Benefits of Describing EFT Tapping as a Relaxation TechniqueDiscover the power of meridian tapping book

By Steve DeSanto

My wife and I find that people will almost always accept EFT without question if we simply call it "a little relaxation technique." After all, those words don’t promise much. Relaxation is a familiar term. So when a friend offers a relaxation technique to help relax, it’s no big deal.

When I learned EFT, I had no idea it would open up so many avenues of thought. I had always assumed if people knew a technique that seemed miraculous—one that could relieve all sorts of emotional and physical pain—they would adopt it as quickly as I did. But we all come from different backgrounds of experience and needs. Let’s face it, many people have grown comfortable with their emotional and physical problems. These problems define who they are. I never thought much about this before meeting people resistant to using EFT on an ongoing basis.

The following are cases in which my wife (Nadine) introduced EFT as a relaxation technique to people she met in the schools where she serves as a psychologist. Whether these people continued to use EFT for anything else, we don’t know.

She was at one particular school and had just stepped into the hall when a pretty 13-year-old girl came up and asked if Mrs. X would be able to see her. Mrs. X was out of her office, so Nadine asked if she could be of any help. She also said, "If you'd like to write a note to Mrs. X, I will give it to her."

The girl began to write her note, and then stopped to ask what a complete emotional breakdown was. After they discussed the definition, the girl scribbled over part of her message and they talked some more. The girl was obviously distraught about something. Nadine later learned the poor girl was not living at home and had experienced a very disrupted and abusive family life. Nevertheless, she was outgoing and talkative.

At some point, Nadine told her about EFT, introducing it as a "little relaxation technique," and asked if she wanted to try it. She did. Then Mrs. X, the woman the girl originally wanted to see, showed up with another staff member. Both women knew about EFT but had never tried it.

Nadine asked the girl if she minded if these two women joined their tapping session. That was fine with the girl. Nadine then explained that they could all tap together but didn't have to share the issues they were addressing. So none did. They tapped three rounds of EFT. The girl's issue, whatever it had been, was reduced to zero! All her distress was gone and she was smiling. All three mentioned feeling very relaxed, and one woman even said it would be nice to go home and take a nap.

Now, whether the girl was really about to have a complete emotional breakdown is beside the point. The important thing is this girl felt so stressed about something that she felt like she was about to have a complete emotional breakdown. How many counselors, without the aid of EFT, could have offered complete relief in less than 15 minutes?

And now for The Ultimate Relaxation Story

The mother of a child Nadine had tested fell on some ice in the parking lot and tore her pant leg on her way to the front door of the school.  She was hurting, upset and embarrassed.  She had come from a doctor’s appointment where she was told the results of some medical tests.  The results were all good.

Nevertheless, she was still upset.  Her leg felt terrible and she thought she had pulled a muscle.  Nadine suggested they step into the school clinic where she introduced EFT as a relaxation technique.  First they tapped on Even though I have this leg injury... Two rounds of EFT erased the leg pain.  Then they addressed emotional issues:

Even though I feel nervous about everything...

Even though I feel anxious about everything...

Even though I’m worried about everything...

Even though I have these negative thoughts...

Even though I’m plagued by negative thinking...

Even though I’m plagued by negative events...

Even though I have this stress in my shoulders...

Even though I have the weight of the world on my shoulders... for remaining tension she felt across the back of her shoulders.

Relief showed on the woman's face and she sighed deeply.  Then she said, "I haven't felt this relaxed for a long time."  Nadine asked how long, assuming the answer would be a few days or a week.  Instead, the woman said, “I haven’t felt this relaxed in 15 years!”

Steve DeSanto

PS: I must admit I hate to downplay EFT by calling it a relaxation technique – even though I use this ploy – because it seems like I'm short-changing what is really close to miraculous.  But, unfortunately, a surefire way to make people discount EFT altogether or wonder if you're not quite right in the head, is to talk about the magnitude of what EFT can really do before the other person has experienced personal relief by using it.

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