tapped on generalities to start with, which produced a drop in the SUDs, after which the client experienced tightness in her throat and a memory of her father leaving the family at an early age. You used the Movie Technique there. Please make sure you get really specific with EACH emotional crescendo; your setup statements seemed quite general to me in this instance. You then did wind up working on a particular childhood issue, though it’s not clear whether you helped the client discover that, or it surfaced spontaneously.

In the case of client number 34, AF, who feels trapped in her life, you again tapped on generalities to do with her childhood, of which her adult problems were a recap. Here I would prefer that you have worked on specific events. This is a good example of a case in which working on the childhood issues first resolved the adult issues. For client number 35, HH, general tapping did eventually lead to a specific event near the end of the session, and you set up an appointment for the following week.

Your client number 43, TC, thanked you for being a great listener, and holding back from giving advice.  It’s noteworthy how often clients produce their own breakthroughs when tapping and talking. It looks like tapping became a part of this client’s life.

In the case of client number 33, SS, you noticed therapeutic cues provided by the client’s tone of voice and the force of her tapping. Noticing these cues is an incredibly useful skill when providing EFT, as it can help you identify which issues are worth pursuing further.

In the case of client number 46, TN, you tested by having her vividly imagining being on the phone with her parents, her triggering situation. That was an excellent choice for a test.

For client number 50, MY, you also used vivid imagination as a test, and your client received a lot of benefit, even though she jumped from topic to topic because she had so many legs underneath her tabletops.

You also tested appropriately for client number 47, KM, who had trouble relaxing and a chocolate craving, by asking her to take the chocolate cake out of the freezer and put it on the table.

What I’d like you to focus on in the future is drilling down to specific childhood events. In many of your cases, such as 49, 48, 45, 42, 41, 39, 33, 27, 24, 23, 20, 28, 29, 31, 30, and 37, I think you and your client would have made further and faster progress had you picked just one specific childhood event, rather than working on the adult events in question, or working generally, as you often do. Working generally can be helpful in some situations, but really getting down and deep into specific events is what often produces the greatest benefit to your clients.

Thank you for submitting your book reports as well.

If you are willing, I’d like to pair you with the EFTU stories editor, Stephanie Marohn, to write up some of your session notes as stories in the EFT Insights Newsletter. I have attached a PDF of the cases in question. If you are interested, please e-mail her at: support(at)EFTUniverse.com. She’s a wonderful woman and will work with you to get these published!

I’d like you to send me three more cases in which you bypass the adult issue and locate a specific childhood event. Make sure it’s a brief event that is 15 minutes or less in duration, and use the Movie Technique. However, in the interim, I am delighted to certify you as an EFTUniverse Certified EFT Practitioner, and I deeply appreciate all of the hard work you have put into your work towards certification as an EFT Practitioner.

All the best,