EFT Tapping Creates Success on the Tennis CourtEFT for Sports Performance book

By Dawn Norton

Even though my children have heard multiple EFT success stories from me and we have had our own successes with EFT, there still tends to be a reluctance in some of them to using EFT on a regular basis, especially when it comes to their sports.

They went through basketball without taking advantage of EFT. But when tennis started, finally my oldest child came and asked me to help him.

As the season started, we sat down for an "EFT session" and he told me all the things he felt he needed to improve:

1. His footwork

2. Playing at the net

3. His serve

4. Tossing the ball up and getting it just right before he hit it

We worked on each of those with some of the following statements.

We spent close to an hour tapping on:

Even though I have a hard time approaching the net, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though my footwork stinks, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though I have this toss problem, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though my serve needs improving, I deeply and completely accept myself.

These tapping statements and our session helped him feel much better about his abilities and he appears to be playing better. He has been ranked number one or two the whole season at his school. He did not come near that level last year.

Enter son #2.

He came home from tennis workouts (everyone plays each other and they are ranked) and told me that he had played a particularly difficult friend (not skill, personality) and that he decided he was going to tap about it. He told me he did not want to be embarrassed by tapping all over, so he only tapped on his side of the hand point.

The only setup he shared with me was:

"Even though I dont want to lose to______, I deeply and completely accept myself."

And what a difference it made! This son can also be a little volatile at times, but he reported that he did not get angry, throw his racket, smash balls over the fence, or swear. Further, even though he lost to this friend, he was able to shake his hand and tell him it was a good game.

Instead of the usual complaints and anger I hear from him about frustrating game situations, I heard a maturing young man tell me how he conquered his frustrations, with just a little bit of tapping on one point.

Win or lose, this comes through as a great EFT success in my book.

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