A preliminary study for the evaluation of the effects of EFT for insomnia in the elderly

Citation (APA Style): Lee, J-H, Suh, H-U, Chung, S-Y, & Kim, J-W. (2011). A preliminary study for the evaluation of the effects of EFT for insomnia in the elderly. Journal of Oriental Neuropsychiatry, 22(4), 101-109.


Objectives: The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of EFT-I(EFT program for insomnia) for insomnia in the elderly as a preliminary study.

Methods: This study was a single group pre-post comparative study that involved 10 elderly women(mean age=), who visited a senior welfare center, complained of insomnia symptoms. Subjects received 8 sessions(twice a week for 4 weeks and 1 hour for each session) of EFT-I group training. Insomnia severity, depression, state-anxiety, and life satisfaction of each subject were evaluated twice at pre and post of EFT-I. Korean Sleep Scale, Short form of Geriatric Depression Scale(SGDS), State-Trait Anxiety Inventory(STAI), and life satisfaction scale were used as evaluation tools. The data were analyzed using paired-samples T-test.

Results: Insomnia severity, life satisfaction, depression, and state-anxiety were significantly improved by EFT-I.

Conclusions: Result of this study showed that EFT-I can be a useful treatment program for elderly insomnia. Larger clinical trials are needed to verify effect of EFT-I as a community based insomnia management program for the elderly.

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