Free EFT Tapping Videos: Learn Emotional Freedom Techniques


The power of EFT tapping therapy is very apparent in video demonstrations. You see the difficult emotions people experience as the talk about their problems, expressed on their faces, and evident their body language.

Then, when EFT helps release those emotions, you see the relief on their faces, and see their bodies relax.

There are several different kinds of videos on these pages.

These include brief informational videos explaining different concepts found in Clinical EFT. Others are Tap Along videos. You can think about your problem, and tap along with the client in the video session.

This is called "Borrowing Benefits," and research has shown that it brings great stress relief benefits to those who are witnessing the session.


There are also videos about specific physical and emotional problems.

Money Videos 

15: Financial Stress

27: Financial Stress


Relationship Videos 

Tapping Deep Intimacy
10: Moving House


12: Witnessing Violence

13: Childhood Neglect

19: Family Relationships

21: Facial Breakouts

22: Childhood Bullying

35: Finding a Soul Mate

36: Coping with Anger

40: Loss and Grief

41: Guilt and Anger

43: Grief


Weight Loss Videos 

NTY Bootcamp

20: Chocolate Cravings

23: Food Cravings

33: Chocolate Cravings

37: Chocolate Cravings


Health Videos 

EFT for First Aid

28: Foot Pain

30: Response

32: Migraine Headache

34: Nail Biting

38: Neck Stiffness

39: Motorcycle Accidents

42: Bowel Pain


Spirituality Videos 

Tap_Along_14_Pic14:Public Speaking Fear

17: Fear of Heights

25: Fear of Needles

26: Fear in My Shoulder

31: Fear of Storms




Brief Informational Videos on Clinical EFT

EFT for Veterans
An MD Praises EFT
 An MD Praises EFT
Finding Core Issues
Finding Core Issues
Tables and Legs
Tables and Legs

How EFT can Rewire your Brain
How EFT can Rewire
your Brain


Personal Peace Procedure
Personal Peace
When EFT Just Isn't Working
When EFT Just Isn't
Clinical EFT #1
Clinical EFT #2
Clinical EFT #3
Clinical_EFT_4Clinical EFT #4 Clinical_EFT_5Clinical EFT #5



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